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Proposal For Awesomness Template.

Ideally, if you have a major Noisebridge structural change or improvement you'd like to conduct, sit write down and write it up as a Proposal For Awesomeness (PFA), similar to an RFC, using the template below. Along with your PFA, list who you're working on the project with (ask them first!). However, there is no rule that you have to follow this format to make a proposal.

PFA Template based on the Rebase.

PFA Template[edit]

(Create a page, and cut and paste this text into it, and get to work!)

Project Name[edit]

Give your funky project name here.


Give your name or names, and a contact email address.


A pithy description of what you're planning

What Will Be Done[edit]

A detailed description, in step-by-step form, of what will be done

What Areas in the Space Will This Affect[edit]

You can specify this as either a functional area (electronics area) or physical location (west wall). Bear in mind we might move things around pretty profoundly.

Who Will Be Doing It[edit]

A list of you + others who would agree to do this. If you don't have enough people, you might not be able to manage it.

Why This Will Be Good[edit]

Give the advantages of what you're proposing

Why This Will Be Bad[edit]

List the potential problems of your project, and how you would help mitigate them.

How Long Will It Take[edit]

You can take longer than expected, but you should describe how you will fit in with Noisebridge's normal activities/

In A Fantastic World, What Extra Budget Would You Like[edit]

We might have a little cash to throw the way of projects. Specify your desires, in order of what you'd like first.'

Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Work Well With[edit]

Link to anything that nicely complements your proposal

Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Contradict[edit]

Link to anything that wouldn't be doable with this PFA'