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    1. ##

      1. Overview

Lease ends on August 30th 2018.

Last renewed in 2014.

Used to be owned by the parents and now it's in a trust.

Incidents that are of concern to the owners have occured in the past before our last lease was renewed in 2014.

The Next Meeting is: Sat. November 18th at 6 PM

      1. Action Items

1. We need dates for working on our cotingencies - Worst case is that we storage unit Noisebridge - it would take a long time. - If a new space appeared, how would we decide that it's good and jump on it? - meet requirements we mentioned - big-c consensus 2. Patrick: also a big-c consensus item to set aside up to $5000 holding fee so we have flexibility up to that amount 3. Another New Space Meeting: - Next week! Start with the highest frequency possible: Sat. November 18th at 6 PM 4. Darryl: Maintain the list of potential spaces - both rental and purchase 5. Eagerly fundraise because it is the end of the tax year!!! - Victoria: If you send me people I will hunt them down and ask for money - J to help Victoria - Victoria to send out a letter on the mailing lists: announce & discuss - Do we know a list of big donors we can contact again? Google - John Shutt. - Darryl: Apple might be interested. Darryl will ask the person to contact Victoria. - Kevin: We should find people trying to give money out at big firms. 6. Patrick to make #new-space-feed channel to feed craigslist posts into slack - some way of coordinating this with darryl 7. Tweet that we are looking at the possibility of moving

        1. Actions: Staying Here & Solving Current City Planning Issues

1. Get a lawyer 2. then: talk to Brian 3. devMission as ally

        1. Actions: Moving Noisebridge

1. Ben to touch base with Monkeybrains regarding available spaces- they know the lay of the land 2. Lets ask orgs with money to give us a bunch to buy a space... - City money or corporate money - no masters, no special strings attached 3. Blake - Will try to find out who donated $1 million to omni commons

    1. Space requirements

This is for buying AND for renting.

Blake: When it comes to special deals: no masters, no strings attached - same concept as accepting donations.

Blake: this same list exists for before we got 2169 Mission. What interesting stuff is on there?

Darryl: We should be looking at one of the Piers because the port can do whatever it wants.

Aleks: Ventilations requirements? Windows requirements?

Ben: Internet access - we need Monkeybrains.

0. Walkable from BART 1. At least 5,500 sq. ft. 2. Elevator access or ground floor 3. 100AMP supply 1. We don't currently have 3-phase power or the need for it. 4. We need complementary zoning 1. We need to be a public facility in that space, woodshop, metalshop, assembly events 2. It could take months to get a "public use permit" at a new space 3. Ideally "public facility" is already permitted in whatever new location 4. Look closer at our "public use" boundaries and shrink our use to fit... are we already private? people need a key or a friend. 5. Neighbors who are not concerned about noise 6. Chill/checked-out landlord 7. High ceilings - 12 ft currently. 8. Within the city/county of SF. 9. Noisebarge

      1. Timeline

9 months from November 1st 2017. The lease ends August 31st 2018 at 5 PM.

- They are open to the possibility a few months extension if we need it.

Goal: Layout options Discuss how we'll work toward these options.

Options: 0. Viking funeral for current space on September 1st 2018 1. Figure out we can make the landlord okay with renewing the lease. Ideally long term. - ask oh happy day what their rent is - contributing to fixing the lobby area 2. Find another space in the city. 3. Buy the building? 4. Get a San Francisco lawyer - Lee's lawyer contacts - Lee - National Council of Non-Profits - (j) - Victoria might have a lawyer also - Victoria - I'll ask around for a tennant lawyer - Blake

- figure out "conditional use authorization" stuff and advantages - don't get evicted for something stupid 5. Prop X - we have NO idea - this requires the lawyer 6. few month extension to lease (not a long term option)

      1. Current City Issues

We cannot meet with the landlord for this until we consult a lawyer.

Some department has classified us as a space for public use.

What elements make this up in the planning code? Why are we one? Again, we need a *lawyer*.

- We need to apply for and receive a "conditional use authorization" regardless of the future. - OR we convince them that we are not a public facility.

Bullitt: l was here on Tuesday around 6 pm and let the guy in. David Brosky from CPC (Capital Planning Committee) did not say he was representing the City until after l gave him a tour. He had read about the space but had never been here. He suggested we apply for a change of use as a Public Facility. He wanted to serve the paperwork, l directed him to Darryl. He asked for a contact so l gave him my email. We are not currently classified as a public facility. He e-mailed me and l asked him for literature about legal implications and responsibilities of Public Facilities; he has not responded yet. l couldn't find anything on but did find something in Washington State describing their criteria for a public facility that is privately owned. Not the definition from San Francisco. His e-mail ( is associated with the complaint regarding the laser cutter on the assessor's website. His contact info is on the paper served to Noisebridge.

      1. Options if we do not stay at 2169 Mission

1. Rent something else

- Lots of questions - Bigger space? - worst case: bleed ourselves dry and get bitter... - Similar Space? - at LEAST 5500 square feet - What are our strict requirements?

- Redstone Building - Unknown, mitch meeting with someone on the 17th?

2. Buy a building

- Buy: Omni Commons Model?

- Buy: On our own - City Grants - We have a huge wealth of social capital that we don't even have quantified

- Need to learn more about Fundraising for Non-Profits. Go to