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Noisebrige Distilled


This is about people who want to learn the art of building, maintaining, and/or operating a still


Sean is planning on teaching a hands-on class on distilling basics, but needs to decide a time! Vote for your favorite below. I'll release the final choice to noisebridge-discuss. If you'd like to be informed and are not on -discuss, add your e-mail contact info below. You can vote more than once. Total time for the entire class will probably be about 3-4 hours or so since physics is a slow mistress. A basic outline of the class is as follows:

  • Overview of what distilling is, and why it works
  • Things you can distill, and what you can expect out of the other side
  • Intro to the still, and what all the crazy valves do
  • Post- and pre- processing operations, and why your really do need to do them (a.k.a. Brita filters are useful)
  • And of course...hands on use of the still, and a chance to try the fruits of your labor!

Wednesday, January 5th @ 7PM

Tuesday, January 14th @ 7PM

  • Namez

Wednesday, January 15th @ 7PM

  • Namez

The Equipment

For the class, a 20L custom designed glass still will be used since its a great teaching aid (you can actually see what is happening!) It can handle both reflux and pot distillation modes with just a couple of minor adjustments (if you don't know what that means, but want to find out, you should come to the class!). However, I'll cover how to "roll your own" out of a variety of different materials.


Owning and operation of a still is legal in California as given by part 23367 of the ABC code. Full unabridged (read: annoying) text of the 2010 ABC code can be found here: [1]

Note: Still laws vary state to state, so check to make sure you aren't breaking any laws!