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:''Not to be confused with [[Noise-Bot|MC Hawking]].''
:''Not to be confused with [[Noise-Bot|MC Hawking]].''

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Not to be confused with MC Hawking.

Noisebot is our irc bot. It occasionally does useful and/or annoying things.

It hangs out in #noisebridge and #nycresistor. You can ask it to tell people things across the two channels.

We're currently in an uptime contest with #nycresistor's bot.

Useful Commands

02:40 < radii> noisebot, note ioerror this is a test.
02:40 < noisebot> radii: I'll pass that on when ioerror is around.
13:33 < radii> .twitter crackhead theater, now playing on wiese st
13:33 < noisebot> radii: http://twitter.com/noisebridge/984347090
16:03 < arcanology> .title http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/XEMcKeXXHzQ/lasers-the-only-way-to-carve-a-pumpkin
16:03 < noisebot> arcanology: Lasers: The Only Way to Carve a Pumpkin
.wp <term>
returns the first sentance of the Wikipedia page for <term>, plus a link to that page.

Hacking the bot

It's a stock rbot instance, submit patches against rbot.


To use karma, just say <username>++ To see how much people like you, type .karma <username>


ponybot is a rbot running as ponybot on pony.noisebridge.net. The plugins and so on (but not the config.yaml, since it contains passwords) are checked into git and available at https://github.com/radii/noisebot/ for your hacking pleasure. Please send pull requests! In fact, please make a module so that ponybot can update itself based on IRC requests from registered users.