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Are you the last greeter / member out of Noisebridge? Here's a few things you should do
#REDIRECT [[Lock_Up_Procedures]]
== Ensure that there's nobody left in the space ==
Noisebridge is not open to the public at all hours. If you are the last member out then make sure that there are non-members left in the space.
== Check the donation box for cash donations ==
If there is cash present in the donation box then count it, preferably with a second trusted person present who also verifies the count.
Once the money is counted email treasurer@noisebridge.net with the date, the amount counted, the second party present during the count, and make arrangements to hand over this money at your next convenience.
Failing that please deposit the money in Wells Fargo to Noisebridge's account. [http://bit.ly/1xoK38S The nearest bank is 2 blocks away at 16th and Mission.] [[File:Wells_Fargo_Bank_-_Google_Maps.png|600px|right]]
== Locking the space ==
* Ensure that the door at the top of the space is locked.
* Exit through the elevator gate and ensure that it locks behind you.
* Take the elevator and leave it on the bottom floor for other residents.

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