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Noisebridge Drinks Page (Noisebridge Production, Logistics, and Comissary)

This page is for coordinating the purchase and re-stocking of drinks in the 83C fridge. Add one to the number of 'votes' next to the drink suggestion if you want it; add a drink suggestion if what you like isn't listed.

  • Hansen's Soda (1)
  • Xenergy Energy Drink Cran Razz(1)
  • Coke (0)
  • Mexicoke (1)
  • Red Bull (0)
  • Sugar-Free Red Bull (0)
  • Vitamin Water (0)
  • Juice Squeeze (0)
  • Honest Ade (0)
  • real 100% juice (0)
  • diet coke (1)

We'll be doing a $250+ order from Costco soon, look through their beverages they offer there and add accordingly. Also feel free to add any other items Costco offers that the space could use.

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