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* Plastic slats for shop doors?
* Plastic slats for shop doors?
* Dust/Noise Abatement
* Dust/Noise Abatement
* obtain and install doors
==Sewing Area==
==Sewing Area==

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Spend a day improving your NoiseBridge! Work on large and small projects to make the space more useful and user-friendly! Learn how to run electric and put up drywall in our general areas, or work on small projects for your favorite area of the space. We'll have music (perhaps a live DJ), and food for those who put in a couple hours of work.


June 5th, noon til 7pm

Potential Projects


Sign Making

  • Identify sign needs
"Please sign and date your food so its not thrown away when the fridge is cleaned"
  • Create signage
  • Post signs

Trash and Recycling Organization

  • Identify and mark areas in the space that should have a trash can/recycle bin
  • Spray paint buckets to be used for recycling
  • Acquire additional trash/recycling bins if necessary

PA Equipment Organization

  • Designate a place for equipment to be returned to
  • Clearly label all pieces of equipment
  • Create instructions for use of equipment
  • Test instructions for clarity
  • Print out/Mount instructions

Put the front door back together

General Org

  • Create a place for extension cords and power strips (separate from hack stuff)


  • Fix printer/ Document how to hook up to it


  • Pull up rest of plywood/linoleum tiles
  • Replace missing rotted boards
  • Run electric for microwave and fridge
  • Clean up old kitchen space
  • Paint backsplash with gloss paint
  • Wash, dry and fold towels (we have detergent)
  • Install adapter on kitchen faucet for dish washer

Dirty Shop

  • Signage for tools and major areas to help describe what's going on in that space
  • Material Racks to keep area organized/safe
  • Plastic slats for shop doors?
  • Dust/Noise Abatement
  • obtain and install doors

Sewing Area


  • A workable system for organizing books at NB
  • A system for keeping track of which books we currently have
 * Stamping the inside of books with the Noisebridge name address and website

Hack Shelf


Install light switches throughout space


  • Gang boxes
  • conduit straps
  • masonry bit
  • anchors
  • screwdriver/drill

Install cameras



 * Stamp for books
 * Tape for floor to mark trash can areas