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           Announcing the SECOND TRIANNUAL NOISE HACK
           A day of building and programming noise and music producing things
           Saturday, June 15th, 2013
           12 noon to 5pm
           Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St, San Francisco

-Want to BUILD a bizarre sound-creation contraption, of wood, metal, old springs, rusty gears, and other found objects? /Edgetone Records/ recording-artist Tom Nunn will guide you. In the grand tradition of Harry Partch, Tom is creator of the "Octatonic T-Rodimba" and other, other, other-worldly instruments. Bring materials you'd like to use, or just find some junk around Noisebridge.

-Want to construct a MIDI controller, using rubber buttons, LEDs, rotary potentiometers, faders, encoders, accelerometers, and arcade buttons? Peter Nyboer of /Livid Instruments /is offering Noise Hack participants a 25% DISCOUNT off their Brains, Brain Jr, keypads & spacers, and omni boards!!! Peter has generously set up the coupon code 'noisebridge' that can be used on checkout from their webstore.You should buy immediately, so your toys arrive in time. This coupon will expire soon. We'll have geeks around to help you make something awesome. Peter may drop by the Noise Hack to give you some tips. <>

-Want to learn to BEND an innocent music toy, until it produces mutant sounds, unlike anything the original designers intended? Martin de Video will lead you down the dark and mysterious path of circuit bending. Bring an electronic music toy you want to bend to your will.

-Want to CODE a jolly music applet for the web? The kind and patient Ari "Kelp" Sousaphone will get you started programming your own web-toy. Some programming experience recommended (in any language). Computer required.

-Want to SOLDER up an electronic tone-generator circuit? Douglas Benner and Johny Radio will show you how to build it. Noisebridge will provide tools and parts. Here's the circuit you'll build (*although this is subject to change). No electronics experience required:

Put this on your calendar! Saturday, June 15th, 2013, 12 noon to 5pm, at Noisebridge.

Johny Radio Stick It In Your Ear!

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