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If you're interested in learning, reinforcing or teaching a natural language, please sign up here, indicating your fluency level.


Thatha is a native speaker of Modern Greek with some fluency in Classical Greek (also a linguist by training). If enough people care, I'd love teaching a class, but not 'till 2010H2.


I went ahead and move the discussion here: German


here's a link to the Spanish workshop:
Spanish_learning_at_8:30 <---- this is the signup page


French is a thing that happens here.


  • Christie 1 year study at uni.
  • Praveen Native Hindi speaker, can help with learning



Mandarin Corner started around November 2008, but its current scheduling of 5pm Fridays doesn't seem to bring high levels of attendance. Rescheduling might help, or perhaps we have collectively lost interest...?

Diacritic Marks / Foreign Characters[edit]

Seeing as we are a diverse group not only in choice of natural language(s) to study but also in computer OS needed to study them, it seems reasonable to note the best ways to create the symbols needed by those languages.

Mac OS X -

Windows -

Linux -