Noisebridge Statement on Jacob Appelbaum

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The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge that Noisebridge is aware of
several claims of sexual misconduct and manipulation by Jacob Appelbaum.

What we can say for sure is that Jacob's behavior, as alleged, along with many
incidents we regrettably overlooked in the past now would trigger the
Noisebridge Anti-Harassment Policy[1]. We did not have a culture or structure
for people to bring forward claims - we do now. Because of this Jacob is no
longer welcome in our community, either in its physical or online spaces.

To our knowledge, no new claims of misconduct have been made against Jacob
within Noisebridge Hackerspace in San Francisco, California. Jacob was involved
at the beginning of Noisebridge but has not been physically present, nor a
Member of Noisebridge for many years. While Jacob's name is historically tied to
our own we feel it very important to stress that hundreds of other volunteers
have poured emotional and physical labour into the space and community.
Noisebridge is bigger than any one person's contribution.

The public claims of sexual misconduct made against Jacob Appelbaum are serious,
above a level that can be addressed by mailing list alone.

We echo the Cult of the Dead Cow's own statement[0] about creating an
environment where people feel safe to come forward.
    "It is also our responsibility to create an environment where people feel
    safe to come forward. We have always stood for freedom of speech and
    expression, which sometimes necessitates the right to anonymity"
    --cDc (Cult of the Dead Cow)

If you wish to report harassment anonymously or privately, please send a message
to Community members can bring any issues to
#no-fly-list in slack, or discuss the situation with a Noisebridge member you
trust who can raise the concern with the community.

We also encourage members of the Tor community to report incidents in which
they've been involved Contact info may be found on the Tor Project's recent
Statements blog post.

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