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Here is a repository for members' recollections of Noisebridge's formation and growing pains.

Some history...

Noisebridge has been holding meetings and what not since the beginning of time. 83c Wiese Street was rented on October 1st, 2008. If my memory is correct, the lease for 2169 Mission Street was signed some time late July, early August. The lease started September 1st, but I think the landlords were nice enough to let us in early so we can start building out sooner. The official 83c to 2169 move was held on the 3rd weekend of September (folks had a problem with the date 9/11 being the official move date).

On the 31st of October in 2008 we threw a party to show off in house projects and also get new folks into the door, we gained a small number of members and patrons that way.


On the 2nd of October in 2009 we threw a rather large party (one of our biggest I think) as an open house and grand opening of our new space. Several hundred people showed up and it was a "big" thing (we got Laughing Squided and I think landed on a couple other SF tech blogs). We had some musical performances, demos of cool shit, and an all around good party. At the end of it we gained a lot of support, recognition and many new members.


Anyways, Noisebridge's birthday isn't something that can be documented as a particular date, since the concept of it went through a few iterations in different people's heads before the weekly meetings happened. But, I do think October 1st is a good arbitrary date to stick onto it.


The first meeting where we used the name "Noise Bridge" was on March 3, 2007. Jake registered the domain and set up a mailing list the next day, March 4.

2007 is poorly recorded; we had several meetings over the course of the year, but nothing reliable. We moved over to Mailman and the -discuss mailing list in November. Several of us went to 24c3 in Berlin in December 2007, where Lars and Jens gave a "Hacker Spaces Design Patterns" talk -- http://events.ccc.de/congress/2007/Fahrplan/events/2133.en.html which I, at least, found electrifying and inspiring.

After we got back from Congress, we pretty reliably met every Tuesday in 2008; Shannon found us 83c in August, and the rest is history.