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NeurotechX GDC 2022 Party: Join us for a special NeuroTechX SF Hacknight to coincide with GDC. We are having a Presentation, playtesting, and party night. The event will also be livestreamed on the NeurotechX YouTube.

Join us for a special NeuroTechX SF Hacknight to coincide with GDC. We are having a Presentation, playtesting, and party night. The event will also be livestreamed on the Nurotechx YouTube.

Presentations should if possible focus on neurotech in the gaming scene. Especially in immersive gaming like VR, AR, and MR. For playtesting all forms of games are welcome (tabletop, mobile, PC, Linux, console, custom hardware), and do not need to be neurotech focused.

You do not need to register for this event on Eventbrite or meetup, but it does help us have an idea of how much food to get, and how to set up our stage area, so please RSVP. Also if you want to donate to Noisebridge and Neurotechx, you can do so in person or through the Eventbrite.

We have both indoor and outdoor space that we will be using, and recommend that people bring masks and that people be fully boosted. Due to the nature of GDC bringing people from all over the world, we will be checking Vaccine cards (or whatever your country provides). When inside the closed part of the space we ask that people wear masks when possible, and practice some social distancing. We will also be livestreaming the event if people want to join remotely. If there are too many people, we might have to turn people away, but that is currently unlikely.

Would you like to present at this event, then please fill out this form.

We will be allowing presentation sign up at the event as well, but it will be much easier if you sign up early. Presentations can be done in-person, or virtual. To make livestreaming easy we ask that you share a link to the presentation as a google slides presentation, or Powerpoint, or PDF in the submission form.

SCHEDULE[edit | edit source]

6:00 to 6:15 - Noisebridge and NeurotechX SF Intro - Ryan Sternlicht

6:15 to 7:00 - Neurotech and Gaming intro Presentation - Ryan Sternlicht

7:00 to 9:00 - Presentations - To be announced soon

9:00 to 11:00 - Main Flex time (more presentations, playtesting, discussion groups, networking, music)

11:00 to whenever - after event hangout time, and more flex time if there is interest.

Final presentation list will be announced during the event.

Info will be updated on the meetup and eventbrite over the next few days.

If there are not enough presentations we will open up the stage for lost levels style short talks. After the presentations we will have flex time where people can hang out for group discussion, networking, and playtesting.

Playtesting & VR Demos[edit | edit source]

During the flex time we are happy if you bring your GDC games for gameplay testing out, as we have a lot of table space for people to set up for playtesting as well. We also will have at least one of our VR testing setups running as well. Please bring your own gear, as we only have one gaming computer running right now (for the VR setup). We do have a lot of monitors, though they are almost all VGA or DVI, and we only have a few conversion dongles.

Food & Drinks[edit | edit source]

There will be some Pizza, and some Beer, but depending on turnout, if food runs out, Sycamore around the block usually serves good food till midnight. And there are many good Mexican restaurants in the mission area.

Relevant Links[edit | edit source]

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