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Rubin110 surveryed the situation. The whole of the glass wall in front of him was completely covered with boob. Mitch's nipples must have been 3 inches thick , and 5 inches long now. Her aereola were over 14 inches across each. Suddenyly, there seemed to be a change going on. Mitch's breasts seemed to contract in a way. They got less soft, and started to firm up and try to attain their natural shape. The shower wall started to groan, like a ship that was going down. That popping, creaking sound you always hear in movies.

Mitch could barely process the feelings she was experiencing. Her breasts were going through their "plumping stage" as she called it, and the pressure on all sides of her seemed to suddenly start multiplying many fold. She could feel that her letdown was coming, and soon she was past the point of no return, getting pulled inexorably towards the edge of the waterfall.

"NOOOO!!!! I'M NOT READY YET!!!!" Mitch screamed.

Rubin110 didn't know what she meant for a moment, then he started to see what was happening. Milk was seeping out from Mitch's nipples, he could see it through the glass. Mitch was upset because the wall hadn't given up yet.

Crack!!! Rubin110 nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound, The pane of plexi that made up the shower door had cracked near thigh level. The door was bowing out, and about 6 inches or so of breast flesh was forcing it's was through the opening. Rubin110 could see that the main wall was bowed out about 6 inches or more along the line between Mitch's nipples. It had to be nearly ready to go he though.

Mitch was nearly despondent. She wanted this to work so badly. It was irrational, she knew that, but it just was. She couldn't question it any more. Her letdown reaction was starting, and she wasn't done with her task yet. She felt herself start to fall over the edge of that waterfall, and just as she was reaching the edge, where that greatest rush happens, something changed. She was suspended right there on the edge, in ecstacy, but not falling through it. She didn't know what was happening, but it was a mind blowingly good feeling. Her breasts felt like they were similtaniously on fire, and flowing with endless amounts of milk that quenched those flames. A perfect ying and yang of orgasmic energies.

Mitch was too far gone to realize it, but the huge pressure built up by her breast's drive to achieve their natural shape had sealed her nipples to the front wall so tightly that her milk couldn't escape if it wanted to. From Rubin110's perspective he could see that milk was indeed leaking around that seal, and shooting out at high pressure like a water pipe leaking in a submarine that's just suffered a near miss from a depth charge. The leakage wasn't as much as Mitch was still taking in though.

Crack! finally a crack formed in the wall of the shower. It was a spider-web crack, centered on Mitch's left nipple. With a sound like 10,000 plastic bottles being crushed in a giant trash compactor, the crack slowly started to expand. Mitch was positively thrashing around behind all of that boobage, clearly in a state that most humans never experience. Her brain was overloaded with feelings of intense pleasure, as she experienced a tremendous, and seemingly endless letdown reaction, on top of an orgasm to end all orgasms.

PING!! Another spiderweb crack formed, this time centered on her right nipple. What was that old cliche again?

The sound now was nearly deafening. Rubin110 backed away and to the side, and just in time.


the wall gave way with a thundrous crash, and Mitch's otherworldly breasts fired into the room with the force of a small bomb going off.

"ANGEL!!!" Rubin110 rushed over to get to Mitch as soon as the threat was clear, only to be greeted by a spray of milk so powerfull it nearly blinded him. The milk was spraying against the mirrored wall so hard it created a back-spray that formed an intense mist.

Rubin110 could hear Mitch screaming, and he turned toward the screem only to run into a wall of boob armpit high on him. Not to be detered, Rubin110 lauched himself up onto Mitch's mountainous right breast, only to find is was so slick with milk and soap that he slid right down into her monumental cleavage, head first. He started to slide down into a that bottomless chasm, only to find it wasn't bottomless. His head popped out into an air space near the bottom, his impossible hard erection, so violent it literally hurt by this point, jammed into Mitch's breast as if he was poking her with a really thick broom handle. Rubin110 turned to his side so he could slide through, and fell to the floor. He could barely breath under here, and realized this wasn't a sustainable situation, so he turned and fought his way to a sitting position, with the intent to stand. From the sitting position, he couldn't breath at all, and as he scrabbled to get his feet under him, he felt himself getting light headed. He reached desperately for the sky with his hands over his head, trying to stand, but he simply could get his feet under him. They kept sliding on the milky soapy floor. As he approached blackout, a thought passed his mind. Not exactly how he would have guessed he would die, but as dying goes, this one had to be somewhere near the top of the list. Finally, just as he was about to pass out, a hand grasped his own, and pulled him up to air.

It was Mitch of course. She could feel him squirming in there, and had thrust her hand in to try to help. The little help she could offer was all he needed to get his feet under him, and he found himself standing shoulder high in boobs. The sound of rushing water, or rather milk was tremendous, and he was staring into the bewilderingly green eyes of his soulmate, who was obviously on some other mental plane at this point.

Mitch could feel everything happening to her, but somehow Rubin110's situation snapped her into a different mental state for a moment. Everything felt extraordinarily brilliant. Light was brighter, smell was stronger, touch and taste were amplified to the nth degree, but somehow hearing was almost muted. She looked into Rubin110's blue eyes, and realized all she wanted.

"Come to me lover." She said with a strange otherworldly calm.

She reached out her arm, and helped Rubin110 wade through the canyon of her cleavage until he was right up against her. She could feel the heat of his impossibly huge errection against her lower stomach.

Mitch reach forward as far as she could wih beaconing lips, and their lips came together like an explosion, then his tongue followed like the flames that follow it. Both of their worlds ceased to exist outside of the feelings of their neathers, mouths, hands, and in Mitch's case especially her breasts. It was like the original trip down the rabbit hole with the cure, only better as she was in control this time, and she got to bring her best friend in the world along for the ride. Mitch reached down into her cleavage, and guided Rubin110's impossibly swollen member to the promised land.

Everything went white, and hot and molten. Time desolved, and all was right with the world.

-- Start Date: 8-October-2017, in Hong Kong
-- End Date: 28-October-2017, in Shanghai

Trip #4 Welcome to China!, Beijing
Trip #3 Kung Fu Hacking: Hackers In Residence Kickoff event at Tsinghua University, Beijing
Trip #2 Visit to Petrochemical Univeristy, Beijing
Trip #1 Jingshan Park, Beijing
Trip #5 Visit to Seeed Studio's factory, Shenzhen
Trip #5 Presentations at Zhengzhou High School #2, Zhengzhou

Previous Hacker Trips To China

This will be the 7th Noisebridge Hacker Trip To China.
(The dates are set, the start and end cities are set, but the itinerary is an outline and open to change.)
In previous years' Hacker Trip To China, we've visited cities that currently have a hackerspace, visited my manufacturer, Seeed Studio, and other manufacturers. We also visited Tsinghua University, considered the most prestigious university in China, and other schools -- all of which have now starting hackerspaces. China continues to explode with hackerspaces! We also went to the International Exhibition of Inventions Kunshan (IEIK 2014), near Shanghai. And everywhere we went, we were shown around by local geeks, to see what they thought was interesting where they live. Also, wherever we went, those of us interested gave talks, presentations, workshops, and demos. In 2016 we gave presentations at NY University - Shanghai, DFRobot (an open hardware company in Shanghai), Shanghai Maker Carnival, Zhengzhou High School Number 2, "Second Generation and Start-ups" conference in Hangzhou.
You can see info on the Hacker Trip To China 2009,
Hacker Trip To China 2011
Hacker Trip To China 2013
Hacker Trip To China 2014
Hacker Trip To China 2015
Hacker Trip To China 2016,
-- Mitch.

This year's Hacker Trip To China

When: 8-October-2017 in Hong Kong through 28-October-2017 in Shanghai.

Flight, transportation, and hotel Info: We were each be on our own to book our own air fare to meet in our starting city, Hong Kong, on 8-October, and fly home from out ending city, Shanghai, on 28-October. Of course, you can decide to come and go as you please.

I'll organized the itinerary and the hotels and other transport. I'll pay in advance for some of this, and you can pay me back when we're in China.

Where: In each of the cities we will go to, we'll visit some of their local hackerspace(s), and will be shown around by local geeks to see what interested them where they live. We'll also have plenty of time to do "normal" (and spectacular) tourist things too!

Here's some possible places we might visit, leaving plenty of room for the serendipity that makes our Hacker Trip To China truly unique and memorable:

  • We will start our trip by meeting in Hong Kong and visit Dim Sum Labs hackerspace. Hong Kong is a fantastic city, so, we'll also see lots of other cool stuff in Hong Kong.
  • Then we'll go across the border to mainland China again, to Shenzhen to visit Chaihuo Makerspace, SZDIY hackerspace, Litchee Lab, and a few other hackerspaces, some of which are real, and hundreds of which are brand new (this year) over-the-top bizarre government-started places where they want to create "the next Apple" (we won't visit them all!). We'll visit x.factory while we are in town, an interesting mix of hackerspace and incubator, where we will be welcomed for a Bring-A-Hack event, where anyone of us (for those who want to), along with the general public, can show off their projects. We will also visit Seeed Studio - the open source hardware company - to meet the cool folks there and to see their manufacturing facilities. We may meet with the founders of Dangerous Prototypes - another open source hardware company. We'll also visit other manufacturers, to see where all the things we use in our daily lives come from (such as springs, cables, PCBs, packaging, etc., etc.). We can also visit Dorabot, a Chinese robotics company comprised of people in the Shenzhen hackerspace scene. Of course, we'll also visit the famous (and totally awesome!) Huaqiangbei electronics market in Shenzhen (where, we may again be shown around by a professional buyer from Deal Extreme ( And if happens to be in town, we might visit Constellation or even stay in their factory dorm.
  • We will then make our way to Beijing where we may visit Beijing Makerspace, and other hackerspaces. We'll also visit Tsinghua University, where they built the world's largest hackerspace last year (called the "iCenter"), and where I've been hacker in residence. Beijing has lots and lots of way amazing stuff to visit and be a part of!
  • Our last city will be Shanghai. In Shanghai we will visit my manufacturer (Etonnet) that I have used for TV-B-Gone remote controls and NeuroDreamer sleep masks, where we will all get to see how products are made, from start to finish, learning how manufacturing works. We will also visit XinCheJian hackerspace in Shanghai. We can also visit companies started by hardware hacker geeks, such as DFRobot. We can visit Phicomm, a medium-sized OEM manufacturer. We can also visit the Shanghai electronics mall (a smaller version of the famous electronics mall we will later visit in Shenzhen).

For most of us, our trip will end at the end of three weeks, as many people on our trip will fly home from our last city, Shanghai, on 28-October-2017.

Of course, everyone is free to arrive and leave whenever you like for the Hacker Trip To China.
I will tentatively be flying home from Shanghai 28-October.

Cost: For the Hacker Trip To China 2016, I paid $1,997 total (for 4 weeks), including air fare from SF, food, lodging, transportation, and everything -- including some electronics stuff and some clothing that I bought.
As in past years, part of this year's trip may be paid for by Tsinghua University and other places that invite us to give presentations.

#hashtag: #httc2017      (Hacker Trip To China 2017)

Possible itinerary outline for Hacker Trip to China 7

The start and end dates are set, the start and end cities are set, but the rest of the itinerary is open to serendipity:

7-October-2017 -- Leave home for Hong Kong (arrive in Hong Kong on 8-October)
8-October-2017 -- We all meet in Hong Kong -- hotel:  various in Tsim Sha Tsui
8-October to 11-October -- Hong Kong
8-October, 8pm:  Group dinner
9-October, 6pm-8:30pm:  visit Maker Bay, Yau Tong, with presentations
10-October, 8pm-10pm: visit Dim Sum Labs, soldering workshop by Mitch, HackJam on rooftop
11-October, afternoon -- ferry or subway to Shenzhen
11-October to 16-October -- Shenzhen
11-October -- hotel:  Jinjiang Inn
12-October, 10am-12pm:  Product Life Cycle class at NOA Labs
12-October, 1pm-5pm:  tour of Huaqiangbei (electronics markets) w/ Scotty of Strange Parts
12-October, afternoon:  visit Troublemaker hackerspaces in Huaqianbei
12-October, evening:  meetup at HAX
13-October, morning:  visit Seeed Studio
13-October:  tour of factories (two separate groups)
14-October, 6pm-8pm:  visit Lab 0x0
15-October, 4pm-6pm:  Chaihuo x.factory Bring-A-Hack
16-October, 10:00am -- train G822 to Xi'an
16-October to 19-October -- Xi'an
16-October -- hotel:  Vienna Hotel
17-October, 9am-5pm:  ShaanXi Makerspace tour and presentations
17-October, 5pm-8pm:  special dinner
18-October, 8:30am-10am:  Xi'an Innovation and Design Center Maker's Symposium
18-October, 10am-8pm:  Xi'an traditional maker and culture hands-on tour
19-October, 12:42pm -- train G658 to Beijing
19-October to 24-October -- Beijing
19-October -- hotel:  various: in hutongs NE of Jinshan Park
24-October, 2:00pm -- train G3 to Shanghai
24-October to 28-October -- Shanghai 
24-October -- hotel:  Le Tour Traveler's Rest International Youth Hostel
25-October, afternoon & evening:  visit and presentations at Interactive Media Arts (IMA) at NYU Shanghai
26-October, morning:  visit Yagr/Etonnet (Mitch's manufacturer)
26-October, evening:  DFRobot/Mushroom Cloud visit and presentations
27-October, 7pm-9pm:  XinCheJian Forum
28-October-2017 -- fly home (arrive NA or EU on same day)

Very Useful Guide about Internet, Phones, Translation, and Navigation

One of the two Noah's who are on the HTTC2017 wrote this very useful guide!

Photos from Hacker Trip To China 2016

Mitch's photos from Shanghai, Oct-2016
Mitch's photos from Zhengzhou, Oct-2016
Mitch's photos from Shenzhen, Oct-2016
Mitch's photos from Beijing, Oct-2016
Mitch's photos from Hangzhou, Oct-2016
Mitch's photos from Beijing Set 2, Oct-2016

Mitch's photos all in one place

Photos from Hacker Trip to China 2015

Mitch's photos from Hong Kong, Oct-2015
Mitch's photos from Shenzhen, Oct-2015
Mitch's photos from Shanghai, Oct-2015
Mitch's photos from Beijing, Oct-2015
Mitch's photos from YiWu & Hangzhou, Oct-2015
Mitch's photos from Beijing Set 2, Oct-2015
Mitch's photos from Shanghai & Suzhou, Oct-2015

Mitch's photos all in one place

Dave's photos

Blake's photos:

Torrey's photos from Hong Kong
Torrey's photos from Shenzhen
Torrey's photos from Beijing
Torrey's photos from Shanghai

Photos from Hacker Trip to China 2014

Mitch's photos from Beijing, Nov-2014
Mitch's photos from Shanghai, Nov-2014
Mitch's photos from Shenzhen, Nov-2014
Mitch's photos from Kunshan, Nov-2014
Mitch's photos from Shanghai (2), Nov-2014
Mitch's photos from Beijing (2), Nov-2014
Mitch's photos from Tianjin, Nov-2014
Mitch's photos from Beijing (3), Nov-2014
Mitch's photos from Singapore, Dec-2014

You will Need a Chinese Visa!!

To go to China, you needed to get a visa!

Everyone should get a multiple-entry Tourist L visa (if you only get a single-entry visa, you'll be fine, but you won't have as many options, such as going in and out of Shenzhen to Hong Kong).

  • And to get a visa, you need to have a passport that is valid at least 12 months after you planned to fly away from China (so, e.g., if you are leaving China on 28-October-2017, then your passport needs to be valid through 27-October-2017). Your passport must also have at least one entirely blank page.
  • You also need:
    • a printout of a filled-out Visa Application Form V. 2013 of the People's Republic of China (after we have everything we need I'll email you my filled out form as an example to follow).
    • a copy of the information pages of your passport.
    • a copy of your most Chinese visa (if you have been to China before).
    • one 2"x2" recent color photo (not a printout).
    • a screenshot or printout of hotel reservation confirmation (I'll email this to you when I have this).
    • a copy of your airline tickets (both to and from China).
  • For US citizens, the visa cost $140 (much cheaper for other nationalities). Starting this year, US citizens can get a multiple-entry visa, good for 10 years. We should all apply for a Tourist L visa.

You can pay the fee by Visa, MasterCard, Money Order, Cashier's Check or Company Check. Cash or Personal checks are not acceptable.

To get a visa, you can go to your local Chinese consulate. No appointment is required. You go in one day, and it will be ready for pick up 4 business days later. My experience is that it takes about an hour the first day, and takes only a few minutes to pick up the visa a few days later. (2 to 3 business-day and 1 business day/same-day express service is available for $20 or $30.)

NOTE: The Chinese consulates are all closed for holidays on: 27-30 January, 29-30 May, 30-May, 9-June, 4-July, 4-September, 2-October, 9-October and other dates:
2017 Chinese Consulate Holiday Schedule

(Citizens of US and Europe do not need a separate visa for Hong Kong.)

Previous Noisebridge China Trips

If you're curious about the previous Noisebridge China Trips, they have their own wiki pages:
Hacker Trip To China 2009
          That first Noisebridge China Trip was inspired by Bunny Huang's "geek tour".
Hacker Trip To China 2011
Hacker Trip to China 2013
Hacker Trip to China 2014
Hacker Trip to China 2015
Hacker Trip to China 2016

-- Mitch.

People interested in going on the Hacker Trip to China #7, 2017:

Below is a list of people interested in going on this year's Hacker Trip To China.

You do not need to be a member of Noisebridge to go on this trip!

Please email me if you have any questions, or if you would like to meet up with us on the trip:
mitch *AT* CornfieldElectronics *DOT* com

The trip is limited to 20 people total (including Mitch)
-- the first 19 people (after Mitch) who are either there already, or who bought tickets to meet in our Trip's starting city (Hong Kong) on or before 8-October-2017 are the people who are in this Trip
       (which probably means flying away from home on or before 7-October)

Note: Many people have gotten good deals on their plane fares (including me) with the help of my friend Vlad at:
Feel free to email me, and I'll send your email to Vlad, who will be happy to help you with your flights.

Name Purchased flight? Flight info
1 Mitch Altman (Noisebridge, San Francisco, USA) YES Arrive: Hong Kong on 6-Oct at 17:10 -- flight CX254 (from LHR)
2 Robert Fitzsimons (TOG, Ireland) YES Arrive: Hong Kong on 8-Oct at 15:25 -- flight EK382 (from DXB)
Depart: Shanghai at 00:05 on Oct 29th (EK8303)
3 Noah O'Donoghue YES Arrive: Hong Kong on 8-Oct
4 Elle YES Arrive: I'm arriving on the 6th and have my own AirBNB until the 8th in Sheung Wan. I'll meet you all on the 8th. :)
5 Jonas S Karlsson YES Arrive: (live in HK)
6 Jan Marloth (fablab munich, Germany) YES Arrive: Hong Kong on 8-Oct at 7:20am -- flight SK963 (from ARN)
Depart: Beijing at 14:50 on Oct 24th (SK996)
7 Sasja ( YES Arrive: Hong Kong 8-Oct at 8:55am,
Depart: 28-Oct from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport at 20:55
8 Ed Buckley YES Arrive: Hong Kong 6-Oct at 1:45pm -- flight NH809 (from NRT)
9 Rafael Câmera Santos (, Brazil) YES Arrive: Hong Kong 8-Oct at 18:10 -- Flight UA 895 -- Leaving on 9-Nov from Hong Kong
10 Felix E. Klee YES Arrive: Hong Kong on 4-Oct at 09:45 -- flight SU0212 (from SVO)
11 Svein Berge YES Arrive: UO 1647 from Tokyo, scheduled arrival Oct 8, 23:00.
12 Krzysztof Stasiak YES Arrive: HK 6th Oct - flight AK138 from Kuala Lumpur
13 Mark Hellar YES Arrive:Hong Kong HKG 6:45 PM October 8th
14 Eric Boyd (Hacklab.TO, Toronto) YES Arrive: Hong Kong, Oct 8th 2:25pm EVA Airways BR869. Leave: Shanghai, Oct 28th 1:10pm Eva Airways, BR711
15 Ruth Grace Wong YES Arrive: October 9, Hong Kong, Leave: October 28, Shanghai
16 Hari C M (HasGeek, Bangalore, India) YES Arrive: 'Hong Kong on 7-Oct at 06:50 -- flight AI-314 (from DEL)
Depart: Shanghai at 22:00 on Oct 29th (AI-349)
17 freeman murray YES Arrive: Oct 7, Hong Kong American airlines 193.
18 Sumukh Shetty YES Arrive: 6th October HK, join for the entire trip
19 Gary Hatfield YES Arrive: Hong Kong Oct. 5
20 Michał Gajda YES Arrive: Flight to HK on Oct 3rd
21 Noah Swartz YES Arrive: 11:45 on Oct 9 on HK Express UO 1845
22 Gene Brock YES Arrive: Thai AirAsia FD508 from Don Mueang Int'l Airport (Bangkok) to HKG Sep 30th 6:30am arriving 10:30 am in HKG.
23 Kaushik Reddy yes Arrive: Hong Kong on 8 Oct
Depart: Hong Kong on 15 Oct
HK & SZ only
24 Jeroen Van Beirendonck (Open Garage, Belgium) yes Arrive: Hong Kong on 7th Oct
Depart: Hong Kong on 15 Oct
HK & SZ only
25 Cedric Honnet (Datapaulette hackerspace - Paris, Fr.) yes Arrive: Hong Kong on 6 Oct
Depart: Hong Kong on 21 Oct
HK & SZ only
26 Mayank M. yes Arrive: Arriving in Hong Kong on 10/7. Flying out of Hong Kong on 10/17
HK & SZ only
27 Olivier de Saint-Hubert yes Arrive: ???
SZ only
28 Anthony Liekens (Open Garage, Belgium) yes Arrive: KL 4013 to arrive in Shenzhen on Oct 11, 18:00
Depart: From Shenzhen on Oct 18, 10:00
SZ only
29 Daan Gerits (Open Garage, Belgium) yes Arrive: KL 4013 to arrive in Shenzhen on Oct 11, 18:00
SZ only
30 Tim Lathouwers yes Arrive: arrive in Shenzhen on Oct 11
SZ only
31 Kate Hartman yes Arrive: I will be working in Shanghai the week of October 9th. Would love to join you in Shenzhen Oct 14/15/16
SZ only
32 Scotty Allen yes Arrive: Oct 11, Shenzhen -- will arrange own housing
SZ only
33 Gloria Chiang no Arrive: Beijing on (date TBD)
34 Marc Juul no Arrive: Beijing on (date TBD)
35 Quijano Flores -- PLEASE EMAIL ME no Arrive: Oct 8, Hong Kong
36 SYED JUNAID AHMED (Makers Hive, AndhraPradesh, INDIA) no Arrive: TBD
37 Rahul S Rajan (Kerala Startup Mission, India) no Arrive: TBD
38 Sasha Iatsenia no Arrive: TBD
39 Trent no Arrive: your arrival date and city here
40 Arseniy Klempner no Arrive: Oct 8, Hong Kong
41 Thomas Disley no Arrive: shenzhen & shanghai, arrival TBD
42 Adam Munich - SF_Noisebridge, Oakland_Sudoroom [1]] no Arrive: To be determined
43 Sreejith Mohanan -- PLEASE EMAIL ME no Arrive: TBD
44 Colin Willson -- PLEASE EMAIL ME no Arrive: TBD
45 Bas -- PLEASE EMAIL ME no Arrive: Oct 8, Hong Kong
46 Michal Stefanow no Arrive: TBD
OUCH - I guess I'm too late - JOMO - joy of missing out - it means more quality time working on coworking coliving chapel in Wales, come and visit us sometimes. I might be able to visit HK and SZ and get a new laptop with larger storage, Ethereum blockchain size is not manageable on my current machine. Much love, ping me anytime: