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Curt sighed in frustration.  He was miles away from home and
conceptually even further away from his goals.  Attending the school of
A page dedicated to Lunetta Synthesis, the art of repurposing and perverting digital logic semiconductor chips into sound-producing devices. The techniques of Lunetta Synthesis were pioneered by sculptor and percussionist Stanley Lunetta in the 1970's.  
Biological Sciences at the Mayo Research Institute in Rochester had been a
great opportunity ... and doing it at age 16 was an even greater honor.  
The sandy-haired youth had been so bored with typical schooling, it had
even started to bring down his impressive G.P.A. back home in Montana.  It
had been his parents and counselors who decided that early college
placement would be the appropriate setting for his studies.  
Not that he felt that they were wrong ... he'd learned so much
In 2014, [[NoiseHack|Noisebridge was honored to host]] a talk and demonstration by Stanley Lunetta himself.  
during the past six months that he felt certain he'd gain his
undergraduate degree inside of three more years.  The only problem wathat
he missed the familiar faces and comforts of home.  
Leaning back in his dorm-standard chair, Curt sighed and turned
down the heat on the amino compound he'd been working on and ran his
fingers through his hair. It wasn't as if he didn't have anyone to talk
to; he called home every Sunday and even chatted with a couple of the guys
from BioChem after class on Tuesday and Thursday.  He even had met
Christa...  She was the type of girlfriend who almost made him feel
welcome and ... normal.  
But being so far from home for the first time made him lonely. It
didn't matter how much he liked the studies or learning; he still missed
the familiar surroundings of home.  Oh, a couple of times, he'd tried to
make his new home feel more like Montana, but Minnesota wasn't really his
cup of tea.  He needed a confidant; someone to hold hands with and just
feel cared for.  Christa filled that category, but any relationship with
her was probably predestined for failure.  
It wasn't her fault; certainly not!  But, like at home, Curt had
This page is a work-in-progress. Feel free to add more info and links, but please try to keep it organized.
serious misgivings about himself. He wasn't really bad-looking; actually,
he would probably be considered handsome if he ever really concentrated on
his hair and clothes; but he was ... inadequate ... in other areas.  
Three areas to be precise:  His height, his penis and his balls.
==General Tips==
* For visual fun, use LED's wherever a schematic calls for diodes.
* For light-activated control, substitute photoresistors for resistors. Or, use a mercury switch like Stanley did in his gun-shaped device, in the photo above :)
All of them were under-developed to an extreme degree.  Curt only
==Lunetta Oscillator==
stood about 5'5" and really had to reach to get to the high shelves in the
The Lunetta Oscillator is the heart of Lunetta Synthesis. It's an oscillator based on a Schmitt Inverter.  
dorm closet. All his life, he'd been too small to really get by as easily
as his friends who were easily half a foot taller than he was.  It had
been a constant source of humiliation and embarrassment for him over the
years.  But even more so was his genitalia.  He'd only had sex twice in
high school and each time had ended the same way.  The girls had been
kind, but he'd gained the reputation around school as being "Curt:  The
Tiny Weenie Wonder".  
Christa was no different.  She treated Curt like he suspected
she'd treat anyone else, but that still couldn't conceal her
disappointment.  When the two'd had sex a week ago and she acted like she
didn't mind.  Except Curt recognized that look of disappointment in her
eye and knew that down deep, nothing had changed.  Curt even suspected she
was somewhat of a size fetishist, and knew that sex between them would
never be what either she or he wanted.  
Ever since he was fourteen, he'd been measuring himself to see if
adolescence would catch him up to the other guys in the gym class locker
room. It had been a fruitless wait.  Even now, halfway between 16 and 17
years old, his erection could only reach a maximum three and a half inches
long.  His balls were similarly-sized, being about half the diameter of
ping pong balls.  It was frustrating as well as humiliating.  Why did he
have to be this way?
And why couldn't he change it?
=== Parts ===
CD40106 Hex Schmitt.
* 6 oscillators on a single chip!
* Wide voltage supply (3V-15V), so you can drive with various batteries.
* http://live.partlist.org/331/image/item/open/root/format=big
For the past two months he'd been experimenting with baths of
=== Variations and Tips ===
amino acids and trace chemicals found in DNA strands linked to sexual
==== Intermodulation ====
development.  He'd tried countless experiments, but all his work was for
Drive one Schmitt oscillator with another, through a diode, and using a switch as a trigger:
nothing ... so far.  His research would probably get him kicked out of the
school if anyone found out; and since there was no cooking allowed in dorm
rooms, it was a constant risk of someone smelling the warming chemicals
and asking too many questions or complaining.
He'd tested each one of his concoctions with specially designed
litmus paper and chemical interaction mixes. Some had yielded more
promise than others, but nothing significant enough to risk using on
himself. Wearily, he checked the clock; it was nearly 2am. Shaking his
head, he dully added another five c.c.'s of Carbon-Hydroxide mixture #42
to the basic formula he'd concocted this week.  If it worked, it should
turn blue.  Down deep, he knew it wouldn't.  
Through bleary eyes, he watched the particles partially dissolved
==== Gentle Sounds ====
in the CHide drift into the amino bath along with the other compounds. He
Most Lunetta syntesizers out there are raucous and chaotic. But sweet, gentle sounds are also possible.  
turned up the flame beneath them.  For several moments nothing happened
... then it began to change color.  
* Tap the inverter '''output''' to obtain a loud, buzzy, digital square wave.
* Tap the inverter '''input''' to obtain a gentle, soft, analog triangular-ish wave. That's the voltage presented by the capacitor as it charges/discharges.
Curt blinked and straightened up in his chair. It had changed to
blue.  Perfect blue without striations or lack of tint.  Rubbing the sleep
out of his eyes, he peered closer for any signs of impurity.  With a
nervous laugh he quickly recorded this last step in his journal and noted
the passage of the new compound by visual inspection.  It was fantastic!
Quickly, he jumped up and spun around!  He'd done it ... the
==== Starvation ====
compound passed the color test ... every other one had failed!  And yet...
Starve or overdrive the power supply to the chip for unexpected results.
His gaze went back to the blue liquid simmering away atop its flame.  That
was just the first test.  Lord only knew how the compound would effect a
living subject.  
He walked over to the desk again and withdrew a tiny amount from
==== Amplification ====
the vial with an eyedropper.  Taking it into his bedroom, he put it on the
Use a cheap 3W '''PAM8403''' amplifier module to drive a speaker.
dresser by his bed to let it cool.  Lying down, he thought about what he'd
* Make use of the PAM's stereo channels.  
have to do if he succeeded. Buy new pants, that was for sure!  But how
* Overdrive the power supply of the PAM with a 9V battery for extra volume (but check the PAM chip for heat).
big should he go?  In some of his fantasies, he'd dreamt about being like
* https://www.ebay.com/itm/162965060047
those porno stars he'd seen on some videos ... the guys who looked like
they were hung like ponies. Still, that could be difficult.  There were
many women who didn't like large men; it would seriously limit his dating
range!  Then again, he thought as he massaged his groin, he was doing this
for himself; not anyone else...  
Daydreaming, he reached down to the tiny lump at his crotch and
==General Lunetta Synthesis Links==
began to massage his cock with his fingertips. Soon it would be
* https://strangenessandcharm.wordpress.com/2013/10/29/diy-weird-sound-synthesis-with-cmos/
different; this would be the last time he came as the "Tiny Weenie
* http://electro-music.com/forum/forum-160.html
* https://hackaday.com/2015/02/04/logic-noise-sweet-sweet-oscillator-sounds/
As he drifted off to sleep, the beaker in the next room continued
to simmer...
The electronic buzz of Curt's alarm clock brought him to instant
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awareness.  The night had passed quickly and it was nearly 9:00 Saturday
[[User:Johnyradio|Johnyradio]] ([[User talk:Johnyradio|talk]]) 12:49, 19 May 2018 (UTC)
morning.  Blearily, he pawed at the incessant clock until it stopped its
irritating noise.  He'd woken with a hard-on (not surprising considering
the dreams he'd had the night before) and looked down at his feeble
With a hopeful smile, he patted his tiny member and stroked
himself for a few minutes.  Allowing the erotic sensation to ripple over
him, he indulged his last waking dream for a few more minutes and reached
over to the eye dropper.  It had cooled down and still held the dark blue
"Here goes nothing..." he sarcastically muttered.  Squeezing out a
few drops onto the tip of his erect penis, he massaged the oil-like fluid
over himself.  A few more drops on his balls and he sat back in bed to see
if anything would happen.  Minutes passed.
No tingling sensation, no warmth ... nothing.
Perhaps a larger dosage...  After all, according to his
calculations, the amount in the eye dropper should give him a 200%
increase, and he'd only used a third of the total.  Waiting for another
fifteen minutes just to be sure, he gently applied the remainder of the
Masturbating slowly, he rubbed the chemical into his flesh until a
thin, blue sheen covered his genitals.  Slowly, Curt's skin absorbed the
liquid and his cock 'n balls returned to their former color.  Still
watching, he set the timer on his alarm clock.  Something should happen at
least within the first quarter-hour...  That was one of the signs it would
be working.  Time passed slowly.
Fifteen minutes went by ... then another fifteen.
No change.
Curt clenched his eyes shut as he felt his heart drop.  He had
been so close...  The DNA chemical discoveries, the amino bath ... even
the mass-increase problems.  Everything had been worked out.  He'd worked
on natural sex development for such a long time that...
He sat up suddenly.  The amino bath!
Jumping out of bed stark naked, he ran into the main room of his
dorm.  The flame was still burning and the Pyrex beaker had boiled down to
a thick, blue sludge on the bottom.  Overnight, he'd boiled off at least
85% of the liquid contents of his material...  With the expense of
replacing it, it would be weeks before he could afford to try again!
Dismay overcoming him, Curt capped the Bunsen burner and collapsed into
the overstuffed chair he kept by the window.
Blankly, he stared at the glop in the two-litre container he'd
cooked down over the past six hours.  Deep inside a part of him didn't
want to believe he'd made such a thick-headed blunder.  Still, there it
was; staring him in the face.  He only had himself to blame.  The
experiment was unsalvageable.  Or was it.
The analytical part of Curt's mind started working on the problem.
Fueled by desperation, he slowly sat up and stared at the near-empty
beaker.  True, most of the crucial amino-acids would've broken down under
that kind of sustained heat, but what if the key elements had already
finished their reaction?  The remaining glop might have properties that
the batch from earlier lacked.  Quickly taking the beaker, he ran it over
to the pan of room temperature water he kept on the window sill.
Immersing it slowly, he started cooling the boiled mixture.
Going back into the bedroom, he snapped up the eyedropper, his
calculator and a large petri dish.  Most of the fluid had been lost; a
certain percentage of it must've been ruined by the long-term exposure.
However, he could theoretically calculate how much active ingredient may
be left in the blue sludge.  Maybe enough for a valid test.
After a few moments, his fingers finished their trek across the
keypad.  If his calculations were correct, there should be enough left in
the sludge for another three eyedroppers full!  Anxiously, he checked the
temperature of the glop and filled the eyedropper.  Sitting back in the
chair carefully, he lay he his balls and penis in the petri dish and
squeezed the contents of the eyedropper over himself.
It was still somewhat hot and Curt winced as he rubbed the thick
chemical over his genitals.  Vigorously, he rubbed the stuff into his skin
until his flesh took on the same dark blue color as before.  Quickly, he
checked the clock on the wall.  9:40.
A faint tingle seemed to seep into his penis as he sat and
watched.  Still nothing happened.  9:50 came and went with no change ...
the tingle began to fade.  Desperate, Curt grabbed the remaining glop and
poured it over his cock and began rubbing it in.  The tingle remained, but
nothing happened.  Soon, as the clock slowly etched its way to 10:20, the
feeling faded and left him with a blue-stained cock still the same small
size as ever...
Closing his eyes, he cursed his luck.  He'd almost had it.  It had
reacted like he thought it might, except for the lack of growth.  It
shouldn't have been much, but there should've been something visible at
the early stage.  Interaction with his own glands should've seen to
that...  Sighing, he slowly got up.  Fetching his clothes and a towel, he
walked down to the dorm showers around the corner.
Making sure that there was no one inside, he folded his clothes in
one of the cubicles and went into the large shower area.  Quickly, he
started to wash the blue color off of his cock.  It didn't seem to be
doing very well, but at least the erotic feelings showed him he could at
least still fantasize...  More vigorously, he rubbed himself as he worked
the abnormal coloration out of his skin.  Soon hard, he looked around.  No
one in yet; most of the dorm guys slept in 'till at least Noon on
Sighing, Curt began stroking himself off.
Slowly, he began to feel a bit better about the whole situation;
he'd be able to continue ... it would just take a while.  Stroke after
stroke brought him to the edge of cumming when, with a shock, he noticed
the tingle had come back.  Looking down at his soap-covered member, he
could feel the tingle build as he built himself towards climax.  Groaning
in pleasure, he continued more rapidly, pumping himself harder and faster.
Soon, with a roaring heat, the tingle seemed to explode into the most
sensual experience Curt had ever had.  It felt like he was cumming, but he
Looking down, he almost couldn't believe his eyes.  His cock was
growing!  Eyeballing his size against his own hand, he was already at
least a half inch beyond his normal 3 1/2 and growing as he watched.  He
stopped pumping himself as his balls tried to cum; but nothing happened.
Instead, the pressure seemed to build along his whole length and he just
continued to grow larger.
And larger.
Five inches came and went, as did six.  Slowly, his hard-on got
thicker and longer as his tiny balls began to swell.  It was like watching
a long, thick balloon slowly fill.  The pressure was growing more and more
intense as seven inches neared.  His balls were almost an inch and a half
across now as the pressure swelled and suddenly, released.
With orgasmic shock, Curt watched himself spray an arc of cum
across the shower room to the opposite wall, six feet away.  Each spasm
shook him with uncontrolled sexual ecstasy as he continued to churn out
his juices.  Gradually, the effect waned and left Curt panting in tired
relief.  Slowly, he felt the tingle fade as he looked down to his
still-stiff member in his hands.
Enormously thick, his engorged cock was still throbbing at the
workout it had received.  Easily spanning seven inches in length, Curt's
penis was an inch and three-quarters in diameter with balls that sagged
-exhausted from their exertions- an amazing three inches across each.
Curt smiled wearily in dumbfounded amazement.  It was incredible!  In
under ten minutes he'd grown to somewhat larger-than-normal proportions
with balls like tangerines...
It may not have been the size he'd been aiming for, but he'd
finally done it!
After washing down the opposite wall of the showers, Curt dried
himself off and quickly went back to his dorm room to call Christa.  He
had a real treat in store for her, and he couldn't wait to see her
Christa enjoyed dinner at Mancuso's and it had been difficult for
Curt to sit with her through the movie afterwards, but now -sitting in
Christa's room at the house where she lived- he smiled as he sat down
across from her.  It had taken getting used to, adjusting his larger cock
when he moved or sat, but it was a trial he'd more than be willing to put
up with.  The other women that lived with Christa near campus were all out
that night, so they had the house alone to themselves.  Slowly, Christa
sidled over to Curt and put her arm around his shoulders.
"So Curt...  What was eating you all night?"
Curt looked a bit surprised that he'd been so obvious.  Slowly, he
smiled.  "Well, I was remembering last week; y'know, over at my dorm."
She smiled and shook her long, auburn hair out of its binder.
Quietly, she sidled over next to him and put an arm over his shoulder.
"Oh really?  Maybe we shoulda ordered a pizza and video tape instead..."
Seductively, she nuzzled his neck and left tiny impressions of her kisses
along the side of his face.
A satisfied shudder of expectation made Curt blush as he encircled
her waist with his arm and returned her kiss.  Both leaning back on
Christa's couch, the two embraced and kissed.  Although Christa was a bit
over-endowed, needing a custom-made bra for her volleyball-sized breasts;
she still pulled him tightly to her and began to massage Curt's lower
back.  Curt could feel his recent endowments rising to attention in his
jeans, and shifted a bit uncomfortably.  Soon, as her hands began working
the bulge in his pants, she paused -looking a bit curious.  With a half
smile, she patted Curt's crotch.
"C'mon Curt ... you don't need to 'pad your bra' with me."
Curt simply smiled.  His excitement couldn't be held in check any
longer.  "I didn't," he proclaimed ecstatically, "take a look..."
With deft hands and an amused look on her face, Christa undid the
zipper and button on his jeans.  Already pushing past the elastic binder
on his underpants, Curt's erection stood out proudly.  Christa gasped.
"That ... that's," she paused, looking for the right word,
"impossible!" She looked up at him, amazed.  "Curt, what happened?  You're
... bigger!"
Slowly, Curt pulled off the remainder of his pants and shrugged.
"It was an experiment; and it worked..."
Christa smiled, shaking her head in amazement.  "I'll say!  Holy
shit, Curt; this could be the cosmetic-surgery discovery of the decade!"
She paused, her intellectual amazement giving way to more sexual thoughts.
"Is it ... is it, safe to touch?"
Curt stretched his arms back and slipped his hands around her
waist.  Slowly, her tight sweater pulled off her body, revealing her
tight, flat stomach; her enormous, ample cleavage; and overall, her
perfect, clear complexion.  Tossing the sweater to one side, Curt leaned
forward and tentatively kissed her cheek.  "It's as safe as always...  Do
you like 'big'?"
Taking back her confidence and control of the conversation,
Christa slowly leaned down and licked the tip of Curt's penis.  "Does that
answer your question?" she asked as she licked the tip again.
Curt's temporary control and pride dwindled under her
ministrations as he dumbly nodded to the ecstasy she delivered.  Rising,
she pulled off his shirt and the rest of her clothes, laying them on the
arm of the sofa.  "Actually," she said, "I've loved 'big' for a looooong
time.  You just can't admit it in public ... it's not 'Politically
Correct' for a woman to like guys who are hung like horses..." She paused
as she licked his erection again.  "...or even Bigger..." With a deep
thrust, Christa suddenly wrapped her lips entirely around his penis and
took his seven inches deep within her throat.  Rising for air, she looked
him in the eye, "I mean, you may not be 'horse-like'; but bigger than you
were and that's Definitely better!"
The slight feeling of inadequacy Curt felt at her comment about
him still not being up-to-size quickly faded as she began to lick his
engorged tip and run her mouth up and down his shaft.  Tenderly, she took
his small-orange-sized balls and squeezed them.  Continuously, his hips
ground against her as she administered to him orally and sucked his cock
like a milking machine.  The tingle in his penis grew as his balls seemed
to churn amidst the attention.  Her pumping grew more and more frenzied as
she squeezed him tighter and harder.
Her enormous, breasts -nipples hardened to the size of her thumb
tips- brushed enticingly against his thighs.  Lost in ecstasy, he fondled
her soft flesh; gently caressing the aureoles and heavy curve beneath
them.  Slowly, the pressure built up inside him and he knew he was going
to cum.  Breaths coming in short pants, he struggled to gasp out "I'm
cumming ... Christa..."
But he didn't.
The tingle in his cock filled his body as he arched his back in a
quasi-orgasm.  Christa's eyes widened in amazement as suddenly, Curt's
cock began to grow.  Slowly, like a long balloon, Curt's erection began to
push deeper into Christa's mouth and throat.  Her eyes widened in
amazement.  Taking hold of his shaft with both hands, Christa continued to
suck with wild abandon.  Harder and harder, she drew on his cock, as Curt
watched his member swell between her lips.  Continuously, he grew longer
and thicker, as his balls began to strain against her hands.  Soon, his
testicles swelling past the size of oranges, his pubic hair began growing
in a massive tangle around his genitals.
Still, his cock grew.
Eight inches ... Nine, and still growing.  His erection was now
half as thick as his own wrist as -with a grunt of sexual ecstasy- he
began to spurt enormous quantities of cum into Christa's throat.
Greedily, she slurped and sucked on him as the tingle began to fade.  Drop
by drop, she tried to stem the stream, but enormous quantities spilled out
from around her mouth.  Nearly a minute passed, as Curt reached and
exceeded ten inches.  Still sucking down as much of his cum as she could,
Christa squeezed his balls tightly, as if wringing every drop out of him.
Spurting over her lips, face and hair, Curt's orgasm gradually subsided,
leaving him still shaking with pleasure.
Gasping for air, Christa wiped her mouth on the back of her hand
and looked at Curt, stunned.  "That's ... that's some experiment!" she
Curt looked at his erection, amazed.  "I thought it had stopped
earlier...  My God, I'm huge!" Tentatively, he touched his engorged tip
and patted it with his finger tips.  It bobbed slightly as he stood up.
Picking up a tape measure from the hall desk, Christa quickly came
over to Curt and measured him.  She let out a low whistle of appreciation
at his new length as she wrapped the tape measure around his shaft.  She
looked up at him...  "Curt, you've grown to eleven inches long and
five-and-a-half inches around." She did some quick mental math.  "Jesus,
Curt.  You're almost two inches thick!  What was in that stuff you
experimented with?"
Curt shrugged.  "A variety of organic compounds normally found in
DNA patterns associated with sexual development.  I mean, I had to also
add synthetic hormones and dissolve it all in an amino acid bath, but I
didn't expect this sort of reaction...  Earlier, it enlarged me quite a
bit ... over a fifty-percent increase.  This isn't that much of an
increase compared to the first growth spurt, but I never expected..."
"Are you saying that you'll get bigger every time you climax?"
The abrupt question brought Curt to a sudden stop.  In truth, he
had tried to tie the growth to hormonal and stress levels in the body and
appropriate glands, but could it be true?  He shuddered to think about it.
Even if the percentage growth was less each time, he could be gargantuan
in a very short time...  True, he'd fantasized about elephantine
proportions and even beyond, but in Real Life...
He looked at Christa, uncertain.  "I really don't know.  It wasn't
as big an increase as the last time, so it may be just residual effects.
Y'see, I was aiming for something around fourteen to sixteen inches..."
Christa looked at him stunned and with a half-smile.
"Not bad..." she murmured.  Brightening, she tapped his still-stiff
member, "I guess we'll have to test that theory ... get on the bed."
Curt looked surprised.  "But ... but Christa.  I mean, what if I
*do keep getting bigger?  This could be a catastrophe!"
With raised eyebrows and lick of her lips, Christa smiled.  "Tell
me about it..." Pressing her massive breasts against his chest, she slowly
rubbed her flesh over his, enticing him.  Seemingly, the compound had also
given him extra stamina, because his enlarged penis began to rise again.
She smiled coyly as she felt his manhood press against her inner thigh.
"I mean, if things got too bad, you could create a reverse formula,
couldn't you?"
Curt thought about it for a second.  It was somewhat unfair;
Christa's ample endowments were clouding his judgment along with her
implied promise of even more sex...  Still, he was pretty sure he
understood the principles behind the enlargement.  In fact, he thought as
he began to massage her hard nipples, he was sure he could undo it...  In
response to her, Curt simply nodded.
Taking his nod as an assent, Christa quickly swept the smaller man
up and hoisted him over to the bed.  Swinging him in a broad arc, she
slung him down with a whoosh of air from her soft mattress.  With a
continuous, smooth motion, she swept down and pounced on him like a cat on
a tiny, frightened rabbit.  Her knees flanking his hips and her hands
planted on either side of his shoulders, she looked down on him with a
playful look of glee.  Curt couldn't think of anything to say ... he'd
never seen her like this!
Slowly, she ran her fingers down his chest, gently massaging his
tense muscles.  Enticingly, she continued to follow his muscular contours
down to his now rock-hard groin.  With a conspiratorial smile, she leaned
forward -her breasts resting against his lower legs- and licked his
engorged tip.  Gradually, Christa moved up and down Curt's erection; every
second pausing to deliver a tiny, enticing lick to him.  Curt clenched his
eyes shut as he drew in each successive breath with a shudder.
Lingering gently, Christa planted a series of successively more
lengthy kisses with her supple lips along the length of his shaft.  Her
eyes half-closed in erotic pleasure, she ran her tongue around the tip of
his cock, following the ridge of its head.  She paused only a second to
look Curt in the eyes before parting her lips slightly and sucking on his
engorged mushroom-like head.  Her tongue roaming around the surface of his
cock, Christa pumped her mouth repeatedly up and down his shaft.
Uncontrollably, Curt began to buck his hips gently against her face while
his short, deep breaths became soft moans of ecstasy.
Slowly, she sucked him deeper and deeper, until he could feel the
contours of her throat wrapping itself around his eleven-inch boner.  His
grunts and groans came louder as he began to grind more heavily into her
luscious lips.  She barely was able to fit her mouth around the width of
his shaft at its base as he pumped and bucked under her oral care.
Indeed, his balls -bouncing madly against his thighs- were each more than
she could've taken into her mouth.  Slowly, she pulled back from him -lips
lingering tantalizingly- leaving his throbbing cock wanting her return.
With another smile, she leaned down further and sucked on his
balls, while her hands slowly stroked his erection.  Pausing, she smiled
up at him.  "Is Little Curt ready to get big for me?" she asked teasingly.
Curt could only nod dumbly, fearing that she might not resume.  Smiling
broadly, she slowly rose to her knees and placed her cunt over his massive
Closing her eyes in anticipation, she slowly lowered herself down
over his erection.  A sharp intake of breath was the only outward sign of
how she felt to have his massive cock enter her body.  With hands
quivering in ecstasy, she guided Curt's palms to her breasts as she began
to ride him up and down.  Deep inside his balls, Curt could feel the
tingle of the fluid begin to build.
He pressed against her breasts slowly, massaging them as he moaned
aloud to her gyrations.  Each thrust sent tiny electrical sparks of
pleasure down his penis into his balls, seemingly feeding the tingle
already there.  With ecstatic vigor, Curt pressed and massaged Christa's
breasts, fondling her hard nipples and caressing her Enormous Endowments.
The tingling in his balls grew.
Soon, the now-familiar tingling began to spread as he felt himself
ready to cum.  Christa, riding his erection like a jockey, began to
breathe in loud, grunting barks.  Forcing himself to watch, Curt glanced
at the portion of his cock that Christa hadn't taken into her already.
Sure enough, it was growing!  Slowly, he felt his balls swell, going from
the size of small oranges upwards towards the 'baseball' category.  Spurts
of cum started to erupt from his cock deep inside Christa's cunt as his
shaft bgan to grow longer and thicker.  Curt clenched his eyes shut and
let the feeling wash over him.  The growth was so erotic, Curt didn't know
if he wanted it to stop ... ever.
Centimeter by centimeter he watched his cock grow thicker,
spreading Christa's cunt ever wider in its wake.  Both of her hands came
down to grip the base of his cock as she looked down in disbelief.  At
least six inches were outside of her now, and she had taken him nearly all
the way before.  Curt opened his eyes and stared in disbelief.  He was
growing even faster this time!  His cumming continued to make him buck
like a bronco as his shaft grew ever more horse-like.  Thicker and longer
-twined with huge, thick veins- his erection plowed into Christa's tight
bush like a dog trying to fit into a rabbit hole.
"Ahhh!  Curt!  Omigod ... you're goin' too ... far!"
Drastically, Curt tried to pull himself out of Christa before he
hurt her.  Her moaning and bucking were intense and -just before he could-
he felt himself hit a massive climax.  Rigid, he watched as his cock
rocketed upwards in size, spreading her cunt lips and making her squeal
half in pain, half in ecstasy.  His balls pumped and churned as they lay
heavy on his thighs.  In shock he looked at them, tangled in their mass of
pubic hair.  Each was larger than a large grapefruit!  His shaft had to be
at least three and a half inches across and nearly sixteen inches long!
The spasm began to fade, but the tingling in his balls remained.  Orgasm
subsiding, Curt felt his body grow limp in its wake.
Slowly, Christa pulled off of him and slumped next to him on her
His massive rod stood up from his midsection like a bent flagpole.
Gobs of his cum dripped from Christa's stretched cunt as she panted for
breath and rubbed her delicate hands over Curt's chest.  Opening her eyes,
she glanced at Curt's waist and shook her head slowly.  "God, Curt...  I
don't believe it." She smiled, and nuzzled the smaller man's neck -her
glistening breasts pressing against his chest.  "Th' bigger th' better,
I've always said...  I don't think I've Ever been this turned-on!"
Curt returned her smile and kissed Christa gently on the cheek.
He tenderly stroked her breasts, fingertips lingering on her aureoles and
nipples.  "Yeah, but any bigger and only a Clydesdale would be able to
take all of me..."
Christa shrugged as she nestled into the size of Curt's body.
"Maybe," she said conspiratorially, "that wouldn't be all that bad." With
that cryptic remark, Christa closed her eyes and gently drifted off to an
erotic sleep.
The next few days were difficult.  Even when not erect, Curt's new
endowments were extremely obvious.  His penis hung all the way to his
knees and was nearly as thick as a peppermill.  Still, that was the least
of his problems.  It was possibly due to the extreme exposure his balls
had been given to the original formula, but they'd been growing at an even
faster rate than the rest of him.  Each was the size of a grapefruit and
always seemed to carry the tell-tale signs of that tingling sensation
-together they spanned nearly a foot from side-to-side in front of his
groin.  It wasn't easy to conceal his massive endowments.
It also hadn't been easy to resist Christa's advancements.  She
was so turned on by his recent growth, he wasn't sure she would ever stop
making him bigger.  She'd offered to tit-fuck him if he ever got too big,
and to masturbate him if it went much further beyond that.  Curt had to
admit, it was extremely tempting...  But until he knew he could reverse
the formula, he didn't dare give himself over to that temptation...
Not when the last growth spurt had so radically increased his
size, and the tingle still hadn't gone away...!
Mostly, he got by during the next week by wearing no pants around
his dorm room, but squeezing into a pair of Zubas whenever he had a class.
Still, he got stares and more than a few proposals from some of the
prettier women (and a few of the guys) in BioChem lab.  Still, he'd almost
had to cash in on a few of those "favors" to get help swiping the
necessary compounds from the storage locker.  Luckily, with his standing
in class, it was easy to stay late "working" on a project and being
allowed to "lock-up" after himself.
Now, after about a week, he thought he may have the solution.
The first chemical seemed to be stimulated by sexual arousal and
semen production.  In other words, the more he came, the bigger he got.
Curt also thought that he may get bigger if his cock was in direct contact
with a woman's vaginal juices.  Why that would be the case was still a
mystery to him ... in addition to the twin questions of where the extra
mass had come from so quickly and why he could still get 16" erections as
easily as 3 inches...  Technically, the blood requirements would be too
high, and he should've been getting light-headed.
His cursory examination of himself showed a development of muscle
and ligament tissue along the length of his shaft, and that could account
for his amazing erections, but he couldn't confirm it.  Nonetheless, he
thought as he looked at the light blue liquid, this seemed to be
appropriate to reverse whatever effects had been caused by the original
fluid.  Christa wouldn't be happy, but he had to think of living a normal
life rather than a horse-like stud!  Still, it wouldn't hurt for one last
As Curt carefully turned off the Bunsen burner and went to sleep,
he didn't notice the shadowed form slip in through his open window and
walk slowly towards his desk...
Curt's balls still were tingling as he carefully got out of
Christa's car at her parent's cabin on Lake Hutton.  The sky was clear and
the deeper blue that comes with Evening in Northern Minnesota; the
reflection of the sun off the narrow stream that bubbled down the hill
next to the cabin into the lake was enchanting.  Christa was still
somewhat down since he'd told her that he had developed the reverse
formula and would use it after they had made out this last time.  As she
had said, she really liked men who were freakishly large...
Curt had just smiled past the word "freakishly" and let it go at
Christa opened the door to the family "hunting lodge" and set down
the bag of groceries on the counter nearby.  The place was huge.  Curt let
out a low whistle of breath as he surveyed the scene.  At least ten
trestle tables filled the room beyond the small kitchen in a grand hall
that reminded him of Beowulf's "Herot".  A small balcony ran around the
room about a story overhead and numerous small doors led off from the main
hall into the private bedrooms that filled this place.  Christa hadn't
been kidding when she'd told him her father had liked to hunt with a "few"
friends every autumn.
The fact that this hunting lodge could house at least thirty men
and their equipment was something she hadn't mentioned.  Nearby, a wooden
sign declared the room rates for the weekend during hunting season.
Apparently, her father also made a tidy sum on the place too...
Christa smiled as she pulled out the jar of blue liquid that Curt
had brought from his dorm room.  It was more than twelve times what he
needed, but it wasn't as concentrated as the original formula.  He'd just
have to keep adding it until he got it right.  Christa shook her head.
"Y'know, guys all over the country would kill to have your problem;
and you're going to give it all up..."
Curt shook his head with a crooked grin.  "Well, if I get any
bigger, I'll start having problems walking.  The idea of being hung like
the Eifel Tower may interest me, but not until I can get things under
control!" He chuckled and started bringing in the suitcases from the
porch.  Christa simply grinned as she watched him work and the mass of his
groin shift around in his pants.
Curt finished putting the suitcases in one bedroom and turned to
join Christa back in the kitchen.  She stood not far from him with her
back to the broad double-doors.  Curt started feeling nervous again.
Sheesh!  She was insatiable!  Slowly, she pulled off her sweater revealing
her massive, heavy assets.  Slowly, she swung the doors shut behind her
and sauntered towards Curt.  Running her fingers along the side of his
neck, she gently pushed him backwards towards the bed.
She shushed him with a single finger and kissed him lightly on the
lips.  "Shhh...  If we're gonna make the most of this weekend, we're
starting now..."
Slowly, Christa pushed him down, lay provocatively on top of
Curt's body, and rested her ample breasts in his hands.  Curt happily
stroked and fondled them as Christa gently massaged Curt's 16-incher
through the material of his jeans.  Curt drew three rapid, deep breaths of
shuddering pleasure as Christa's talented fingers probed his
grapefruit-sized balls.  As she bent her face down to plant her lips on
his, she deftly undid his button-fly Zubas and pulled down his underwear.
At first, his massive organ got caught in the elastic binder,
making him wince slightly.  Christa smiled at his expression and pulled
back from his eager hands to watch what she was doing more carefully.
Gently, she licked his engorged knob and pulled his pants off the rest of
his legs.  More quickly then, she removed his shirt and the rest of her
own clothing so the two rested naked on the king-sized bed.  Curt's
enormous flagpole stood at attention to Christa's ministrations as she
licked his knob and repeatedly squeezed his semen-heavy balls.  The
tingle, which had been there constantly since the last time they made out,
started to increase even more.
Slowly though, Christa pulled her mouth away from his cock and
slowly rubbed it down her naked chest, between her breasts and gradually
across her flat, tight belly.  Rising to her knees, she slowly lowered
herself down around the monster organ with a look of ecstatic glee on her
face.  Curt couldn't say anything.  It felt too good.  He just hoped she'd
be able to handle what he became next...
Grinding slowly against her cunt, Curt watched as she devoured
inch after inch of his manhood.  Five inches; then seven.  Finally ten,
eleven and twelve.  Curt could feel the round end of his prick start
bouncing against the inner wall of Christa's cervix, as she took in all
she could length-wise.  Lowering her hands to the six inches remaining
outside, she stroked his erection as she fucked the upper foot.  Still the
tingling grew.
With a deep moan, Curt could feel the spunk churning in his balls.
"Watch ... watch out ... Christa. <pant> Here ... here <grunt!> I ...
cum...!" The pressure exploded inside him and spread along his shaft with
lighting unlike any in the previous experiences.  Curt watched as his rod
began to grow again.  And grow...
And Grow...
And GROW...
Inch by inch, his erection grew longer and thicker.  He could
scarcely believe it.  He watched as his once-small penis broke all
boundaries.  Past eighteen inches ... past twenty...  Curt's balls bucked
and pumped their contents into Christa's vagina with a force like a garden
hose.  Spurts of semen squirted from around his embedded cock as it grew
wider and thicker; stretching Christa's cunt ever further.  Christa wasn't
getting off...  She stayed glued to his boner, riding it like a horse and
crying out in ecstasy as she was expanded beyond belief.
Twenty-two inches passed and twenty-four neared as Christa was
forced halfway to her feet by the rapid progression.  Curt's cock, now at
least four inches across continued to expand.  Curt gasped as his gaze
settled farther down.  His balls were enormous.
The two large sacks bounced and jiggled like bowling-ball sized
water balloons!  More and more cum leaked from Christa's orifice as she
rode and bucked with Curt's hips.  Finally, with a look of pain -or
perhaps resignation at attempting the impossible- Christa pushed with all
her strength against the bed and pulled her cunt off Curt's expanding
member.  Cum spurted up her body, across her tits and drenching her hair.
Still growing, Curt watched with awe as his balls and rod expanded well
into the stallion range of size.  Another minute passed and slowly, ever
so slowly, Curt felt the pressure ease and the tingle return to its
normal, background level.
Weary and panting, Curt closed his eyes and lay back on the bed.
He could feel his still-stiff pole waving in the gentle breeze of the
air-conditioning.  Absently, he felt Christa touch his rod softly.  He
opened his eyes to watch her gently measure along his length and then his
balls.  She was covered in sweat, cum and excitement.  She looked more
turned-on than Curt thought a person could look.
She glanced up triumphantly.  "My God Curt!  You've broken all the
records!  Twenty-six inches long ... twenty-six, Curt!  Your balls are as
big as basketballs and your width is," she measured quickly across his
still engorged knob, "six inches across!" She glanced down at the base of
his rod and smiled.  "An' that's only the tip ... you're at least a good
two inches thicker at the base!" Wiping a handful of cum off her face,
Christa proceeded to slowly slurp it up.  "You always make the best
dinners," she said coyly.
Curt sat up as his cock deflated and started to hand heavily
across his lap.  It took a full two minutes for the erection to go down.
Gingerly, so as not to knock his giant's balls against his knees, his
swung his feet over the bedside.  His dick must've weighed close to
fifteen pounds!  Swinging it over the edge, he could feel it pull heavily
against his midsection and his balls knock together enticingly.  Curt
winced as the tingle got momentarily stronger.  He could almost feel
himself start to rise to attention again.  Gritting his teeth and forcing
himself to remain un-aroused, Curt patted Christa's shoulder.  "Look ...
it's getting tough to resist more sex.  Can you get the formula in here
Broken from her size-induced revelry in Curt's cum, Christa looked
momentarily distracted and crestfallen.  Then, with a slow, weary nod of
her head, she walked out of the room to return after a minute with Curt's
mason-jar-sized beaker.  "Well," he said as he dipped a corner of the bed
sheet into the mixture, "say 'goodbye' to 'junior'..." With that, he began
dabbing the blue liquid over his penis and testicles.  It didn't seem to
be drying right away, like the first formula, but it did stain his skin
similarly.  After several minutes of generous application, Curt lay back
on the bed and waited.
And waited.
And Waited...
An hour passed with no effect.  The tingle was still there.  A
cold chill descended on his heart as he began to suspect that his work had
failed like last time...
'Like last time...' The thought raced through his head.  Christa
was lying next to him gently rubbing his back.  "Christa..." She looked up
into his eyes slowly.
Curt cleared his throat.  "Christa; last time I created this
formula, it needed stimulation to work ... this time may be the same."
Christa nodded, a small smile growing on her face as she realized where
this was heading.  "I also used a concentrated version.  I want to know if
you'd like to give me a little ... hand here."
Christa's smile broadened as she nodded assent.  She moved to a
position straddling Curt's chest and planted both her arms above his
shoulders.  "Sure ... but this time," she made a rapid motion behind his
field of vision, "we do it my way." In a second, a loose strap had been
looped around each of Curt's wrists, pinning his arms in place above his
head, attached to the headboard.  Quickly (and accidentally stepping on
one of Curt's balls in the process), she likewise snared his feet and tied
them in place.
"Christa?  What're you..."
"Hold on Curt!" she interrupted.  "Let me try this...  Do you agree
to let me pump you off until you shrink down to a more manageable size?"
Curt's brow furrowed as he tried to figure out what Christa was
getting at.  After all, it was obvious that was what he had just asked
her.  Slowly, he answered, "yes..." She smiled triumphantly.
"Just remember you said that..." And she started to lick and pump
him back to a full erection.  Curt moaned in pleasure, and watched her as
she went.  It took two hands, but after a few minutes, she stopped and
left the room.  A minute later, she returned with a massive, six-foot tall
foam-rubber cylinder attached to a pulley and some rope.  Still smiling,
she looped the pulley up and over the ceiling beam that crossed the room
twelve feet overhead.  Then, she tied the ropes -around the bed frame
beneath him- to Curt's hips.  Finally, she pulled the suspended cylinder
down and slid it over Curt's erection.  Fastening hit around his hips as
well.  The whole system was tight.
With a smile and gentle pull on the tube, she said "Let the games
The tube descended along Curt's shaft, erotically caressing its
entire length like a giant cunt.  Hell, Curt thought, I've even got room
to spare!  As he automatically pumped his hips against the sensuous
pressure, the tube moved in response, pumping him even more.  Between his
legs, Christa fondled and licked his balls.  The tingle began to increase,
as he neared orgasm.  Forcing his head to watch, should he lock in ecstasy
again, Curt glanced at his glans to see the reduction take place.
It didn't.  Instead, he began to grow again.  Inwardly, he
screamed denial as the erotic sensations clouded his mind and sent it
spiraling to new heights of ecstasy.  Now, his erection truly resembled a
horse-sized schlong.  Even bigger.  As he pumped and came, he watched the
base thicken across his midsection, soon reaching a diameter of at least
ten inches.  He could feel by the rubbing against the inside of the tube
that his cock was at least a foot longer.  Christa laughed in delight.
Curt's balls had expanded to beach-ball size.  There was no way he could
walk now ... not at least without a wheelbarrow to carry his dick around
in.  Far above at the top of the tube, he could see a garbage bag billow
out from the top, collecting the cum that had shot up that far.
The harness kept pumping.
"Christa ... take it off; it's not working!"
"Oh it's working all-right," she responded, indicating the pulley
and rope.
"That's not what I mean!" Curt gasped as his own automatic bucking
drove the pump harder along his enlarged member.  "The formula ... it
didn't work!"
Christa smiled.  "Sure; it probably does...  But I switched it the
other night..."
Curt's eyes widened, as much in ecstasy as shock.  "What?!!!  You
replaced it?  <gasp> With what?"
Christa shrugged.  "Oil, water and food dye...  I've got the real
formula in the next room."
Curt clenched his eyes shut as another shudder ran though him.  As
confused, betrayed and angered as he was with Christa, the sensations of
erotic pleasure, began to overwhelm his mind.  Dully, he began to enjoy
the helpless growth...  Christa walked up to where he lay, gyrating on the
bed and gently lowered her breasts over his face.  Tentatively, Curt's
tongue wandered over her lush surface, searching out the sweat and salt on
her skin.  Smiling, she gradually pulled backwards and grabbed her
Curt looked at her confused.  "Christa...?"
With a shrug, she pulled her clothing on and walked to the
double-doors.  "Just gotta few errands to run, Curt...  I'll be back." She
paused and looked back through the door as she left.  "After you've had a
little time to grow on me..." With that, she shut the door and left.
Curt felt the tingle grow as he started to cum again.
And again...  And again...  And again...  And again...
Christa opened the door to her father's hunting lodge with a light
feeling in her heart.  She'd taken her time shopping for the groceries
they'd need this weekend, but then she'd also taken great delight in
imagining how big Curt would get in her absence.  From the kitchen, she
could hear him still grunting and moaning in the master bedroom.  Smiling,
she put the groceries away and pulled off her clothes.  Sultrily, she
walked towards the door.
And stepped in cum.
Surprised, she looked down at the eight-foot diameter puddle that
oozed from under the door.  Holy shit, she thought, how far had he gone?
She'd only been gone a couple hours...  Rapidly she flung open the doors
and then stood, staring in erotic fascination.  Large droplets of cum
covered the ceiling, support beams, walls, bed and windows.  The puddle in
the room was about six inches deep and still warm.  Curt had really grown.
The foam rubber tube was stretched thicker and longer by an amount
even Christa hadn't expected.  The pulley's still worked, but very
slightly ... Curt's hips couldn't lift up against his five-foot diameter
testicles enough to provide much pull to the pulleys.  His cock, massive
enough when she'd left, strained at it's foam rubber prison ... three full
feet across and sixteen feet long!  Massive, blue veins crisscrossed his
massive erection, still pulsing with his last ejaculation.  Little Curt
was barely visible beyond the monster that had become his genitalia.  Like
a tiny bug on a much larger animal, Curt looked sweaty, tired and ...
He smiled gently at her as she stepped tenuously into his field of
vision.  "I knew you'd get back." He glanced his eyes over the length of
his penis.  "Long line at Rainbow?"
Christa smiled and bent forward to lick the cum from his chest,
face and hair.  The large plastic bag she'd put over the top of the tube
had long since ruptured spraying its contents over the room.  His semen
was still warm and delicious.  She wrapped her arms around his body and
undid the straps.  Slowly, she removed the equipment and peeled the last
remains of the foam-rubber tube from his pulsing member.  God, was it
With trepidation, she pulled it down and gave it a tiny lick on
the underside of it's head.  Slowly, she rubbed up and down the length of
his shaft, reveling in the warm feel of the smooth flesh and warm cum
glistening on its broad surface.  She turned to Curt, "well, I got my
wish...  Wait here..." With that, she left the room.
Curt raised an eyebrow.  "Where would I go?"
A second later she returned.  Curt could hear her enter, but
couldn't see past his own softening erection.  After cumming six times in
the last two hours, he was still horny ... it was strange but oddly
pleasurable.  Vaguely, he wondered if he'd ever be un-horny again.
Christa walked into his view holding his jar.  With a smile she
shrugged, "I guess you've earned this..." Slowly, she moved to start
dabbing it on his erection.
Surprised, Christa looked up.
Curt smiled half-crooked.  "I thought we had several days up here
... no reason to go so fast..." Christa looked at Curt, clearly surprised.
He laughed at her expression.  "Well, what did you expect?  I thought you
wanted to see how big I could get?  Let's see what this baby can do..."
Christa smiled slowly and put the jar down on the floor.  Making
sure that the bed had rollers she opened the double doors to the main
hall.  They'd need plenty of room for what she had in mind...
Curt dropped the steaming spaghetti noodles into the strainer and
ran water over them to wash off the excess starch.  With flair, he flopped
the whole, steaming mass into a serving dish and brought it over to the
table in the middle of his small dorm room.  The neighbors might complain
about the smell of cooking Italian food, but he didn't really care.
His over-sized Zubas still took some getting used to, as did the
huge three-footer tucked away beneath them.  With balls the size of
volleyballs it was difficult to hide what he'd become, but he'd have to
learn to live with it.  Christa watched him walk with amusement and a
seductive gleam in her eye.  Now that he was guaranteeably bigger than
anything on two legs, she was always in the mood.
It was three weeks later.
Smiling he took their antipasto salads from his soda-fridge and
served their dinner.  It had taken the whole jar, and twelve ejaculations
to undo what had been done to him, and even then he was stuck at this
impossible size.  Still, it could've been worse...
This was the first time they'd been able to get alone together in
weeks; both of their studies for fall finals had been hell.  Now they had
the whole three weeks of Christmas break to spend together indulging their
every, carnal desire.
"You ready for this break?" asked Christa through a mouthful of
Curt nodded and started spooning up the noodles and sauce on her
plate.  "Yeah, bio-chem was a real bear ... I'll be glad to take a break
for a few weeks..."
Christa paused and raised an eyebrow at him.  "No, you don't
understand ... are you really ready?"
Curt put down the spoons he'd been using and crossed his arms.
"We discussed this, no more size games with my prick ... I'm lucky it
reduced to the size it did!  Understand?"
"O.K. ... o.k. ...  Can't blame a girl for trying, can ya?"
Curt chuckled, knowing her, she 'tried' every six minutes.  "No
... I suppose I can't..."
Christa stabbed another bit of the antipasto and smiled.  "This is
really good, Curt.  You learn this recipe at home?"
"Oh no ... Betty Crocker is good enough teacher for me." He paused
to sip from his Coke.  "Still, I did make the vinaigrette myself..."
"Really?" She munched another mouthful, enjoying the play of
flavors and spices.  "It's really good ... 's gotta 'tang' to it that I
don't recognize."
Curt smiled slowly.  "Oh, that's the special ingredient..." Again
he sipped from his Coke, satisfied.  Then, sitting back, he began watching
Christa's chest...

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A page dedicated to Lunetta Synthesis, the art of repurposing and perverting digital logic semiconductor chips into sound-producing devices. The techniques of Lunetta Synthesis were pioneered by sculptor and percussionist Stanley Lunetta in the 1970's.

In 2014, Noisebridge was honored to host a talk and demonstration by Stanley Lunetta himself.



This page is a work-in-progress. Feel free to add more info and links, but please try to keep it organized.

General Tips

  • For visual fun, use LED's wherever a schematic calls for diodes.
  • For light-activated control, substitute photoresistors for resistors. Or, use a mercury switch like Stanley did in his gun-shaped device, in the photo above :)

Lunetta Oscillator

The Lunetta Oscillator is the heart of Lunetta Synthesis. It's an oscillator based on a Schmitt Inverter.




CD40106 Hex Schmitt.

Variations and Tips


Drive one Schmitt oscillator with another, through a diode, and using a switch as a trigger:


Gentle Sounds

Most Lunetta syntesizers out there are raucous and chaotic. But sweet, gentle sounds are also possible.

  • Tap the inverter output to obtain a loud, buzzy, digital square wave.
  • Tap the inverter input to obtain a gentle, soft, analog triangular-ish wave. That's the voltage presented by the capacitor as it charges/discharges.



Starve or overdrive the power supply to the chip for unexpected results.


Use a cheap 3W PAM8403 amplifier module to drive a speaker.

General Lunetta Synthesis Links

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