New space meeting 2017 12 02

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  1. Recap of last week's action items

Kevin suggests that we host a $5000 a plate fundraising dinner at Noisebridge.

Noisebridge: Serious Anarchism

How does Noisebridge have an impact! Do we focus on people who use the space and how do we draw in more global donations?

---What can we do right now? In this space?

Bake Sale!

Selling out party

Email people

Noisebridge allumi donations? Issue degrees.


How do we demystify the Noisebridge experience?

How do we improve our image? How do we correct the "sins of our past"

Determine what the money is being raised for? What are we raising money for? What is Noisebridge's pitch?

---What can we do in the new space

Fundraising event ideas? Example of techshop sumobot team building events

Paying for seperate areas of the space

---Is Noisebridge a compelling organization to support? Why? What makes it so?

Yes, we are a model of teaching and education, people come here to learn how we organize and educate. How to build spaces to teach and learn in. J: I think this is something we need to push.

Can we have a dialog about Noisebridge having a purpose? What are people contributing to? Let's focus on outcomes. What do people get out of supporting Noisebridge's existence in the world?