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Power On/Off =

The current process of turning NGALAC on and off is to connect or disconnect the power cable from the wall outlet. Everything inside NGALAC should be setup to turn on automatically. Once power is connected the raspberri Pi should load retropi for the games and the PC should load windows and start OBS.

  • Known Issues:
    • The interior power switch might have been turned off. To access it, open the lower rear panel and look in the lower "Stage Right" corner. for the bottom of the large grey power strip. When there is power to the strip, there should be a red LED light shining

Select and Play Games


  • Known Issues:

Current control setup

Please edit this page accordingly if you make any changes to these key mappings!

How to read:

A "dash"(-) character represents an unmapped button. P1 means player 1, P2 player 2, so on, etc...

Current NES Button Assignment



    select start	        select start

 p1▲          - -   	    p2▲          - -  
p1◄ ►p1     - b a -	   p2◄ ►p2     - b a -
 p1▼        -     -	    p2▼        -     -


Current Keyboard Key Assignment



       6 2		      5 1

 r      i q   		 ▲      u z  
d g   j k w a		◄ ►   y m x c
 f    l     s		 ▼    n     v


Livestreaming and OBS

OBS Studio ( ) is used to collect all of the sources from NGALAC and send them to Twitch/Youtube.

  • Known Issues:
    • You will only see the chat from twitch.
    • OBS is set to start up full screen but this often doesn't work, you can set it to fullscreen by