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Dear friends and fans of Noisebridge:

We need your help.

Despite our best efforts to fly under The Storm, The Great San Francisco Reckoning has finally fallen upon us, and Noisebridge is staring displacement in the face in 2018.

Noisebridge's lease will not be renewed by our landlords. Come August 2018, we will almost certainly be out of our space at 2169 Mission St.

Noisebridge is committed to providing a home for hacking and making in San Francisco, but staying in SF doesn’t come cheap. The price of space per square foot has more than tripled over our current lease.

We don’t know where we’ll end up. Only one thing is clear: in order to survive, Noisebridge absolutely needs to raise money at a much higher level.

Right now, we’re asking for donations. A lot of donations. More donations than Noisebridge has ever gotten before.

The best way you can help us out -- right now -- is to become a monthly donor.


Even if you can’t commit to a monthly donation, any amount you give will help us build a war-chest to get through our most difficult financial challenge yet.


In addition, if you can provide resources, skills, and experience towards fundraising on the order of six figures or more, we’d really like to talk to you.

We believe that San Francisco needs a hackerspace that is open to as many people as possible as often as possible. We also strongly believe that the residents and guests of our town deserve a space to pursue their hopes, interests, and ambitions at their own pace in a safe space where lack of funds is no barrier to entry. This is what Noisebridge provides. With your help we are going to keep providing the best donation based space for everyone’s technical and creative projects.

This won't be the last message you receive about helping Noisebridge succeed in 2018 and beyond. And we entreat you to spread this message far and wide -- because it’s going to take a global village.

Thank you for all your support, and hack the planet,

The   (Noisebridge Space Program)

PS: Noisebridge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, with all the good things that entails. Tax deductions, employer matching, fuzzy feelings!