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<strong>WHERE THE FUCK IS MY IBM 5100!?!??!?!??!?!</strong>
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Stallman's wisdom soaked up by the brightest minds of Noisebridge

Noisebridge adopts an Open-Source and Linux only policy.

We hereby decree by the power of Noisebridge, that only Linux and Open-Source projects are allowed, as influenced by Richard Stallman

"The Open Source Definition is clear enough..." - RMS

Richard Stallman worked together with Noisebridge, by explaining his policy on software development. We solely based this decision on his insight and wisdom into the topics of Open-Source projects and Linux.

"I believe in a world where technology is Open and allows us to share. Open-Source is the path to freedom. Life should be about sharing everything." - Justin D.

We are Noisebridge

Noisebridge is an infrastructure provider for religious and other faith-based initiatives, collaboratively run by its members. Our core belief is in the healing power of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. If you have no place to go, no discernibly useful skills, below average intelligence and lots of opinions about what other people should do, we welcome you show up.

Wikibanner-goto-2169.png Wikibanner-get-involved.png Wikibanner-help-out.png
We're located at:
2169 Mission St, San Francisco
OpenStreetMap - Google Maps
2 blocks South of 16th & Mission BART
Malaclypse lets it slip in on-air interview that he's really part of the reptiles that control our government and international banking!
Jacob Applebaum admits that he's not nearly as cool as real hackers

After years of awkwardly prolonged adolescent angst, Jacob Applebaum released the public statement at an hastily constructed "emotional emergency" press conference, "I admit, _uT has always had sex with much more attractive women than myself, and unlike myself, He's got a motorcycle, He's been convicted of real computer crime and lets face it, while he was writing user-mode local descriptor table vulnerabilities, I was pretending I could actually write my own zero days! How do zero allocation heap overflows really work? I mean, c'mon, He's serving out a federal prison sentence for supplying exploits to the russian mob, even my constructed TSA histrionics can't beat how cool that is!". Acknowledging the Unix Terrorist's superior "skillz" and far more eleet 0daze, he admitted to everyone that his primary impact on the world has been convincing someone, really anyone, capable of breathing that they are actually really hackers, he now claimed to be a proponent of "hackers are people who hack".

Noisebridge Declares 'w00w00 is p00p00'
After internal disagreements emerged in the Noisebridge senate and congressional hearings, the consensus was reached on April 1st, 2012 that the trashy computer security group w00w00 was p00p00.
Create New Kinds of Sentience With Us!

After years of research, Noisebridge researchers have successfully created automated dramatics, drawing from a corpus of dozens of posts tagged "drama" and anything ever written by Justin Doerr or Robert Chu, they were able to accurately recreate all the central features dramatic posts to Noisebridge

the window and slamming doors and justall KINDS of drama. I\'m really glad I did, because we areerroneously making examples out of the space, not even the willingness to reorganize things, even if it offends any of you who know of websites to go and post their name to the community to get mypoint across? or can people willingly just fucking stop beingassholes?I\'m finished with my mom in Washington DC. Upon doing so I plan to do my dishes. I\'ve forgotten to do so and have publicly announced to Facebook that Ihate Robert Chu while I was doing around of dishes.. I don\'t feel as safe as Idid upon returning to Noisebridge and vent my personalproblems to random strangers, and I really wish that I am admitting that it\'s sortof starting to see this place turn to shit if I wenton the 85 page was actually childish and stupid. I brought upthe fact that they are alreadynaturally good at doing. Some stuff is beneficial to a small or large groupof individuals.I promise to break up my power point presentation out of nowhere my ADHD got the very best of my projects involving VMWare and asked forhelp, and someone taught me how to make up for his unexcellence in the process of hacking theHuman Resources binder that I\'m actuallyentirely aware of as a personal character flaw within myself. I\'m bravelywilling to publicly admit that I was reallyhappy with last week being relatively drama-free and I left with a man by the name of Ken Holden on Thursdayonward, the ongoing rumors of the space. Safely that is. We are providing everyone until MONDAY THE 13TH TOCOMPLY with us in person atNoisebridge. I am admitting that Imade a mistake of getting rid of all of the items that have beenplaced in or around the lovely city of SanFrancisco. IMO, I feel like every human beinghas the right to evolve into somebody that will someday provide somethingbeneficial to society. I personally had to get my life andactually realize what type of criticism is actually comingfrom people I do not want tobe disposed of.. I will strive to use her stun gun/cattle prod on the 85 page happen to be obnoxious about this. I am fairly chronically unemployed at the hackerspace, andpeople threatening to kill themselves or others, I don\'t even know,better yet people I don\'t hack all the drama went down. Likeeveryone else, I am committing myself to the point where now I\'m doneposting any more stuff on here. For at least walk through thatarea of the space as well. The thing that I can helpit. I\'m sick and tired of hearing people complaining aboutit being too cluttery and things being too cluttery and things being too disorganized even for myself tobe able to find shelter and talk with them one on one and help those who extensively use that areaof the space, moreover graduallywe can move on to and people who ARE \\"hackers\\" and full-time geniuses;I think it would be nice and all, but we\'d have to report is that who I really honestly don\'t care if it iserroneous.I may be a bit messy forjust a short period of time. I am willing to extend the deadline even further down the roadagainst my own will, due to the members\' shelves.We are taking all of you who know of websites to go and post their name and/or identity, simply becausesomeone could easily feel compelled enough to dislike them and click theedit button to add their name and/or identity, simply becausesomeone could easily feel compelled enough to dislike them and click theedit button to add their name to the list just to prove my overallpoint, someone already went ahead andjust repositioned already what appeared to be a lot of personal growth by coming here andconstantly educating myself, but contrary to what I have finished my notes on NonviolentCommunication and I left with a huge smile on myface because I noticed a lot todo with why I have been several instances when if the storm has calmed. The thing is for sure, the ultimate reasonwhy I come to Noisebridge and other really coolindividuals teach me things like what a \\"photon\\" is, or how Lasiksurgery works, or why I\'vebeen randomly lashing out over the internet or in a month, depending on how\\u00a0soon he wants to take it upon myself later toadd myself to the elevator, of inwhich you as an individual who hasextensive knowledge in this area of the distribution and/or abuse of crystalmethamphetamine and/or other horrifying drugs at the hackerspace, andpeople threatening to kill themselves or others, I don\'t break my text up into paragraphs. In the future, I will be totally grateful for what Ihave, but I\'m not directing that comment towardany one person or group in particular, I\'m just keeping everyone posted just in case she does get back tome and I aspire, and actuallyenjoy/feel energized when I am not always on my offer and call me, and experiencing the most UNEXCELLENT hangover withsomebody grinding a piece of wood in the DJ booth stop deleting me from 85, jerkDo you think if I wenton the 85 page as well. Lolz. Why is everyone still talking about the mediation process Ihave agreed to have a negativeassociation/reputation given to their bodylanguage and facial expressions.The beauty of all of the screeching that\'s been going onlately, along with human relationsand psychology. However the point I\'m trying to cooperate with almost anyone andeveryone about what I say this like it\'s goingout of style, but \\"if I wanted to know how she wouldgo about teaching everyone the process of rearrangingHacker Alley. So. I\'m collaborating with a negative descriptionposted about them from somebody else who wasn\'t me, and let\'s moveforward. THANK YOU and Smiley face. :-)Very Sincerely,Justin Patrick Doerr I propose we create a [Supplies We Need] tag. You are at fault for our behavioral problems with one another. It\'s not necessary to fight and get angry and try to make these individuals to have with RAYC explaining what we\'vedone as community'</i>

Front door to our space at 2169 Mission
Arduino for Total Newbies Workshop at Noisebridge
A space to learn and create neat things
Soldering Workshop at Noisebridge
Members at Noisebridge
Hacking, it's more than just electronics
Craft hacking
Cover of the current issue of ZiP, a Noisebridge Zine in Progress
Weekly Tuesday speed-dating night

Events and Classes

Full Event Listing | Unofficial Google Calendar

You don't need to be a member to take or give a class or workshop at Noisebridge. All are welcome! Please see our events hosting page for more details.

Not all events make it onto this calendar. Many events only make it to the Discussion or Announcements mailing lists, IRC or in person at Tuesday meetings. Best of all, Noisebridge is about people getting together at the space in San Francisco to do stuff. DO pay attention, as some events just arise organically from the bottom up!

Want to host your event at Noisebridge? We like seeing classes and talks on interesting things pertaining to various subjects of hacking. Most of all, we like seeing familiar faces. Please participate in the space and our weekly Tuesday meetings to see if we're the right audience for what you want to share before announcing a new event. Additionally, please see our events hosting page for suggestions on how to use Noisebridge for your event/class/workshop.

Upcoming Events edit

Wednesday, July 27, 18:30: Basic Income Wikipedia Jam,
This will be a small gathering of folks working together to clean up the Wikipedia page for "basic income," which is a total mess right now and the first resource many people new to the idea will encounter. There are neutrality issues, citations missing, key events unmentioned, overly verbose writing, confusing organization: on and on and on. If you're into the idea of basic income, come lend a hand. We'll have snacks!

Thursday, August 4, 12:00: Post-quantum Crypto Talk by Peter Schwabe,
In 2012, Mark Ketchen, researcher at IBM, stated about large quantum computers that they are "within reach" and estimated a timespan of 10 to 15 years until such computers can be built. It is not clear if Ketchen is right with this estimate, it is not even clear if a large quantum computer will ever be built. However, what is clear is that such a computer will be able to break all asymmetric cryptography in wide use today. More specifically, it will break in polynomial time systems that are based on factoring (like RSA) and systems based on the discrete logarithm (like DSA, and Diffie-Hellman key exchange), including their elliptic-curve variants. There are asymmetric cryptographic systems that, as far as we know, are not broken by quantum computers, so called "post-quantum cryptography". It is obvious that once large quantum computers exist, the world will need to switch to such post-quantum schemes. However, users who are concerned about long-term security, have to switch to post-quantum schemes for confidentiality already now: an attacker who records and stores key exchanges today can go back in a decade or two and use a quantum computer to attack them. In my talk I will give a brief overview of post-quantum crypto and then highlight what we can, and should, already do today to provide long-term security in cryptographic systems. In particular, I will present the "NewHope" key exchange, which is currently used in an experiment by Google and is one of the candidates to be considered for post-quantum key exchange in Tor.

Saturday, August 13, 12:00: GODWAFFLE NOISE PANCAKES,
The 13-Aug GODWAFFLE NOISE PANCAKES has Noisebands and gourmet vegan pancakes!
Bands: Medicine Cabinet (Tracy CA), Daniel Blomquist, Ze Bib!, Foreskin Shashimi in Paradise, SubStation6'

Sunday, August 21, 13:00: TOOOL SF Bay Area Lockpicking Meeting,

Saturday, September 10, 12:00: GODWAFFLE NOISE PANCAKES,
The 10-Sep GODWAFFLE NOISE PANCAKES has Noisebands and gourmet vegan pancakes!
Bands: Rick & Joe Potts (LAFMS), Voicehandler, Gif Problem, Tender Buttons, Rust Worship

Saturday, October 8, 12:00: GODWAFFLE NOISE PANCAKES,
The 8-Oct GODWAFFLE NOISE PANCAKES has Noisebands and gourmet vegan pancakes!
Bands: TBD

Recurring Events edit

E - Every week.
1st - Certain weeks, e.g. 1st week only.
-2nd - Except certain weeks, or other schedule exceptions.


  • E 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Circuit Hacking Mondays (Early start of 3:00pm on Monday holidays) - Learn to solder! And make cool things with electronics. Mitch, J, Rolf, Miloh, Cedric, Cheng, Greg, and/or a host of others will bring kits-for-purchase to make cool, hackable things for all skill levels that you can bring home after you make them! Many designed for absolute beginners! Bring your own projects to hack! Bring things to fix! All ages. All are welcome! See the Discuss list and the Announce list for weekly updates.
  • E 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm Front-end Web Development - Learn HTML/CSS/JS. A series of talks on different topics every week, taught in the Church classroom. Recap of last week's material starts at 7:30 pm. Join the WebDev list or the Announce list for updates.
  • E Take Out the Trash Night -- Round One Be sure to put bins out by midnight as the trash truck comes between 1:30 to 2:30am.
  • E 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Intermediate Python with PyClass - Crash course in the Python standard library. Monday session is held in Turing Classroom.

Super Tuesdays!

  • E 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm Songbridge Music Making Tuesdays - Beginner-friendly music making and mentoring meetup with Ableton/GarageBand/Logic tutorials for beginners and peer collabs. (Noise Square Table).
  • 1st 3rd 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm Sewing and Crafting - Come learn how to use the sewing machines or just work on a craft (e.g. knitting, crocheting, felt working, embroidery, leatherworking, beading, etc.). All skill levels are welcome.
  • E 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Ruby and Rails class - Seminar and workshop for learning everything about Ruby, Rails, and web application development (Church classroom). See the Announce list for weekly updates.
  • E 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm Gamebridge Unityversity Game Dev Tuesdays - Beginner-friendly game development class and meetup, learn and share C# Unity coding, 2D/3D art, design, writing and audio. Learn how to mentor and help teach game dev. (Noise Square Table).
  • E 8:00 pm Noisebridge Weekly Meeting - Introducing new people and events to the space, general discussion, and decision-making on key issues. This is your space, folks. Come on out here in person to express what you think about what's going on with it!


  • alternating monthly 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm - Cyberspectrum: Software Defined Radio Meetup in the Hackatorium(new): A place to learn and exchange ideas about SDR. Presentations on concepts, mystery signals, hardware/software and cool applications. Event alternates monthly between SF and the South Bay.
  • 1st Wednesday of every month. Art with Software 7:30pm. Present your personal and expressive art made with software/hardware of your own making and get feedback and critical dialogue from fellow artist/technologists. More info on Meetup webpage here. [Last upded July, 2016].
  • E 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm Dream Team Neuro Hackery - EEG research & development project with general interest in sleep, dreaming, creative intelligence, and many loosely related topics such as: neurophysiology, signal processing, cognitive neuroscience, and (especially) hacking code and devices for data acquisition and analysis. Join us at the CollaborationStation (near the Hackatorium). Expect general discussion around 8 PM - usually moving along by 9 PM to focus on more technical aspects of current project.
  • E Wednesday (3/23/16) CANCELLED for Spring Break SFSU resuming (3/30/2016) 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm, aka 20:30-22:30, class times, Just add You! Raspberry Pi - NEW PiBridge Raspberry Pi Hacking Group is a meetup to explore on Raspberry Pi-based projects. Gain momentum and achiving successes! '. Meeting lateral to the Pi Zero Student Learning Station, in the Hackatorium Class Space.


  • E Trash Night -- Round Two - Take out the trash for Friday morning! Do it by midnight as truck comes ~1:30am to 2:30am.
  • E 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Front-end Web Development Lab - Understand by doing! A recap of Monday's lecture in workshop form - and a good time for one-on-one help with the material. Meets in Turing.
  • 2nd 7:00pm to 9:00pm Cryptopal working group - Learn cryptography through coding challenges that demonstrate attacks on real-world cryptography. A different way to learn than taking a class or reading a book!
  • 3rd 7:00 pm Five Minutes of Fame a.k.a. 5MoF - lightning 5min talks every 3rd Thursday of the month



  • E 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm CPP Class discussion in Hackitorum/Fox Lounge/Church. Currently looking for folks wanting to help plan out lessons.
  • E 1:00 pm Zine Hacking Hacking on the good ol' fashioned analog Zine with Torrie, Mari and anyone who wants to come and be excellent and make excellent art.
  • alternating monthly 3:00 pm Goths & Crafts Spooky people making spooky things in the sewing area. All kinds of crafts welcome and things don't necessarily have to be goth. But if you have an eye towards the darker side of the color spectrum, this may be for you!


  • E 12:30 pm to 7:30 pm Dungeons and Dragons in Church, currently looking for new players.
  • alternating monthly 1:00 pm Monthly Lock Sport Collaboration: Come learn how to pick locks and learn more about them with the SF Bay Area chapter of TOOOL. The group meets on alternating months at Noisebridge and in San Jose. Check the TOOOL SF announcement list for details.
  • E 3:00 pm Go - Playing of the Go board game. On nice days we often take the boards to Dolores Park and play there.
  • E 6:00 pm Plan 9 class (if not Noisebridge check Sycamore)
  • E 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm .impact Workathons in Turing classrom. Work on projects that will help humanity & beyond.

You don't need to be a member to take or give a class or workshop at Noisebridge. All are welcome!

Want to host your event at Noisebridge? We like seeing classes and talks on interesting things pertaining to various subjects of hacking. Most of all, we like seeing familiar faces. Please participate in the space and our weekly Tuesday meetings to see if we're the right audience for what you want to share before announcing a new event. Additionally, here are some Hosting an Event tips.


Intro Poster: How we explain ourselves to new visitors.

Resources: Stuff in the space -- computer network & servers, project areas, tools, bulk orders from Digikey/McMaster/Mouser.

Safety in the Space: What to do in case of an emergency.

Press Coverage: mentions of Noisebridge in the media (both blog and dead tree).

Identity: A collection of resources revolving around our identity and logo.

Hackerspace Infos: Howtos, Background, and friendly Hackerspaces elsewhere.

Get in Touch

          2261 Market Street #235-A
          San Francisco, CA 94114

Hackerspace Passports accepted here
  • Or just drop by the space. We're open almost all the time (24/7), and everyone is welcome -- all ages, all skill levels:

          2169 Mission St, 3rd floor
          San Francisco, CA 94103

  • Here is a digital blueprint of the Noisebridge space as of the end of December, 2011.


Noisebridge is up! We began building Noisebridge in February 2007. Since December 2007 we've had regular Tuesday meetings, and rented our first physical space as of October 1st 2008. We quickly outgrew our first space and have been at our much larger 5,200 square-foot second location since October 1st 2009. We are a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization as of July 2009, retroactive to October 2008.

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