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Sunday, Jamuary 20th, 2013

Setup: 7 pm

Jam: 9 pm

Performance Duration: 14 minutes

After-Party with the Noisebridge Orchestra: 9:30 to ?

Register here: [1]

Note: this project is about good vibes and good humor. No drama please, and let’s not take ourselves too seriously  :)

Also, this is a little-to-no experience necessary project  :D


Detailed Rules

(in the form Obligatory/Permitted/Forbidden. I think it's something called Deontic logic, but don't quote me on that).


  • Build or program your own instrument.


[Basic goal: be original, don't dominate the sound-space.]

  • unaltered, pre-recorded music.
  • being continuously louder than everyone else.
  • playing continuously (you should have LOTS of silences in your performance when other sounds can be heard). Exception: rhythmic core patterns (which should have lots of silence between beats).
  • using the whole frequency spectrum (Ie, using all the notes from the bottom, middle, and top of a piano keyboard. You should play just low-pitched, or just middle-pitched, or just high-pitched sounds).



  • software
  • hardware (electronic)
  • mechanical - metal, wood, etc
  • traditional acoustic<ref> instrument from any culture/time
  • NON-traditional, original acoustic instrument from another dimension or planet
  • percussive/rhythmic
  • tonal/melodic
  • atonal/unpitched
  • live processing of other instrument sounds during our performance (you must build/program the process, and use your own microphone/sensor/pickup (or we might be able to provide an effect-send from the mixer)).
  • group-built instruments
  • circuit bending
  • hacked acoustic instruments
  • electro-acoustic (pickups or contact mics)
  • an original style of vocalization
  • flesh and bone
  • amplified vegetables
  • etc

Volunteers needed

Roomist: help to set up room (chairs,tables, lighting, etc) Amplificist: to ensure we have amplification, loudspeakers, mixer. We do not need a stadium PA. Noisebridge's own amplifier and speakers will be adequate, if you can make them sound clean. Need someone to take charge of ensuring they are in working order and properly set up for the event. Limitist: Procure/lend and operate a limiter (not compressor), to protect our ears and loudspeakers. Might be built into whatever mixer or amplifier we end up using. Volumist: Stand at the ready to cut the master volume in case of emergency. Mixerist: May need lent mixer (don't know yet how many inputs we'll need). Mixist: To “play” the mixer, ie. judiciously boost/cut mixer channels during jam. Recordist: with own hardware or software recorder. Stereo recording is sufficient. Need two microphones, ideally two omni's. Nice recording option: Zoom digital recorder (not a "voice recorder"): Not desirable to record off the mixer. Hospitalitist: to ensure we have snacks and drinks. Artist-Coordinatist: inform performers, handle signups, etc.


    THEME: Organic Produce vs. GMO's     Movements: not meant to parallel actual history 2 minutes per movement, 14 minutes total 5 second silence between movements, except where noted “Natural instruments" means non-amplified, non-electrified acoustic instruments: plucked strings, flesh, voice, coconuts, etc. Overall direction is downward motion of tonality from movement to movement, until final movement leaps up an octave. I. Nature: Pre-GMO, Pre-Pesticide Organic Fruits and Vegetables. Natural instruments only. Tranquil, harmonious, gentle rhythms. Key: A-440. II: Iron Age: mechanical and electro-acoustic instruments only. Precise, soulless, mechanical, brutal. Very rhythmic, start slow and gradually increase tempo. Cohesive: instruments match tempo. "Industrial" beats. 60 BPM at start of movement --> to 120 BPM by end of movement. Key: down to G. III: Electronic Age: Electronic and software instruments only. No mechanical, no natural. Techno, drum n bass, house, etc. Syncopated, cohesive. Starts happy, then grows dark. Start at 120 BPM --> accelerate to 480 BPM by end of movement. Key: down to F. IV. Epic Struggle: - All instruments. Chaotic, arrhythmic atonality.             (no break) V. Earth's Vengeance: Destruction of GMO's and toxic pesticides. The sounds of dying machines, as natural instruments grow more powerful and cohesive, obliterating non-natural instruments. Arrhythmic, keyless chaos --> 60 BPM, down to key of D. VI. Earth Rise: Return to organic, non-pesticide produce. Natural instruments only. Start at 60 BPM, down to key of C --> slow to 15 BPM, rise up an octave to Key of B.

Register here: <refAnything that makes a noise is "acoustic", but I'm using the idiomatic meaning of the word: an instrument that generates sound without electricity.</ref>

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