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Fundraising Tasks[edit]


Get it started![edit]

Description Interested Works in progress
Update donate, patreon, twitter, facebook, wiki -- make messaging & update copy. We renewed the lease for a year and our biggest ask is monthly support and volunteer hours for grant writing & non profit fundraising experience. Done except YouTube and
Help find and organize nice pictures that we can use for fundraising.
Public presence audit -- see what we can do to make website, social media, etc. look more professional optimization for increasing overall donations and recurring donations
Create the "Clear Plan" document: buy version John Shutt
Corporate support -- who can we solicit from, who are we willing to solicit from, etc. Rebecca
Leadership group John Shutt, Rebecca
Help @mcscope gather an internal repository of fundraising copy (previous grant applications from slack/wiki, etc.) mcscope

Reference Documents[edit]

We've partnered with Scandiuzzi Krebs for professional fundraising guidance. Here are some relevant docs, from most to least recent.

July 3, 2018 S|K proposal:

S|K Findings and Recommendations:

Questions and answers about the S|K process:

Works in progress[edit]

Description Interested Works in progress
Create the "Case statement" John Shutt, Nick Holloway, Eric, Ruth Grace Case Statement
Help everyone write new copy (should be little-c consensed) Presumably everyone :) Un-curated copy: Fundraising Copy

Curated copy (little-c consensed): Fundraising Copy - Curated

Ruth Grace posted to Twitter, etc.

Help @mister_name with the grant from the session yesterday (reference case statement materials from report) Mister Name Notes on San Francisco Nonprofit Space Investment Fund meeting
Help set up the Noisebridge Threadless shop so that it shows products instead of just design squares Ruth Grace DONE
Help @beka and @r update social media tool to be able to update patreon. Beka, r
Set up a fundraising database Little Green Light. Rebecca, Mister Name Signed up for 30 day trial! Now we need to configure it, etc.
Create the "Clear Plan" document: rent version Eric, John Shutt, Lady Red Pretty early Rent plan --

includes copy/paste from Noisebridge_Space_Program, Finances, and SK docs + feedback from John regarding targeting a larger building size. Next question: how do we make this sustainable?

Create an individual donors plan Eric, James (mindfu) Individual Donor Plan
Finance Infographic James (jslack) Income vs. Expenditures
  • Which sources? Recurring vs. Ad-hoc
  • Which expenditure types?

Past vs. Present vs. Future

  • monthly or yearly
  • lease change

Willing to help, but no specific interest[edit]
  • James (mindfu)

Pages to track info[edit]

Noisecombinator - People and projects related to NB