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Have questions about Noisebridge history or culture? Want to know what the board and officers "do"; how to make a donation in cash or in kind; or how to get your employer to match them? Perhaps you'd like to know how to go about hosting an event, or need a door code?

Every week, from 6-8pm (before the meeting), Tom will be in the Hackertorium or at The Sycamore to answer your pressing questions. Whatever insight or help you desire, I'll be around this evening to help you out.

Meatspace takes precedence over cyberspace for office hours. You're welcome to ping me on your IM protocol of choice (see here for details), and I'll be hanging out in #noisebridge on (but not Freenode, sorry). However, if someone walks up to me in person, I'll pay attention to them over any ghosts in the machine.