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===Upcoming Planned Events===
===Upcoming Planned Events===
*'''Monday 8pm june 15''' - [[AdvancedPy]]
*'''Thursday 8pm june 18''' - [[Five Minutes of Fame]]
*'''Thursday 8pm june 18''' - [[Five Minutes of Fame]]
* '''Tuesday June 30''' - [[Powerbocking Class|Powerbocking class]]
* '''Tuesday June 30''' - [[Powerbocking Class|Powerbocking class]]

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A space to learn and create neat things
Soldering workshop at Noisebridge
Hacking, it's more than just electronics
Members at Noisebridge
Front door to 83C
Craft hacking

Noisebridge is an infrastructure provider for technical-creative projects, collaboratively run by its members. We are incorporated as a non-profit educational corporation for public benefit. Read more about Noisebridge...

Join the Noisebridge mailing list or hop on IRC to hear about upcoming events and to get involved.

Become a member! -- New Member FAQ!

How to Donate money or Pay Membership Dues.


The unofficial Google calendar for Noisebridge

Upcoming Planned Events

Recurring Events

  • Monday
    • Circuit Hacking Mondays - Weekly workshop to solder stuff! Learn how to solder from some of the best out there.
    • PyClass - Learn how to program using the Python programming language.
  • Tuesday
    • Haskell/Haschool - The Haschool is a Haskell class, introducing the Haskell programming language.
    • Noisebridge Weekly Meeting - Happening every Tuesday at 8PM. Introducing new people to the space and general discussion.
  • Wednesday
    • Machine Learning - Weekly get-together about Machine Learning.
    • Adobe Lightroom - Become a more organized photographer. Weekly class (mostly held off site).
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Science, Engineering & Design Huddle - Weekly group to discuss design approach, share techniques, and solve any problem you may be having with your project(s). 7pm
    • Mandarin Corner - Weekly study group to practice Chinese language -- this class is on temporary hiatus until organizers such as yourself regroup and start it up!
    • CrazyCryptoCnight - Weekly night starting at 6pm for discussing cryptography. Novices and experts welcome alike!
    • Shop Class - Weekly class on safe and effective use of the tools in our little shop. Cover design and production and results in project after a month of sessions. Taught by John Magolske. 8pm
  • Sunday
    • Cyborg Group - 11AM (sorry) weekly gathering to work on projects like artificial senses (just go click the link)
    • Locks!


Getting Here: We're at 83C Wiese Street between Mission and Valencia just off 16th Street in San Francisco's Mission district. openstreetmap Google Maps

Planet Noisebridge: Our blog aggregation service.

The Space: Home sweet home (including our network drops Network).

Vision: Our vision - what our space is all about!

Safety in the Space: What to do in case of an emergency.

Infrastructure: Stuff we provide -- servers, bulk parts orders from Digikey/McMaster/Mouser, project spaces, specialized tools.

Library: Information pertaining to projects we're working on.

Concepts: A place to share your project ideas and to find like-minds.

Donate or Pay Dues: Here is where you can see how easy it is to Donate to Noisebridge or to pay your monthly Membership Dues.

Identity: Logos, stickers, t-shirts and stuff.

Press Coverage: mentions of Noisebridge in the media (both blog and dead tree).

Hackerspace Infos: Howtos, Background, and friendly Hackerspaces elsewhere.

Board and Officers: Information about our formal organization.


Meetings every Tuesday at 8 PM US/Pacific at 83 C Wiese St. This meeting is for members and non-members alike, everyone is welcome. Agenda items tend to typically include introductions, updates on projects happening in the space and upcoming events. Meetings normally end with general socializing and in depth discussion of any topics brought up earlier.

Get in Touch

Or just drop by the space. We're here almost all the time, although evenings are best.


Noisebridge is up! We began building Noisebridge in Feb 2007. Since December 2007 we've had regular Tuesday meetings, and as of October 1st 2008, we have a physical space. We are currently awaiting our 501(c)(3) status.


In Case of Emergency