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For either NGA or NGALAC related body text Helvetica is preferred and Arial is acceptable.
For either NGA or NGALAC related body text, Helvetica is preferred and Arial is acceptable.
=== NGA Logos ===
=== NGA Logos ===

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We've created a number of graphics for the Noisebridge Gaming Archivists and the Noisebridge Gaming Archivists Live Arcade Cabinet.

Of course, we are all welcome to create whatever graphics we like, but if we want to keep our graphics characteristic of the NGA / NGALAC image, here are our guidelines and downloadable assets.

These guidelines are for NGA and NGALAC related graphics. When incorporating more general Noisebridge logos please use the typical red / black logos or some other variation, to help differentiate. The Noisebridge Red / Black color scheme should not be used for NGA / NGALAC graphics, but instead reserved for general Noisebridge logos. The idea is that the NGA is a sub entity within Noisebridge and which supports the larger space and community. NGA related graphics should, somehow, reflect that relationship. For Noisebridge logos and Identity see Identity.


Color Hexadecimal RGB CMYK Use
NGA - Dark Blue #071B2D 7,27,45 93,78,53,66 This dark blue is used for backgrounds for graphics made using the NGA - Light GreenCyan and as a text color for printing on white backgrounds. NGA graphics should tend toward "dark mode" but never be grey or completely black. They should always stay somewhere in the blue / cyan color palette.
NGA - Light GreenCyan #6FCCDD 111,204,221 52,0,13,0 This light cyan with a touch of green hue is used as the primary basis for all graphical elements over the NGA - Dark Blue. Such as the text and graphics on the NGA logo. This should be the default color for the majority of NGA graphics.
NGA - WhiteCyan #E7F6FD 231,246,253 8,0,0,0 This white with a touch of cyan hue should be used for highlights and emphasis in conjunction with the NGA - Dark Blue and the NGA - Light GreenCyan. It should be used sparingly where the other two colors are not enough to convey the mood or idea of the graphics.

NGA and NGALAC Typeface

The NGA logo uses the ISOMORPHIC typeface by Louie Mantia and is available from crowntype.com. https://gumroad.com/l/isomorphic The license is $5 and maybe used for non-commercial uses. As a free alternative there is the TR2N typeface by Jeff Bell. However, there are relatively important differences in these typefaces for the B and G characters which make ISOMORPHIC a better choice for the NGA logo.


The NGALAC logo uses ALIEN ENCOUNTERS SOLID by ShyWedge and is freely available as freeware on several font websites. Note that ALIEN ENCOUNTERS without the solid is not used for NGALAC text.


For either NGA or NGALAC related body text, Helvetica is preferred and Arial is acceptable.

NGA Logos


This is the Noisebridge Gaming Archivists default logo style for digital and print applications (paper, stickers, posters). This one has the glow appearance around the text.


This is the non-glow version of the NGA logo, for use in graphics and contexts where the glow won't display or print well or a cleaner more minimal aesthetic is desired. For example lower resolution graphics or small prints.

NGA Logos files for printing tasks