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Noisebridge wants to run some Tor nodes. We have a bunch of sysadmins and Tor admins who want to run the system, and we have a bunch of donors who want to give Noisebridge money to run Tor nodes.

Current consensus request

  • a email address
  • a wiki page describing the project (perhaps this one, once we are up and running)
  • a Wells Fargo bank account under the Noisebridge nonprofit account
  • a Paypal account to accept donations.

Open Questions

  • Kelly would like the Noisebridge Tor project to designate a specific individual as financial officer for the Noisebridge Tor project, to be responsible for the bank account and provide periodic reports. Shannon has volunteered to fulfill this role.
  • Kelly would like a summary of why the above scenario is the best, comparing and contrasting other scenarios:
    • a Noisebridge Paypal account not connected to any bank account
    • a Noisebridge Paypal account connected to a non-Noisebridge bank account
    • a non-Noisebridge Paypal account (connected to a bank account or not)
    • WePay account with bank account
    • WePay account with no bank account
    • bank account with bank other than Wells Fargo
  • Rachel Lyra is concerned about thinking through the precedent this sets for a fiscal sponsorship model for noisebridge. She believes some documentation is necessary for this project to proceed:
    • spell out what the noisetor project expects from noisebridge and what it intends to do in return.
    • a document, conceptually a contract but needn't be in legalese. the parties to the contract are noisebridge and the sponsored entity. the entity meets, forms, functions however it likes. noisebridge makes an agreement with that entity or a representative of it. this agreement states what the relationship will entail, ie rights requirements and responsibilities on either side.