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(This is a placeholder page for the OpenEEG project.)

First meetup: 2008-03-27 20h00 at 83c?

First steps

It sounds like our steps are the following:

  • Assemble a set of OpenEEG boards
  • Get together a set of electrodes
  • Get the data into a computer

Once we've done that, let's look at heartbeats. They're big and easy to see. This is also a good first step towards bootstrapping the data analysis part.

After we've gotten good signal, we can move on to strapping the thing to people's heads and looking for brainwaves. This is where things get interesting. We can export the data and throw it over to the Machine Learning meetup, we can tie it into crazy Cyborg group stuff, make, and we can use it as an input to other systems (be they security-related or musical).

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