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(The Fundamentals: Basic Math)
(Clustering and Dimensional Reduction)
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*[[Machine_Learning/NBML/Clustering/PCA|Principle Component Analysis]]
*[[Machine_Learning/NBML/Clustering/PCA|Principle Component Analysis]]
*[[Machine_Learning/NBML/Clustering/ICA|Independent Component Analysis]]
*[[Machine_Learning/NBML/Clustering/ICA|Independent Component Analysis]]
*[[Machine_Learning/NBML/Clustering/Dimensional Reduction for Visualization|Dimensional Reduction for Visualization]]
**[[Machine_Learning/NBML/Clustering/Dimensional Reduction for Visualization/Self Organizing Map (algebraic perspective) | Self Organizing Map (algebraic perspective)]]
**[[Machine_Learning/NBML/Clustering/Dimensional Reduction for Visualization/Supervised Methods and Refinement (LVQ)|Supervised Methods and Refinement (LVQ)]]
*[[Machine_Learning/NBML/Clustering/Clustering Techniques for Text |Clustering Techniques for Text]]
**[[Machine_Learning/NBML/Clustering/Clustering Techniques for Text/Spherical K-Means |Spherical K-Means]]
**[[Machine_Learning/NBML/Clustering/Clustering Techniques for Text/Word Sense Disambiguation (Sense Clusters)|Word Sense Disambiguation (Sense Clusters)]]
**[[Machine_Learning/NBML/Clustering/Clustering Techniques for Text/Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)|Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)]]
***[[Machine_Learning/NBML/Clustering/Clustering Techniques for Text/Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)/Keyword Relatedness Clustering (Semantic Engine)|Keyword Relatedness Clustering (Semantic Engine)]]
==== [[Machine_Learning/NBML/Graphical Models|Graphical Models]] ====
==== [[Machine_Learning/NBML/Graphical Models|Graphical Models]] ====

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Noisebridge Machine Learning Course

We're trying to come up with a hands-on curriculum for teaching Machine Learning at Noisebridge. Please help out in any way you can, such as:

  1. Volunteer to teach a course in one of the subjects below
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  5. Don't talk shit on mathematics - it wants to be your friend!

Online Machine Learning Courses


Machine Learning

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Clustering and Dimensional Reduction

Graphical Models

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The Fundamentals: Basic Math

Note: it's not essential to understand everything in this section! But the more you learn, the more things will make sense. Wikipedia is your friend.

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