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The following people have been consistently using Noisebridge as a crashpad and the general consensus seems to be that they are not making the space more Excellent.

Amber, though she herself contributes some through cooking and cleaning, is friends with and/or defends an ever-growing crew in tow who do not

  • Anthony
  • Marines baseball cap, Southern accent, sideburns-'stache (not connected) combo
  • Goatee and bandana, tall
  • Guy with cane
  • Delta
  • Blondie/Soldier Boy (?)

Should these people return to the space they will be asked to leave and to please not come back. Please be respectful, calm, but firm, and excellent in your interactions. If the decision to leave is contested, let them know they can come to a meeting on Tuesday nights and tell the group they were wrongly ejected.

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