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OpenPGP card order

Some members of Noisebridge (Jacob and David) are interested in acquiring at least one OpenPGP smart card each. Add yourself to the list at the bottom of the page.

The prices are reasonable once we get them in quantity (prices here):

1 Stk. 16,40 EUR/p.p.
2 Stk. 15,40 EUR/p.p.
5 Stk. 14,40 EUR/p.p.
10- Stk. 13,90 EUR/p.p

It seems likely that the right card reader is USB:

USB Chipcard reader SCM SCR-335  30,00 EUR

Further reading of about these cards.

Who/What/How Many?

  • Jacob - 2 cards and 1 reader
  • David - 2 cards and 1 reader
  • Mark - 2 cards and 1 reader
  • Andy - 2 cards and 1 reader
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