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This is an upcoming Noisebridge China Trip!

Because the first Noisebridge China Trip was so successful,
I am planning another trip that will end at the Beijing Maker Faire, on 21-April-2012.

This upcoming trip is currently planned from 4-April-2012 through 24-April-2012.

I'm organizing the itinerary and the hotels and other transport. We'll each be on our own to get our own air fare to the meeting point on the meeting day -- which I think will be Hong Kong on 4-April (leave US on 3-April). Then we'll go to Guangzhou to visit the hackerspace there and visit Seeed Studio, then Shanghai to visit some manufactuing facilities (ones I use for TV-B-Gone) to learn how manufacturing works and visit XinCheJian hackerspace, then Beijing to visit the new hackerspace there, and where we'll end at the Beijing Maker Faire (the first Maker Faire in China! -- and we'll have a booth there!). Of course, we'll do plenty of tourist things, too. Probably fly home from Beijing on 24-April.

For the first Noisebridge China trip, I paid about $1k total, including air fare from SF and food and everything.

This trip will probably be more expensive, if we end up going to Hong Kong, since Hong Kong is more expensive than the rest of China. I have to see if it is affordable for all of us to spend any time in Hong Kong.

Info on the previous Noisebridge China Trip is available on its own wiki page:
Noisebridge China Trip 1

-- Mitch.

People interested in going to China from 4-April-2012 through 24-April-2012:

You do not need to be a member of Noisebridge to go on this trip.

Please email me if you are interested in joining us:
maltman23 *AT* hotmail *DOT* com

The trip is limited to 8 people total (including Mitch), so the first 7 people on this list (after Mitch) who buy their plane tickets will be able to join us:

  1. Mitch Altman
  2. MCT
  3. Adam
  4. mightyohm
  5. froggytoad
  6. schneider
  7. your name here
  8. your name here
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