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(OG-NAW – Noise Audio Workstation)
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= '''OG-NAW – Noise Audio Workstation''' =
= '''OG-NAW – Noise Audio Workstation''' =
username: vinyl
username: vinyl<br/>
password: noisebridge
password: noisebridge

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OG-NAW – Noise Audio Workstation

username: vinyl
password: noisebridge

Located in the back in front of the windows between the bathroom and the VR rig.

Mac Mini w/ OS X Sierra, an M-Audio 61-key keyboard and APC40 - Ableton Live Performance Controller, Alesis Mastercontrol and Rock band Pro Drum Kit with blah Ethernet to midi and blah.
Lines Chat about NAW: https://llllllll.co/t/noisebridge-naw/


Application - Manual - Etc.

Ableton 10 - Manual - Ableton Fourms
BitWig Studio 2.3 - Forum - Manual: Click on Bitwig logo @ top of Window - go to Help › Documentation
Max/MSP - Tutorials - Manual
Cuckos Reaper - User Guide
Audacity - Manual
Ardour 5.12 - Manual
VCV Rack 0.6 - Manual
Giada Looper - Docs
GLMixer for videos - Wiki
Jack2 for OS X (.92 B3) - Wiki

Songs made w/ Ableton Live on the NAW

NAW - THEAlbum

"Chain" (Rock)

/Users/x/Documents/__SAVE PROJECTS HERE/Cain/Chain Project/Chain.als

"B|B" (Rockish)

/Users/x/Documents/__SAVE PROJECTS HERE/bbb Project/bbb.als
"Z1" (Jazzish)
/Users/x/Documents/__SAVE PROJECTS HERE/z1 Project/z1.als
"Ummm..." (Ummm...)
/Users/x/Documents/__SAVE PROJECTS HERE/Cain/ummmm Project/ummmm.als
"CraterLake" (Noise-(Bridgeish?)
/Users/x/Documents/__SAVE PROJECTS HERE/craterlake Project/craterlake.als
"NewCraterLake" (Noise-(Bridgeish?)
/Users/x/Documents/__SAVE PROJECTS HERE/newcraterlake Project/newcraterlake.als

NAWty – Noise Audio Workstation II

Located in the back in front of the windows between the OG-Naw and the VR rig.
Mac Mini w/ OS X Sierra, an Yamaha KX88 88-key keyboard and M-Audio Fast Track Pro 4x4 Mobile USB

We are in need of the following!

Requested and Missing Hardware!
(permanent) Monitors / Pro Audio Speakers
TV Wall mount - to free up more space on the desk top shelf
Drum Machine / Push Controller / Maschine / Spark
Monitors and Mounts for installation in Church
Foam installation in Dork Room -- ask for details on Discuss mailing list or #Gnar Slack channel
2 500Gb SSD Drives (one for each Mini) like this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/WD-Blue-PC-SSD-500GB-Internal-SATA-Solid-State-Drive-WDBNCE5000PNC-WRSN/312155828006
Parts for High performance Audio Workstation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Cu8ze-VRYlK2zVwkMzWRxz0vZcHeHIazEGYYbyqjoOw/

Requested/Missing Applications!

Feel free to add requests