New Lockers

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Twenty three new lockers were donated to Noisebridge in June 2017. They came from the old De Soto Cab Cooperative garage in Pacifica, CA which was torn down a few years ago.

DeSotoCabLockers 20170605 185841-sm.jpg DeSotoCabLockers 20170605 153355-sm.jpg

Clean up & Paint[edit]

12-June-2017 Nick is spearheading the R&D effort to discover and procure paint & rust stripping chemistry and abrasive compounds, as well as coatings such as lacquer and paint.

13-June-2017 Kevin is working with Nick to remove unneeded hardware (old locks, hasps, coat hooks) and beginning to prep them for paint/lacquer.

New Hardware[edit]

14-June-2017 Kevin researched new hasps and came up with some inexpensive buys.