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=== Meetings ===
=== Meetings ===
'''Meetings every Tuesday at 8 PM US/Pacific at 83 C Wiese St.'''
'''Meetings every Tuesday at 8 PM US/Pacific at 83 C Wiese St.'''
* Next: [[Meeting Notes 2008 12 16 | 2008-12-16]]
* Next: [[Meeting Notes 2008 12 30 | 2008-12-30]]
* Last Week: [[Meeting Notes 2008 12 09 | 2008-12-09]]
* Last: [[Meeting Notes 2008 12 23 | 2008-12-23]]
* Week Before: [[Meeting Notes 2008 12 02 | 2008-12-02]]
* Week Before: [[Meeting Notes 2008 12 16 | 2008-12-16]]
* ... (more in the [[:Category:Meeting Notes|Meeting Notes Archive]])
* ... (more in the [[:Category:Meeting Notes|Meeting Notes Archive]])

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Noisebridge members at 83C

Noisebridge is an infrastructure provider for technical-creative projects, collaboratively run by its members. We are incorporated as a non-profit educational corporation for public benefit.

Join the Noisebridge mailing list and/or hop on IRC to get involved.

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How to Donate money or Pay Membership Dues.


Getting Here: We're at 83C Wiese Street between Mission and Valencia just off 16th Street in San Francisco's Mission district. (openstreetmap) (Google Maps) (Yahoo Maps) (Mapquest).

Planet Noisebridge: Our blog aggregation service.

The Space: home sweet home (including our network drops Network).

Vision: Our vision - what our space is all about!

Infrastructure: Stuff we provide -- servers, bulk parts orders from Digikey/McMaster/Mouser, project spaces, specialized tools, ...

Organizational: Our organizational decision-making page

Library: Information pertaining to projects we're working on.

Concepts: A place to share your project ideas and to find like-minds.

Donate or Pay Dues: Here is where you can see how easy it is to Donate to Noisebridge or to pay your monthly Membership Dues.

Finances: How to finance it. Bank Choices: choosing a bank. FinancialPolicy: how to manage.

Identity: Logos, stickers, t-shirts and stuff. Press Coverage: mentions of Noisebridge in the media (both blog and dead tree).

Hackerspace Infos: Howtos, Background, and friendly Hackerspaces elsewhere

Board and Officers: Information about our formal organization.


Meetings every Tuesday at 8 PM US/Pacific at 83 C Wiese St.


There's lots going on at NoiseBridge. Check out our Current Events.

Get in Touch


We began building Noisebridge in Feb 2007. Since December 2007 we've had regular Tuesday meetings, and as of October 1st 2008, we have a physical space. We are currently in the process of ironing out membership procedures and guidelines.