Noisebridge Mini-Reboot 2017

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Noisebridge Mini-Reboot will be 2017-02-18 to 19. The space will be closed on these days except for work related to cleaning, repairs, and upgrades to the space. All are welcome to come help improve the space; please do. If you cannot make it to the space, we'll also need coordinated donations of food; lunch and dinner for the people working in the space.

This page will contain the To-Do-List for Mini-Reboot 2017

Mini-Reboot Projects

  • Hackatorium curtains (kyle)
  • NB Wiki Front Page/Calendar (lizzie)
  • Dirty Shop (Nicholas Hohman/Blake)
  • Electronics Area (Nemesis/J)
  • Bathrooms (Chris Venter)
  • Library (Trent)
  • Add basic UPS support for Earl (Henner)
  • New wiring for front door camera (Charlie)
  • Sparkleforge door casing. Needs to be purchased, painted, and nailed in place.
  • Organize and Transfer Metal shop and dirty shop tools. Some tools should be in the metal shop and others in the dirty shop. These should be moved to bins in their respective shops and labeled. (Jarrod)
  • Install some metal shelves over the welding area. (Jarrod)
  • Install additional 220V outlet for welder near column at west side of welding area (Jarrod)
  • Conduit to door system (Jarrod)
  • Fix roof leaks
  • Fix NoiseSquare
  • Organize Hacker Shelves
  • Create Main Projects Page - A Place where you can find all the projects we have at Noisebridge.
  • Look at the HDMI cable in the Hackatorium
  • Replace the plug that is missing its ground pin on one of the Hackatorium tables
  • Vacuum elevator rails
  • Sweep and Mop the entry stairway
  • Create sign instructing people to close the elevator door.
  • Install CO sensors, one for each closed room: trashroom/elevator, turing, woodshop, sparkleforge, digital archivists, 2x bathrooms, hackatorium, and one in the back