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This page describes the specifications and implementation of a NoisyCalendar, a calendaring solution that adheres to Noisebridge's practices and principles.


User:Kelly User:Leif User:Thatha



  • Publicly editable
  • Anonymously editable
  • Publicly linkable
  • Has the usual variety of calendar layouts (day, week, month, list)
  • The usual calendar capabilities (description field, repeating events)
  • iCal output
  • Some sort of feed which can auto-update the wiki homepage
  • Probably free
  • Hosted locally(ish)
  • If anonymous edits are allowed, there needs to be a mechanism for rolling

back malicious edits

Bonus points

  • Can use wiki logins or some other kind of identification in addition to anonymous
  • Events have a field for which room/area of NB
  • Calendars show which room/area of NB
  • open source or some other moral superiority
  • easy publishing to email (for nb-announce, for instance)
  • misc bells and whistles
  • RSS feed
  • Some kind of reputation system, likely usernames. Edits can be associated with usernames.
  • Tagging/Categorizing of events are useful so as to group similar events. There's a lot going on at NB! IE: "5MoF", "Conlang", "Not Happening on a Regular Basis", "Reoccuring"


We are still at the brainstorming phase


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