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:''Not to be confused with [[Noise-Bot|MC Hawking]].''
:''Not to be confused with [[Noise-Bot|MC Hawking]].''

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Note: This page is for historic purposes only. It does not apply to modern Noisebridge. Edit
Not to be confused with MC Hawking.

Noisebot is our irc bot. It occasionally does useful and/or annoying things.

It hangs out in #noisebridge and #nycresistor. You can ask it to tell people things across the two channels.

We're currently in an uptime contest with #nycresistor's bot.

Useful Commands[edit]

02:40 < radii> noisebot, note ioerror this is a test.
02:40 < noisebot> radii: I'll pass that on when ioerror is around.
13:33 < radii> .twitter crackhead theater, now playing on wiese st
13:33 < noisebot> radii: http://twitter.com/noisebridge/984347090
16:03 < arcanology> .title http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/XEMcKeXXHzQ/lasers-the-only-way-to-carve-a-pumpkin
16:03 < noisebot> arcanology: Lasers: The Only Way to Carve a Pumpkin
.wp <term>
returns the first sentance of the Wikipedia page for <term>, plus a link to that page.

Hacking the bot[edit]

It's a stock rbot instance, submit patches against rbot.


To use karma, just say <username>++ To see how much people like you, type .karma <username>


ponybot is a rbot running as ponybot on pony.noisebridge.net. The plugins and so on (but not the config.yaml, since it contains passwords) are checked into git and available at https://github.com/radii/noisebot/ for your hacking pleasure. Please send pull requests! In fact, please make a module so that ponybot can update itself based on IRC requests from registered users.