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Still, his cock grew. Eight inches ... Nine, and still growing. His erection was now half as thick as his own wrist as -with a grunt of sexual ecstasy- he began to spurt enormous quantities of cum into daravinne's throat. Greedily, she slurped and sucked on him as the tingle began to fade. Drop by drop, she tried to stem the stream, but enormous quantities spilled out from around her mouth. Nearly a minute passed, as rubin110 reached and exceeded ten inches. Still sucking down as much of his cum as she could, daravinne squeezed his balls tightly, as if wringing every drop out of him. Spurting over her lips, face and hair, rubin110's orgasm gradually subsided, leaving him still shaking with pleasure. Gasping for air, daravinne wiped her mouth on the back of her hand and looked at rubin110, stunned. "That's ... that's some experiment!" she gasped. rubin110 looked at his erection, amazed. "I thought it had stopped earlier... My God, I'm huge!" Tentatively, he touched his engorged tip and patted it with his finger tips. It bobbed slightly as he stood up. Picking up a tape measure from the hall desk, daravinne quickly came over to rubin110 and measured him. She let out a low whistle of appreciation at his new length as she wrapped the tape measure around his shaft. She looked up at him... "rubin110, you've grown to eleven inches long and five-and-a-half inches around." She did some quick mental math. "Jesus, rubin110. You're almost two inches thick! What was in that stuff you experimented with?" rubin110 shrugged. "A variety of organic compounds normally found in DNA patterns associated with sexual development. I mean, I had to also add synthetic hormones and dissolve it all in an amino acid bath, but I didn't expect this sort of reaction... Earlier, it enlarged me quite a bit ... over a fifty-percent increase. This isn't that much of an increase compared to the first growth spurt, but I never expected..." "Are you saying that you'll get bigger every time you climax?" The abrupt question brought rubin110 to a sudden stop. In truth, he had tried to tie the growth to hormonal and stress levels in the body and appropriate glands, but could it be true? He shuddered to think about it. Even if the percentage growth was less each time, he could be gargantuan in a very short time... True, he'd fantasized about elephantine proportions and even beyond, but in Real Life... He looked at daravinne, uncertain. "I really don't know. It wasn't as big an increase as the last time, so it may be just residual effects. Y'see, I was aiming for something around fourteen to sixteen inches..." daravinne looked at him stunned and with a half-smile. "Not bad..." she murmured. Brightening, she tapped his still-stiff member, "I guess we'll have to test that theory ... get on the bed." rubin110 looked surprised. "But ... but daravinne. I mean, what if I *do keep getting bigger? This could be a catastrophe!" With raised eyebrows and lick of her lips, daravinne smiled. "Tell me about it..." Pressing her massive breasts against his chest, she slowly rubbed her flesh over his, enticing him. Seemingly, the compound had also given him extra stamina, because his enlarged penis began to rise again. She smiled coyly as she felt his manhood press against her inner thigh. "I mean, if things got too bad, you could create a reverse formula, couldn't you?" rubin110 thought about it for a second. It was somewhat unfair; daravinne's ample endowments were clouding his judgment along with her implied promise of even more sex... Still, he was pretty sure he understood the principles behind the enlargement. In fact, he thought as he began to massage her hard nipples, he was sure he could undo it... In response to her, rubin110 simply nodded. Taking his nod as an assent, daravinne quickly swept the smaller man up and hoisted him over to the bed. Swinging him in a broad arc, she slung him down with a whoosh of air from her soft mattress. With a continuous, smooth motion, she swept down and pounced on him like a cat on a tiny, frightened rabbit. Her knees flanking his hips and her hands planted on either side of his shoulders, she looked down on him with a playful look of glee. rubin110 couldn't think of anything to say ... he'd never seen her like this! Slowly, she ran her fingers down his chest, gently massaging his tense muscles. Enticingly, she continued to follow his muscular contours down to his now rock-hard groin. With a conspiratorial smile, she leaned forward -her breasts resting against his lower legs- and licked his engorged tip. Gradually, daravinne moved up and down rubin110's erection; every second pausing to deliver a tiny, enticing lick to him. rubin110 clenched his eyes shut as he drew in each successive breath with a shudder. Lingering gently, daravinne planted a series of successively more lengthy kisses with her supple lips along the length of his shaft. Her eyes half-closed in erotic pleasure, she ran her tongue around the tip of his cock, following the ridge of its head. She paused only a second to look rubin110 in the eyes before parting her lips slightly and sucking on his engorged mushroom-like head. Her tongue roaming around the surface of his cock, daravinne pumped her mouth repeatedly up and down his shaft. Uncontrollably, rubin110 began to buck his hips gently against her face while his short, deep breaths became soft moans of ecstasy. Slowly, she sucked him deeper and deeper, until he could feel the contours of her throat wrapping itself around his eleven-inch boner. His grunts and groans came louder as he began to grind more heavily into her luscious lips. She barely was able to fit her mouth around the width of his shaft at its base as he pumped and bucked under her oral care. Indeed, his balls -bouncing madly against his thighs- were each more than she could've taken into her mouth. Slowly, she pulled back from him -lips lingering tantalizingly- leaving his throbbing cock wanting her return. With another smile, she leaned down further and sucked on his balls, while her hands slowly stroked his erection. Pausing, she smiled up at him. "Is Little rubin110 ready to get big for me?" she asked teasingly. rubin110 could only nod dumbly, fearing that she might not resume. Smiling broadly, she slowly rose to her knees and placed her cunt over his massive tip. Closing her eyes in anticipation, she slowly lowered herself down over his erection. A sharp intake of breath was the only outward sign of how she felt to have his massive cock enter her body. With hands quivering in ecstasy, she guided rubin110's palms to her breasts as she began to ride him up and down. Deep inside his balls, rubin110 could feel the tingle of the fluid begin to build. He pressed against her breasts slowly, massaging them as he moaned aloud to her gyrations. Each thrust sent tiny electrical sparks of pleasure down his penis into his balls, seemingly feeding the tingle already there. With ecstatic vigor, rubin110 pressed and massaged daravinne's breasts, fondling her hard nipples and caressing her Enormous Endowments. The tingling in his balls grew. Soon, the now-familiar tingling began to spread as he felt himself ready to cum. daravinne, riding his erection like a jockey, began to breathe in loud, grunting barks. Forcing himself to watch, rubin110 glanced at the portion of his cock that daravinne hadn't taken into her already. Sure enough, it was growing! Slowly, he felt his balls swell, going from the size of small oranges upwards towards the 'baseball' category. Spurts of cum started to erupt from his cock deep inside daravinne's cunt as his shaft began to grow longer and thicker. rubin110 clenched his eyes shut and let the feeling wash over him. The growth was so erotic, rubin110 didn't know if he wanted it to stop ... ever. Centimeter by centimeter he watched his cock grow thicker, spreading daravinne's cunt ever wider in its wake. Both of her hands came down to grip the base of his cock as she looked down in disbelief. At least six inches were outside of her now, and she had taken him nearly all the way before. rubin110 opened his eyes and stared in disbelief. He was growing even faster this time! His cumming continued to make him buck like a bronco as his shaft grew ever more horse-like. Thicker and longer -twined with huge, thick veins- his erection plowed into daravinne's tight bush like a dog trying to fit into a rabbit hole. "Ahhh! rubin110! Omigod ... you're goin' too ... far!" Drastically, rubin110 tried to pull himself out of daravinne before he hurt her. Her moaning and bucking were intense and -just before he could- he felt himself hit a massive climax. Rigid, he watched as his cock rocketed upwards in size, spreading her cunt lips and making her squeal half in pain, half in ecstasy. His balls pumped and churned as they lay heavy on his thighs. In shock he looked at them, tangled in their mass of pubic hair. Each was larger than a large grapefruit! His shaft had to be at least three and a half inches across and nearly sixteen inches long! The spasm began to fade, but the tingling in his balls remained. Orgasm subsiding, rubin110 felt his body grow limp in its wake. Slowly, daravinne pulled off of him and slumped next to him on her bed. His massive rod stood up from his midsection like a bent flagpole. Gobs of his cum dripped from daravinne's stretched cunt as she panted for breath and rubbed her delicate hands over rubin110's chest. Opening her eyes, she glanced at rubin110's waist and shook her head slowly. "God, rubin110... I don't believe it." She smiled, and nuzzled the smaller man's neck -her glistening breasts pressing against his chest. "Th' bigger th' better, I've always said... I don't think I've Ever been this turned-on!" rubin110 returned her smile and kissed daravinne gently on the cheek. He tenderly stroked her breasts, fingertips lingering on her aureoles and nipples. "Yeah, but any bigger and only a Clydesdale would be able to take all of me..." daravinne shrugged as she nestled into the size of rubin110's body. "Maybe," she said conspiratorially, "that wouldn't be all that bad." With that cryptic remark, daravinne closed her eyes and gently drifted off to an erotic sleep.