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Noise Jam II
* Sunday, June 23rd, 2013, 8 pm
Sunday, June 23rd, 2013
* Location: in the Hackatorium, front room at Noisebridge, facing Mission Street.  
Setup: 3 pm
* Duration: about 15 minutes
Rehearsal: 4 pm, in the Hackatorium, front of Noisebridge, facing Mission Street.  
Concert: 8 pm
Performance Duration: about 15 minutes

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  • The Second Triannual NOISE JAM
  • A concert of handmade, hand-wired, and hand-coded instruments.


  • Sunday, June 23rd, 2013, 8 pm
  • Location: in the Hackatorium, front room at Noisebridge, facing Mission Street.
  • Duration: about 15 minutes


The Noisebridge Orchestra is a free and open ensemble of handmade instruments. If you build your own instrument (of wood, metal, circuits, or code), then you can perform with the Orchestra. No music experience required.

Music performed by the Orchestra gives meaning and shape to Noise. Noise is a bridge to enlightenment: a Noisebridge.

(Note: this project is about good vibes and good humor. No drama please, and let’s not take ourselves too seriously  :)



  • You must build or program your own instrument.
  • Be original.
  • Don't dominate the sound-space (unless directed to).
  • No unaltered, pre-recorded music.


  • Don't be continuously louder than everyone else.
  • Be silent more than you play
  • Play in just one pitch range-- high, middle, or low.

Instrument Suggestions:
software, hardware (electronic), mechanical, metal, wood, traditional acoustic, percussive/rhythmic, tonal/melodic, atonal/unpitched, live processing of other instrument sounds during the performance, group-built instruments, circuit bending, hacked acoustic instruments, electro-acoustic (pickups or contact mics), flesh and bone, amplified vegetables.


To: help to set up chairs, work with the PA, Recordist, Welcomer, Snack Wrangler. Contact


This performance is a conceptual piece. There is no notated sheet-music. The composer has provided instructions below, and will conduct and provide further instructions at the performance.


  • Bedlam: During this movement, all instruments are encouraged to play loudly and raucously. Players should play with no regard for the other instruments, and should step on each other's sounds with gusto. Wake the audience up! 5 min.
  • Whisper: This movement will begin with the quietest instruments in the Orchestra. Throughout the movement, players are asked to play as quietly as possible, and to listen carefully to the other instruments. Lull the audience into a dreamlike state. 5 min.
  • Pulse: Players will play on and around a slow, steady pulse, increasing in tempo during the movement, until it ends in high-speed frenzy. Give the audience a heart attack. 5 min.
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