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Next Live stream

2019-02-22-1900 - NGA - Road Rash 2 - poster.png

Come play Road Rash 2 at Noisebridge with the NGA. We'll be streaming live via NGALAC to

You are invited to experience some of the best quality racing combat the mega drive.

Noisebridge Gaming Archivists: What We Are About

Sonic 1 1991.jpg

What: The Noisebridge Gaming Archivists are all about the preservation, modification and enjoyment of video games of yore! Come hang out, play games, mod systems, make chiptunes or just chat.

When: 6:00pm - 10pm -- Occasional Fridays - Will be announced a few days in advance on #nbgamingarchivists Slack channel. If you don't know what Slack is or how to use it, talk to a Noisebridge member!

Where: Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St., San Francisco, 94114 (at 18th St., near 16th St. BART station).

Map: Getting_Here

Who: Anyone! Let's play ALL the games!

Come join us. Everyone is welcome.

People who do things:

Mari - Plans the events, makes stuff. Loves vidya.
Mark - Curates Library, Develops, Mods, Hacks, Plays games.

People who are working with the NGA:

Jarrod - Helping with the Noisebridge Gaming Archivists Live Arcade Cabinet (NGALAC)

Our Library:

NGA Logos and Identity

If you would like to use the NGA logos and read the design guidelines for NGA related materials, they are located here Noisebridge_Gaming_Archivists_Identity