Noisebridge picnic-potluck gathering 1pm-3pm

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"Holy shit. I can't believe I'm still growing." Lauren said angrily to her self. She had expected to pick up a couple of cup sizes, but she was not expecting to be finding it impossible to stuff her breasts into the DD-cup bra she had bought two days ago. "Oh well. It looks like it's time for another shopping trip."

She stalked into the living room, "Mark, I need to borrow the car again."

Mark bristled at the way she just demanded his car, but he was distracted by the cleavage her black v-neck exposed. "Are you staring at my tits?" Lauren asked incredulously after a second.

"Uuuuuhhh. Yeah. Go ahead." Mark waved her towards the keys.

"Thanks." She said sarcastically, snatching them off the table. Had her butt gotten firmer? Mark did not remember enjoying the sight of Lauren leaving so much.