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<pre style="color: red; font-size:xx-large;">2017 SEPTEMBER 9-10 - EXHIBITION/BALL
noidbridge smells
==Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball==
'''Noisebridge has existed as a community of hackers for 10 years and has been providing cyber infrastructure for 9 years!'''
Noisebridge has had an impact on countless hackers and has served as an inspiration, and sometimes warning, to other hackerspaces. '''You are invited''' to attend this Exhibition and Ball and celebrate with us. You are also encouraged to participate, educate, and volunteer to make this event even more special.
To set the mood, here are a few wiki pages that may be useful to recall:
* [[Noisebridge Vision]]
* [[Manual|The Noisebridge Manual]]
'''Would you would also like help with and/or participate in the Exhibition and Ball?''' Please let us know. If you would like to bring projects to put on display, have a presentation or discussion group, host a workshop, create an activity, help with preparations, volunteer, or donate funds or equipment, '''Please do any of the following:'''
* Come to a Tuesday meeting (usually around 20:00) and let people know.
* Add you ideas and information to this Exhibition and Ball wiki page
* Send a message to noisebridge-discuss@lists.noisebridge.net
==Noisebridge Exhibition Preparations==
We’ll be setting up Noisebridge Hackerspace to display projects, make time for panels and presentations, share our stories, host classes, and have a party. Together, we will create an exhibition that highlights and remind ourselves of the value of this hackerspace, the local community of hackers that make it work, and how excellent it is to be able to share it with so many. We will have events to reflect on what was accomplished at Noisebridge during this time, what did or didn't go as planned, analyze what we’ve learned from this experiment, and see what things people have been working on.
If you would like to help get the space cleaned up, upgraded, and ready for the Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball please see this page for a list of tasks that would be welcome do-ocratic fixes and upgrades to the space. Please add your own as needed.
===[[NB10_Preparations|NB10 Preparations Schedule and Task List]]===
==Exhibition Schedule==
The schedule of events is only as packed as we volunteer to make it. However, after 10 years, we probably have a few things we could talk about. As a starting off point here is a rough schedule for the weekend which we will modify as we develop and finalize events. Currently, all events are assumed to take place within Noisebridge.
'''The Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition - Conceptual Weekend Plan'''.
* '''Saturday'''
** 10:00 Setup
** 14:00 Opening Statement(s) and Project Show and tell begins
** 14:30 Discussion Panels, Workshops and Classes
** 19:00 Hackitorium Event
* '''Sunday'''
** 10:00 Ball Cleanup and Setup
** 12:00 Project Show and tell
** 14:00 Discussion Panels, Workshops and Classes
** 17:00 Hackitorium Event(s)
** 19:00 Noisebridge Oral Histories
** 21:00 Closing statement(s)
==Event Descriptions and Presenter Biographies==
"Noisebridge is a space for sharing, creation, collaboration, research, development, mentoring, and of course, learning."
'''Do you have knowledge and skills that you, and others, would like to share''' and which you think other hackers will find interesting? Why not host a discussion panel or workshop during the exhibition weekend?
Please propose it here and let people know. If you are looking for people to help host or join your panel please note that as well. We will finalize the event schedule as the Exhibition draws near.
Please use the following format:
*'''Event Name'''
**Event Type (for example: Discussion Panel, Workshop/Class, Performance, Game, etc)
**Description of Topic and Scope (please be specific)
**Expected duration
**Who is the point of contact and how to contact?
**Who all is presenting (Please include Bios and/or links for further reference)
**What you expect the audience to learn?
==== Event Proposals ====
*'''The Importance of Noisebridge to the Worldwide Hackerspace Movement -- Mitch's experiences'''
**Event Type: Presentation/Discussion
**Description: As a co-founder of Noisebridge, as I travel the world giving workshops and talks, I also play a role as international ambassador to Noisebridge and the hackerspace movement. It's possible that I've helped and visited more hackerspaces than anyone. I'd like to share various notable events and experiences I've had with other hackerspaces I've helped around the world. I'd also like to share connections and the importance that our space has with other spaces around the world.  Let's discuss how to make an even more powerful and positive effect on our world.
**Expected duration: 1 hour
**Contact: [[User:Maltman23|Mitch]]
*'''Show & Tell and demos of DIY Musical Instruments'''
**Event Type: Presentation/Demo
**Description: Anyone with a DIY musical instrument can show it off and demo it here!
**Expected duration: 1 hour<br>''(best given on Saturay, just after Godwaffle Noise Pancakes)''
**Contact: [[User:Maltman23|Mitch]]
*'''Music Synthesis for Newbies-- How to Make Cool Sound and Music with Microcontrollers (and intro to Digital Signal Processing)'''
**Event Type: Presentation/Demo
**Description: I'll go over the basics of how to make cool sound, noise, and music using digital signal processing (DSP), using my ArduTouch music synthesizer kit as an example.  I'll explain things in a way for beginners to understand, but with enough info to keep more experienced people interested.
**Expected duration: 1 hour<br>''(best given on Sunday)''
**Contact: [[User:Maltman23|Mitch]]
*'''Front-end Web Development: What's changed in the last 6 years'''
**Event Type: Presentation
**Description: Since I began teaching front-end web development at Noisebridge in 2011, a lot has changed in the industry and the technology. Let's take a look back at simpler times, and talk about the more important advancements in web development since then - but also what hasn't changed. This talk is great for those already in the industry, or those simply curious about what's new on the web since they last checked. I hope some of my former students can make it!
**Expected duration: 1 hour
**Contact: [[User:JeffreyATW|Jeffrey Carl Faden]]
*'''Crypto and Privacy Workshop'''
**Event Type: Workshop
**Description: Lightning talks on topics in cryptography followed by workshop to help people get started with privacy tools. People who are more advanced can help each other harden their computing setups. Also we can compare fingerprints of various sorts. Please get in touch with me if you would like to talk or teach!
**Expected duration: 2 hours or so depending on interest
**Contact: [[User:Yan|Yan]]
*'''Noisebridge - Fireside Chat'''
**Event type: Panel Discussion in Fancy Chairs
**Description: A rough overview of Noisebridge's history, via stories and examples ranging from serious to absurd.
**Expected duration: About an Hour or so
**Contact: [[User:Nthmost|Nthmost]]
**Presented by Nthmost, Malaclyps, and...
**Audience will learn from history, and most likely repeat it.
*'''Five Minutes of Fame - All Stars'''
**Selections from our ongoing 5MoF lightning talks series
**Description of Topic and Scope: um... Various topics and scopes?
**Expected duration: ~12 instances of 5 Minutes
**Contact: [[User:Jarrod|Jarrod]] (until he dies, or we find someone better)
**Presenter: Malaclyps as Master of Ceremonies and various speakers (TBD) whom we'd like to call back to see their progress since their previous 5MoF appearances.
**The audience will learn that it is surprisingly easy to fill five minutes talking about something one loves.
*'''Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas "Hackathon" retrospective'''
**Project Presentations
**The Stupid Hackathon has been an exciting part of Noisebridge for the past 3 years. We're asking previous participants to dust off their projects and show them off again, and maybe get a little more time to tell their story if wanted.
**Expected Duration: 30-90min depending on number of projects presented and time allotted per project.
**Contact: TBD
**Individual Presenters, Please list yourselves here:
***Presenter 01
***Presenter 02
***And so on...
**The Audience will see and learn novel solutions to some of the worlds most or least pressing problems.
*'''Intro to Welding'''
**Event Type -Class - Lecture and Hands on instruction
**Attendees will taught the basics of using the MIG/Flux Core welder at Noisebridge. 5 of the atteneds will be given the opportunity to try welding during the class.
**90 minutes
**Contact [[User:Jarrod|Jarrod]]
**Attendees will learn how to setup our welder, how to use the related tools, how to weld safely, and the basics of preparing metals for welding. This class is intended to impart some comfort with the welder and jump-start self directed learning and practice regarding welding.
*'''Battery Liberation 101 Workshop'''
**Hands on processing of laptop batteries to re-purpose 18650 LiIon cells
**Contact: [[User:Ⅹ]]
**Duration: half an hour'ish
**Learn teh fine art of taking things out of trash cans and throwing them at the ground to gravitionally induce dissasembly. Also cover basics of LiIon tech such as charging/discharging, voltage bucking and boosting and multitudes of re-applications.
*'''Sewing 101'''
**Event Type -Class - Lecture and Hands on instruction
**Learn how to use our industrial sewing machines.
**60 minutes
**Contact [[Lady Red (Mcscope on slack and gmail)]
**Attendees will learn how to use our industrial sewing machines and how to do simple sewing actions like hems, zippers, pockets. . I can help with simple projects and questions.  If you contact me before the workshop, I can provide some ''very simple'' patterns so you can make a dress or other garment during this class. Max 5 people, I can run more than one
*'''Gamebridge Unityversity Simbridge VR & Demo Night'''
**Event Type - Class - Learn how to make games and VR with Unity
**120 minutes
**Contact [[User:Lxpk]] at empowerthyself at gmail.com
**Experience Simbridge VR virtual hackerspace project and learn how to make your own virtual worlds with Unity3D and Sketchup. Playtest games created by our Bootcamp participants. Learn how to use the Noisebridge VR setup to play, hold events and develop projects.
*'''Circuit Hacking with Time (Using the 555 Timer)'''
**Event Type - Class - Learn to build and hack circuits using the 555 timer
**120 minutes
**Contact [[User:tman66]] tman66 at gmail.com
**Attendees will learn the basics of electronics building and troubleshooting. This includes: breadboarding, components, schematics, and the multimeter.
==== Ball Performances ====
*'''Performance by Moldover'''
**Event Type Performance
**Moldover will perform on his guitar and his own home-made controllers that he invented
**(how long should it be? -- Moldover will accomodate -- though must be on 9-Sept)
**moldover AT gmail DOT com
**[http://moldover.com/ Moldover]
**Way cool music!
*'''Performance by Doctor Striker'''
**Event Type Performance
**Doctor Striker will perform on his guitar, possibly more band members
**contact mcscope on slack about this
==Projects Show and Tell==
Will we have tables, and most any space in Noisebridge, setup for people to display projects they have worked on in the space over the last 9 years. Showing up with projects during the exhibition setup times is welcome, the more the merrier. Nevertheless, if you would like to let people know in advance what you are bringing and presenting, please add it below. Please also link to any other documentation for your project. If you need special accommodations or setup and logistics help for your project please note that as well.
Please use the following format
*'''Project Name'''
**Creator and Contact information
**Link to documentation
**Any special requirements
==== Projects ====
*'''Angular Coffee Table'''
**Part of my first Dirty Shop project at Noisebridge in 2013
*'''Moldover's project''' (on 9-Sept -- request: about an hour or two away from Moldover's performance)
==Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball  Volunteers==
Would you like to help with the event? Do you need help with a portion of the event? Drop in volunteers before and during the Exhibition are of course welcome, but if you would like to help in a larger more specific way, Please add yourself below if you like and let others know what you can help with or what you will need help with.
Please use the following format
* '''Name and Contact Information'''
** Times available
** I would like help with...
** I am looking for help with...
==== List of Volunteers ====
* [[User:Ⅹ|X]], 5IO.9OO.9626, @x
**  I'm only available until August 10th, and generally open/available Thursday's.
** Can help with planning/promotion activities. Will also be around for the event later in the day Saturday and anytime thru Sunday.
** Ideally will have some things to exhibit as well, and could use someone to work with me in being prepared for setup teh day of.
* next...
* '''[[User:Jarrod|Jarrod]]'''
** From now to cleanup
** Looking to help with: Planning and Logistics
** I am looking for help with: Everything
* '''[[User:Malaclyps|Malaclyps]]'''
** Happy to present, cat-herd, lift things up and down
* '''[[User:Lxpk|Lxpk]]
** Helping with signage and documentation materials for the vent.
** Need volunteers who want to help staff the Simbridge VR experience.
==Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball  Donors==
Would you like to support the event with a donation? We will need food, drinks, and other supplies. If we have a silent auction for fundraising, is there something you would like to offer? As we plan the Exhibition, we'll add more specific things that we will be looking for help and donations for here.
==== Things needed for the Exhibition and Ball ====
* General Funds
* Food
* Drinks
* Supplies
* Transportation
If you would like to donate to the event, please use the following format so we may keep in touch and make the most of your gift.
*'''Name and Contact information'''
**I would like to contribute...
==== List of Donors ====
*'''yan (bcrypt on the noisebridge slack)'''
**I would like to contribute an [https://greatscottgadgets.com/ubertoothone/ Ubertooth One] for the silent auction and/or moneys
==Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball on the Internet and Social Media==
Here are various sites where this event is also being listed:

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