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Noisebridge will be moving in 2018. We'll need everybody's help to make it happen.

NEXT Noisebridge Space Program meeting: TBD

This is a set of pages meant to facilitate the discussion on moving Noisebridge to a new physical location. We should use this space to capture consensus as it occurs, and to draw all our planning tools together.

Current Fundraising Progress

TBD - Progress bars?

The story so far, and how you can help

TBD - pending discussion of fundraising letter drafts


Next meeting Agenda:

See for notes and agenda

New Space 2017 Meeting Notes


If you would like to read the current version of the "Noisebridge Story" we have assembled for the Noisebridge Space Program please look at the locations below:

  • Noisebridge story resources:
    • tbd
    • tbd
  • Example fundraising letters and graphics
  • Noisebridge Logos are located at Identity


Here is a list of our current fundraising sub-projects. If you would like to participate in any of them please come to the Noisebridge Space Program meeting, or contact the leads for the specific sub-project.

  • Pineapple Fund
    • Patrick, Darryl, Gavin
    • A BTC fund worth $millions someone is giving away to non-profit groups
  • San Francisco Community Land Trust
    • Mitch
    • A non-profit that buys properties for SF coop housing and non-profit groups
  • San Francisco Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative
    • Contact: none yet
    • The Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative helps San Francisco’s nonprofits secure new, nonprofit-owned space and creates solutions for organizations seeking long-term leases.
  • Project Name
    • Contact(s)
    • Description of sub-project

New Location

Location Requirements

Primary Bonus
  • Within San Francisco
  • Walkable from BART
  • safe enough for walking at all hours
  • At least 5,500 sq. ft.
  • Elevator access or ground floor
  • Zoned to allow a Community Facility
  • at least 100A power supply
  • Neighbors who are not concerned about noise
  • Natural Light
  • Good Ventilation
  • Chill landlord, if leasing
  • Not too nice, easily to modify the interior spaces.

Potential Locations We are keeping track of locations that have come up in our searching here:

Here is the summary of the notable locations we have visited, specific details are on the Potential Locations spreadsheet:

If you have a building/space you would like to donate or know of a location that you think would work for Noisebridge. Please list it below and/or notify or come to a Noisebridge Space Program meeting.

Current Location Status

Our lease ends on August 31st, 2018 at 17:00. We are open to negotiating with the Landlord but the Landlord is not interested at the moment.

Noisebridge is currently approximately 5,550 sq. ft.

Our current rent is: $4,356/month ~ $0.79/sq. ft. /month

Possible Partners

  • The Lab
  • former TechShop members

Overall Project management

Important updates and information are being added to this wiki page. For a more active list of what is going on please see this trello board:

Frequently Asked Questions, not addressed above

2009 Move page