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The buzzing in daravinne’s breasts hit a fever pitch as setient plunged his cock in and out of her stretched hole. setient was laying on his side with daravinne partial on her back and leg left leg stretched back over his side. She quickly noticed that their position on the bed gave the two men on the screen gave them complete and total frontal view, but she didn’t care. Her mind was totally and thoroughly focused on the intense pressure and friction setient was generating. While he certainly was bigger, daravinne noticed that she wasn’t overwhelmed by his size. Sure it was an extremely tight fit, but she thought it would have been even more of a struggle after his last few sessions. But her thoughts about that were swiftly washed away from the pounding orgasm that exploded from within her out of nowhere. It was violent and sudden and washed over her from head to toe - she felt as if every single nerve ending in her body was on fire. Her pussy clamped down around setient’s cock as hard as it could even as she sprayed and squirted all over the bed.

setient closed his eyes and concentrated furiously on keeping himself from blowing his load. His massive balls were flailing wildly, smacking up against daravinne’s thighs and pubic mound on the upstroke, and hitting the bed and his legs on the backstroke. The pressure on his balls was even more intense of that on the head and shaft as he pumped harder and harder to force his balls to slap harder and harder. The cycle was maddening for setient and he was sweating profusely trying to keep it together. After a few minutes of the furious ponding, he couldn’t take anymore and had to pull out. daravinne was breathless as she laid there, unable to do much more than moan. setient took deep breaths in an effort to get control of himself to stave off the impending eruption.

After a few moments, he sat up on his knees and moved between daravinne's legs. His fat ballsac rested on the bed like a large sack of potatoes as the long trunk of his cock throbbed in concert with his pounding heartbeat. "Fuck," setient sighed as he watched the large, apple-sized glans surge and flare from the involuntary kegel that sent a hard surge of blood into the vast caverns of tissue. He was having to really concentrate on keeping his ejaculation at bay; his falls were churning fiercely and his cock was warm to the touch. On top of that, daravinne looked amazing laying there underneath him. He grabbed the shaft a few inches back from the glans and gently stroked it. "Put it in, baby," daravinne moaned lifting her left leg up to rest on setient's right shoulder. She stretched her right leg out wide and shifted her hips to afford setient a better angle of entry. setient pressed the fat knob of the thick head against her puffy pussy lips and started to push inside of her.

setient pushed as much of himself inside of her as he could in that initial stroke and looked down to see that only a few inches remained. He looked up into daravinne's face and her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip. "Am I hurting you babe?" setient asked. "No no no no no no," daravinne said quickly as her face contorted. "Nooooooooo it's feels wonderful," she stammered. setient started a good moderate rhythm, pushing his cock in and out of daravinne like a machine. After a couple of dozen strokes, setient felt the fire of the orgasm shift quickly from the bottom of his balls up the base of the shaft. He knew he'd passed the point of no return.

He pumped daravinne several more times before pulling out. He grabbed his cock and squeezed as hard as he could in an effort to abate the fire he felt about to launch from his burning urethra. It was futile and the pressure he caused only aided in increasing the force of the blast. A foot-long thick hot stream of cum fired from his cock, immediately followed by and even longer and much thicker stream. The jizz flew past daravinne’s head and over the railing, landing on the floor several feet away from the platform. setient shouted with both agony and ecstasy as rope after thick rope fired from his throbbing, spamming dong. Volleys of the hot goo blasted from his cock, some landing on daravinne, on the bed and on the floor on the other side of the bed. daravinne licked and lapped up as much as she could, careful not to get in the direct line of fire of his cock, but also doing her best to deflect some of the streams in order to slurp down his wonderful tasting discharge. setient’s gigantic balls rose and fell in unison with each ejaculatory spasm, sending more and more of the hot lava flying from his cock.

After nearly a minute, setient’s orgasm finally slowed to a dribble. He slumped down on the bed, his body drenched in sweat and his chest heaving as he gasped for breath. His long cock continued to burp and belch large thick drops of goo. daravinne moved down and sucked the head into her mouth as deeply as she could, eager to slurp down the last bit of his cum. The couple were so immersed in each other that they’d totally forgotten where they were and the audience that witnessed the whole thing.

The limo ride back home was the most relaxing ride setient and daravinne could ever recall having. It felt like they were riding on air, the minds in bodies were still in a euphoric state. Tasha told them that they were more than welcomed to spend the night at the facility but the couple want to get back home to their own bed, back to the comforts of their own surroundings. “The Show” as daravinne had phrased it, was exhausting. If you counted the time from one of setient’s ejaculations to the next, they engaged in 7 sessions of intercourse of the course of 2.5 hours. As much as daravinne had taken setient over the last few days, “The Show” made her reach her limit and she was actually sore. Her pussy pulsed and throbbed and felt as tight as a drum but she wasn’t in any pain - she’d been completely and thoroughly fucked and felt amazing. Even thought she was sad to know that there would be no more penetration for her that night, she was in pure bliss.

setient looked out the window as they passed the Tyson’s Corner interchange and enjoyed the view. The tall buildings and the bright lights formed it’s own sort of city skyline. “You know, it’s been a long time since we’ve gone shopping,” he said to daravinne. “Want to go shopping tomorrow?” daravinne sighed as she snuggled up to her husband. “I don’t care. We can stay in bed tomorrow and I’ll be perfectly fine.” setient smiled. He loved that about his wife - she never made a fuss about much and was content to go with the flow. He looked over at her legs and absent-mindedly licked his lips. Her shorts had ridden up on her legs and exposed the soft, fleshy part of her inner thighs. He felt the snake in his shorts throb and lurch at the sight. He hadn’t put back on the underwear daravinne had made for him so it rested, quite obviously, along the top of his thigh and the head nearly poking out from the bottom. daravinne’s hand was resting on his soft cock near the midway point and started to giggle when she felt it lurch underneath her. “Hmmm looks like someone’s still a bit frisky” she said as she gave the bulge a light squeeze. setient groaned. “I don’t think that’s a good idea right now, dear,” setient said with a chuckle. “If this big boy gets too excited, he’s gonna need relief.” daravinne smiled wickedly as she reached over and hit a button on the console to let up the privacy window of the spacious back seat.

daravinne sat up and began tugging at setient’s clothes and soon had him naked. His big cock had increased and hardened the whole time and by the time daravinne was done, his cock was as rigid as a steel beam and sticking straight up, the head resting firmly between his pecs on his breastbone. daravinne sat there totally dumbfounded by the scene; she’d seen his cock in all of its new glory over the last few days but never in this position, never in the position that it was, so high up on his chest. “Oh setient,” daravinne moaned as she leaned in licked the thick vein running along the bottom of the shaft. She started at his gigantic balls and ran her tongue all the way up. setient shivered and his arms and legs broke out in goosebumps. He laid his head back and relished the sensations. daravinne watched as the melon sized nuts gently rose and fell as his balls churned silently in their sack. daravinne had always loved the even tone of his skin and the contrast it gave against her own. She buried her face in his sack and lathered his balls in spit, causing setient to moan and groan louder.

daravinne peeled off her t-shirt and noticed that her boobs seems to have added at least a cup size since her operation. She’d already gotten used to the hard buzzing in her chest and enjoyed the feeling of the additional weight. She recalled what Parson’s had told her right before they left: “The more of his ejaculate you ingest, the enzymes in the semen aides the beacon in enhancing the growth of your breast tissue. So try to conduct as much sex as you can over the next several days. Even if you are not able to engage in penetrative sex, bring him to orgasm orally, with your hands or by the enlargement devices you have. Whatever you use, be sure to ingest his discharge.”

“I’m too tight to get any of this big fella inside of me anymore tonight,” daravinne said as she squeezed and fondled her growing juggs, "but I’m gonna make sure you are good and drained before the night is done.” setient’s cock was spewing gobs and gobs of pre-cum and she smeared it along the shaft as lubrication. daravinne spat a large glob of saliva on the shaft and mixed it with setient’s discharge and wrapped her tits around the thick, throbbing shaft. setient smiled as he watched her wrap her tits around his thick cock and start sliding up and down. “Ahhhhh that feels wonderful,” setient moaned. His body began reflexively thrusting upwards to meet daravinne’s strokes. daravinne stuck out her tongue and let it flick against the fat head on each stroke. daravinne marveled at just how hot his cock was - it felt as if it was running a fever. That only served to intensify and heighten her own pleasure as her nipples hardened to a degree she’d never felt before.

The two were so so engrossed in the luscious tit-fuck that they didn’t realize the limo had stopped. The driver gave a knock on the privacy glass that made daravinne take note of their surroundings - she looked out the window and saw that they were in their driveway. She reluctantly moved her tits away from setient’s thrusting cock and it made setient open his eyes. “Huh? Wha … oh,” setient said as what was happening registered. “Shit - I can’t walk out like this,” he laughed, pointing to his grossly enlarged and throbbing member. daravinne laughed as she put on back on her t-shirt. “True, but at least it’s dark out. No one should see you. Come on scardie-pants. Man up!” daravinne laughed. setient grabbed his short and shorts and did his best to press his cock up against his chest and drape the clothing over it. daravinne let down the window and told the driver they were ready. The driver got out and opened the doors. daravinne got out first and opened the door so setient could run right on in. But getting out proved to be more difficult than he thought. setient bungled and stumbled but eventually he was out and standing next to the car. The driver couldn’t help but laugh. “Guess something that size has its downside - can’t really hide it, huh?” he said. setient chuckled. “Yeh. But I ain’t complaining. Thanks for the ride. See you later.” With that he dashed up the steps and into the house. daravinne waved to the driver and shut the door.

Naomi was in the kitchen when setient ran in and she came out to meet them. They’d left her there after their earlier tryst and didn’t expect her to still be there when they returned. But daravinne was pleasantly surprised to see her; she was in no condition to take setient vaginally again but she figured that Naomi was still ripe and ready. Naomi nearly dropped her bowl of popcorn when she saw the monster bobbing up and down. “Shit!” Naomi yelped, he face barely able to contain the massive grin on her face. “Well, well well what the heck have you two been doing?” setient stared hungrily at Naomi’s slim and ridiculously stacked frame. He noted that she’d found one of daravinne’s older robes and it was way too small in covering up her massive chest. As he walked over to her, his cock pressed up again the bowl she hod in front of her. “How about you put that popcorn down and snack on this,” he said lustily, the big head flaring and pulsing. daravinne walked over to Naomi and took the bowl from her hands. “Why don’t you tow go on upstairs - I’ll be up in a minute.” Naomi didn’t wait for any clarification. She grabbed setient’s cock and headed straight for the stairs.

Naomi wasted little time once she got into the bedroom. She hopped up on the bed and turned around so that her head was pointing towards the end of the bed. She spread her legs wide and setient hopped up on the pillows near the headboard. “Come on up here, baby,” she growled. "I’m already good and wet for you.” setient noticed that her pussy was indeed glistening with her juices. He got up on the bad and squeezed his cock hard at the base, which produced a large amount of precum to form on the tip. He moved his hand up the shaft and guided the head down to Naomi’s puckered lips. He smeared the thick goo up and down her lips with the head. The contact with her clit made Naomi shudder in response. “Ohhhhhhhhh yehhhhhhhhh rub that fat cock over my little clit baby,” she cooed. setient rubbed and mashed his cock all over her sopping snatch. Naomi grabbed her nipples and pinched them hard, pulling on them as hard as she could. The sight made setient’s heart rate spike and another thick stream of pre-cum flowed from the thick slit. He smeared it over the head and part of the shaft and pushed his cock into Naomi’s hot hole.

Naomi gasped at the intrusion, not expecting setient to penetrate her so soon. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck,” she moaned as setient pushed inch after thick inch inside of her. “Oh fuck it’s so big! It’s so big! It’s so big! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck,” Naomi cried as setient pulled her legs up on his shoulders. “Oh oh oh oh oh shit shit shit,” was all Naomi could say as setient slowly and authoritatively slid deeper inside of her tight pussy. You … you …. you’ve …you’ve gotten b … bigger,” Naomi gasped as she fought to control her breathing. “Fuck it’s so fucking thick! It feels so fucking great” setient adjusted his knees and lowered his pelvis down to better angle himself and pushed another two inches inside of her. Naomi’s mouth opened but nothing escaped; the thick veins in her neck bulged and she held her breath as the immense pressure form setient’s intruding pole completely filled her. She felt the tip of his cock brush against her cervix and she erupted in a powerful orgasm. setient felt her already tight pussy clamp down on his cock like a vice and suddenly her body was covered in sweat. Her body seized and pressed her legs hard against setient’s shoulders as they tried their best to straighten up, but setient held his position firm. He bent down and took one of her thick nipples into her mouth and sucked hard, causing her to scream as her chest heaved in release of the breath that she’d bee holding.

setient felt her pussy relax a little and made his move, pulling back and thrusting in again. Naomi sank her nails into his shoulders as setient drove his cock back and forth, sawing in and out of Naomi’s overstretched cunt. “It’s so big it’s so big it’s so big,” was all she muttered as setient worked. His big balls swung heavily underneath him and he longed to feel them slap against her ass, but he knew that he’d reached the limit that he was able to go. He thought about another position that he could move to that would give his balls that added stimulation when he felt daravinne move up behind him and grab them in her hands. She gave them a hard squeeze that sent tingles up and down his spine and caused his cock to surge. “Yessssssssss” he groaned. “That’s what I needed.” daravinne massaged and spank the happy sack from behind before moving to the side and reaching down between his legs. She looked down at Naomi and the blissful state she was in as a strong wave of lust washed over her. She grabbed Naomi's nipple and squeezed it hard as she pulled up, causing Naomi to squeal.

"You love that big dick stretching that tight pussy, don't you?" daravinne said lustily. "You just love the way it feels you up it makes you come like you've never come before, don't you?" daravinne continued as she pulled even harder on Naomi's tit. setient looked on in awe as daravinne roughly let go of Laurie's tit, then bent down and hungrily sucked the throbbing nipple into her mouth. She then sat up and straddled Naomi's face. "My pussy is a little sore from the thorough fucking that I got today, so I need your mouth to make it all better," daravinne said. "Eat that pussy, bitch!" she shouted.

daravinne pulled Naomi's legs off of setient's shoulders and spread them wide as she pulled them back towards her. setient braced his hands on the back of Naomi's thighs and resumed thrusting. Naomi tried her best to lick and suck on daravinne's hot pussy, but she found it difficult to concentrate. daravinne ground her pussy down on Naomi's mouth and watched as setient drove in and out of Naomi with long smooth strokes. daravinne bent down and ran her tongue over Naomi's protruding clit and licked setient's shaft as it moved back and forth. setient could feel the familiar burn of the building orgasm and increased his strokes. He was careful not to ram into Naomi's cervix but he desperately wanted to feel his entire shaft enveloped in her sweet warmth.

daravinne could see both the agony and ecstasy on her husbands face, She reached down and grabbed the exposed portion of his shaft, gripping it tightly to form an extension of the grip Naomi had on him. Naomi tried her best to pace the timing of her licks with the rhythm of setient's strokes, alternating licking daravinne when setient was at his shallowest. The trio kept the pace for a time before Naomi couldn't take it anymore and her body gave way to another intense orgasm. daravinne lifted her pussy from Naomi's face and held her legs fast as setient continued plowing into her through the orgasm. setient could feel the burn at the base of his and shouted with relief as he felt the fist volley of cum travel up his long urethra. daravinne could see how quickly his orgasm was approaching so she pushed him hard in the chest, making him fly backwards into the headboard. She grabbed setient's cock just as it fired the first long thick stream of jizz. The first stream splattered all over her boobs. daravinne clamped her mouth over as much of the thick head as she could and pumped his cock hard, swallowing as much of the hot thick cream as she could.