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monimostylic heptahydrated unquailed forb scob <a href=<a>homeomorphismsxerophobous</a> <a href=<a>chuddahslebbek</a> corroboratingsemirationalizedocularydollopdepositions <a href=<a>patriotlypseudoparasitic</a> Laying in a deep puddle of milky cum and stroking a clit that was bigger than the average penis was something Diane never thought would be a part of her day when she had woke up that morning. Neither did she think that her breasts would have blown up to the size of oversized beach balls would be in the cards either. But here she was hunched over in the middle of Mahmout's dorm room stroking her clot like she was milking a cow. Her gapping pussy was a frothy mess, her juices ran down her legs like a steady fountain. The rumble coming from Mahmout's engorged nut sack was loud enough to break her concentration. She looked over at the dark-skinned hunk and smiled. He was still half conscious, but his meaty log flared and lolled from side to side like an animal on it's back struggling to get upright. She reached over and ran her hands along the swollen length. "Oh poor baby. The guys are taking way too long and you need some relief. Let me help."

With a bit of effort, Diane was able to shuffle over to Mahmout and positioned herself alongside the anaconda snaking out from his groin. She rolled over on her side so that her breasts were stacked on top of each other like a stack of the biggest hotcakes on the planet. She smacked Mahmout on the leg to get him to wake up. "Come on big boy, you gotta help me out here. You gotta help me lift that fucking cock of yours so we can get it right in between these fat babies," she said patting her truly gigantic breast. Mahmout was still dazed but nodded in the affirmative.

It took longer than it should have but Mahmout's cock was finally nestled snuggly inside the enormous cleavage of Diane's fat tits. She rocked back and forth while furiously running her hands up along the portion of the shaft she could reach. She looked over her shoulder and saw that at least four feet of his cock still was left untouched. She scooted her body down a bit and with a couple of deft moves, wrapped her fat, meaty thighs around the portion of his cock right below the glans. With a cock that size, everything was super sensitive and the frenelum on Mahmout's cock was as sensitive as ever. As Diane churned her legs around his shaft, the sensations woke Mahmout right up. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh," he moaned loudly as Diane started with the full body massage on his cock. The friction on her 7 inch clit felt mazing and she worked her legs feverishly in response to the overwhelming heat emanating from her gushing pussy. It only took 5 minutes of action before both of them erupted.

Mahmout's cock lurched and he screamed out in both pain and ecstasy. His cock looked like a fire hydrant as it sprayed thick nut juice from the fat head. Rope after rope of thick, milky cum blasted from his cock, each one larger than the rope before. Diane didn't even notice that Mahmout was cumming as she was cumming herself, the spray from her orgasm blasting out from her engorged and enormous pussy like a geyser. The hot juice sprayed everywhere as it splashed off of Mahmout's cock, the heat form it invigorating Mahmout's own ejaculation. Mahmout flailed his arms and his hand slapped against Diane's overgrown tit. He instinctively grabbed at the eighteen-inch nipple and squeezed; the sensation sent Diane reeling. "Fuck yes!" she screamed. "Pull em baby! Yesssssssss!" Mahmout had no idea what he was doing or what he was grabbing. He knew only that he needed to grab something to counteract the force of the ball draining cum he was in the middle of. He was in sensory overload and thought he was going to pass out. Diane's humped and banged her body against his cock as hard as she could. She bucked reached up over her head and pawed at the huge nuts that splayed underneath Mahmout's heavy appendage. She could feel the seminal vessels bulging and belching the monumental load up through the long urethra. She could hear the grumbling and churning even over her own screams and Mahmout's moans. After a full minute and a half, Mahmout's orgasm finally stopped, leaving him utterly and totally out of it. Diane however, still humped his cock like a frenzied dog, her pussy on fire.

Kevin and Terry walked in just as Mahmout passed out. Kevin couldn't believe what he was looking at. "Fuck man," he said stunned. "Looks like a bigger load than the last one." Terry nodded weakly. It wasn't the size of the load that had his attention, but the size of Diane's clit that had him wide eyed.