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2018 Lit Crawl events at Noisebridge![edit]

The Lit Crawl is an annual event where over a hundred readings take place throughout the Mission district. All Lit Crawl events are free and open to the public. This will be the fifth time Noisebridge has participated in the Lit Crawl. More info about Litquake at

The 2018 Lit Crawl will be on October 20, 2018, from 5-9 pm.[edit]

Setup starts at 15:00

phase 1 (5-6 pm)[edit]

Cocoa Fly: Let Her Tell It. Celebrating black women's voices, this exciting and diverse group of writers are going to tell it like it is, about being black women in today's society. Featuring: Jenee Darden, Natalie Devora, Lyndsey Ellis, Kelechi Ubozoh, Yodassa Williams.

phase 2 (6.30-7.30 pm)[edit]

Sound and Fury: The Arts Resistance and Erotic Eclectic Fight Back. SF Bay Area art collectives join forces to present a fusion of poetry, prose, theater, dance, music and light to carry us through. Featuring: Janina Glasov, Liz MacDonald, Genevieve Marie, Carri Newhouse, Janice Blaze Rocke, Simon Rogghe, Zarina Zabrisky.

phase 3 (8-9 pm)[edit]

The Beat Within: Voices Behind Bars. Since 1996, The Beat Within has been leading writing and conversation workshops in juvenile and adult correctional facilities. We’ll read some extraordinary recent submissions. Featuring: Chris Crook, Kevin Gentry, Merrissa Hart, David Inocencio, Michael Kroll, Ali Moss, Ciaran O'Donnell.