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* [[User:redondos|redondos]] - <code>gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --search-keys CDB98F72</code>
* [[User:redondos|redondos]] - <code>gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --search-keys CDB98F72</code>
* [[User:patrickod|Patrick]] - 31FE4222 [https://patrickod.com/gpg.key]
* [[User:patrickod|Patrick]] - 31FE4222 [https://patrickod.com/gpg.key]
* Her chest bulged outward in a massive growth spurt, accompanied by an audible stretching. Terry and Kevin took a step back.
"Ooooh," Diane groaned. The growth spurt felt like a surge of pleasure rolling over her body. She became instantly wet, and a small dark patch spread quickly across the crotch of her jeans.
Without thinking, she tucked her still cream-coated hand into her pants and fingered her clit. It responded with a tiny growth spurt of its own.
"Unfff!" Diane bit her lip, exploring this new sensation in her panties.
"I'll... go grab some more protein shake..." said Kevin, trying to stare at Diane and look away at the same time.
Terry gave a distracted wave, too busy staring at Diane's burgeoning rack, which was quickly approaching beach-ball-esque proportions.
In the bathroom, Kevin shoveled a few scoops of protein powder into the jug and stuck it under the tap to fill.
As he waited, he examined the palms of his hands. The green rubber of his surgical gloves was still white with a thick layer of cream. The same cream that was right now expanding Diane's chest to truly titanic proportions.
Without debating the matter, Kevin unzipped his fly and reached into his pants, gripping his disappointingly average dick in his slimy hand and giving it a thorough coating of the potent cream. He cupped his balls, leaving a cool, slick coat of cream on them as well.
The tingling started immediately, and Kevin smiled involuntarily as the prickly, warm sensation spread across his crotch.
Before he could get too into it, though, the jug of protein shake started to overflow and he rushed to cap it.
Zipping up his fly with one hand and shaking the jug up with the other, Kevin returned to the room.
Behind the acid-washed denim of his jeans, his formerly-average cock began to expand...
Diane downed the second gallon, wiping her mouth on her arm and handing the empty jug off to Terry, who tossed it onto the bed.
"Ooh yeah!" Diane purred, rubbing the tops of her gargantuan boobs. "I think they're big enough now. Let's do a trial run."
She stepped forward, taking up a load of boob in each arm and pressing Mahmout's Orca-dwarfing erection into her cleavage.
"Yeah, this'll do," she nodded. "Now we just need some lube and we're good to go."
"Does one of us need to go get lube?" Kevin asked, eagerly.
Diane shook her head.
"Why? We've got some perfectly good lube right here," she held up the bottle of cream.
Mahmout's eyes bugged out.
"What? NO!" he yelped. "You're supposed to be making it smaller not bigger!"
Diane rolled her eyes.
"Dude, you'll grow like, another foot and then stop. It'll be more than offset by the amount you'll shrink once I get you off. Terry lost like ten inches in ten minutes. Trust me, the pounds will be melting off."
"No! No way!" Mahmout objected again.
Diane was already pumping a hefty load of cream into her palm.
"Diane, stop it!" Terry made a grab for the cream, but it was too late.
Diane slapped the cream on Mahmout's shaft, spreading it around with both hands and working it into her cleavage. Mahmout tried to struggle, but the combined weight of his shaft and Diane's immense rack was too much. He couldn't budge.
"Dammit you bitch!" Mahmout roared.
"Yeah, what the hell?" demanded Terry.
"Oh shut up already and spread this stuff around so it coats my boobs evenly," Diane instructed, unperturbed by the others' chastisements.
She pressed her tits together so that they fully enveloped Mahmout's shaft and slid them slowly from the bottom to the top of his cock.
Veins bulged along its length and once again, Mahmout's gargantuan cyclops began to swell...
Diane gave the bottle of growth cream a few hearty pumps directly into her cleavage and repeated the spreading process.
"Fuck you, Diane," Mahmout pouted. A tingle like a lightning bolt shot up his cock and he groaned. The massive shaft lurched and shot out another foot.
"Diane, you realize that the first time we put the cream on him, it was covering, like, the surface area of a slightly above average cock. He grew from like, eight inches to six feet. Now, you've put twice as much cream on six feet of cock," said Terry, rushing to spread the cream as much as possible over the quickly expanding surface of Diane's tits.
The disproportionate application of cream was already beginning to have an effect on the proportions of Diane's boobs, spreading her nipples apart as the inside of her chest expanded faster than the outside. Terry and Kevin rushed to even the rate of expansion.
"I don't think it'll be that much more," she smirked, admiring the swiftly increasing height of Mahmout's erection.
Mahmout's cockhead bulged, popping completely free of its sheath of foreskin and expanding rapidly upwards and outwards. It was already bigger than Diane's head by the time she realized she might have made a miscalculation.
"Well, don't worry, the plan's still the same," she said, standing in the shadow of what was now easily eight feet and a hundred and sixty pounds of throbbing cockflesh.
She began to slide her body up and down the rapidly expanding shaft. The flesh of her tits continuing to bulge as well. It spilled over her arms and quickly became cumbersome to manipulate.
"Um, a little help?" Diane grunted, breathing heavily with the effort of lifting her chest.
Terry and Kevin abandoned their cream spreading duties and took up positions on either side of Diane's now jumbo-beach ball sized tits.
Together the trio got into an unsteady up-down rhythm that actually seemed to be working.
Mahmout let out moan.
"See? Here we go," Diane puffed, beads of sweat glistening on her forehead.
"You idiots aren't getting me off," said Mahmout. "I'm fucking starving!"
"Kevin! Protein shake!" Diane pointed commandingly at the door.
Kevin hopped to, grabbing the jug and the tub of powder and dashing out the room.
Terry and Diane huffed and puffed trying to take up the slack of Kevin's absence.
Kevin, meanwhile, was glad for the break. His own experiment with the cream was quickly becoming uncomfortable and he had to make some serious adjustments.
"Damn!" he looked down admiringly at the now obvious bulge snaking down his jeans. From the look of things, he was rapidly approaching the double digits in length.
Her glanced surreptitiously over both shoulders and unzipped his fly, reaching into his jeans and pulling out his newly expanded cock. His gloves were almost clean of cream now, but he still felt a slick coldness in his hand that contrasted with the warmth of his swelling shaft.
"Fuck, that's gorgeous!" he said, feeling the heft of his new tool.
The cream had exaggerated the shape and qualities of his old cock quite a bit, and the new, girthy beast jutting from his fly displayed a distinct upward curve ending in a large, very broadly flared mushroom tip.
"I've got to play with this thing later..." he grinned, finishing up with the jug of protein shake and returning to the room.
Things in Mahmout's room had become somewhat chaotic. There was a lot of grunting and shouting as Mahmout hurled insults at Diane and Terry for cursing him with this freakish endowment.
Kevin handed the jug to Mahmout and returned to his spot lifting Diane's left boob.
Mahmout drank almost as greedily as Diane, every swallow adding visible length and girth to his mammoth wang, which was, ironically, much larger than a mammoth's wang. If Mahmout or the others had bothered to measure, they probably would have become lightheaded upon realizing his cock was now approaching ten feet in length, with no signs of slowing down.
Mahmout's temper calmed once his hunger was satisfied, and he actually started to get into receiving the world's largest tit-fuck. Waves of pleasure accompanied every heave and stroke of Diane's gargantuan bosom, and the tingling, growing sensation was a guilty pleasure all his own.
He felt his balls begin to tighten.
Unfortunately, the jerk-off team was flagging fast. Terry and Kevin were both star lacrosse players, and Diane possessed the truly awe-inspiring stamina of a dedicated sex-fiend, but doing squats while supporting nearly a hundred pounds of boobs gets tiring fast.
Kevin was really starting to flag when he hit upon a bright idea. Snagging the bottle of growth cream, he pumped out a gleaming dollop into his hand and began to vigorously rub Diane's nipple.
"Dude, what're you doing?" asked Diane.
Terry had to crane his neck to see around Diane's mountainous boobs and Mahmout's monster cock.
"I can't left this thing. I need leverage, man, something to hold onto," explained Kevin. "Here, check it out."
Kevin gestured to Diane's left nipple, which had sprung out into an eight inch cone. Kevin gripped it with both hands and began to work it like a lever.
"That's pretty clever," admitted Diane. She turned to Terry. "Well? Don't just stand there like a chump, do the other one. I don't want to have lopsided nipples..."
Kevin tossed Terry the bottle and Terry spread what he estimated was an equivalent amount of cream on Diane's right nipple. It puffed up rapidly, springing forward with eager hardness. Beneath it, the puffy, dark pink disk of Diane's aureola began to spread over the surface area of her boob, expanding to the size of a dinner plate in seconds.
"Oh fuck my nipples are sensitive now!" Diane moaned. "Keep working them! Now stroke them a little. Oh, God yes..."
Diane melted where she stood as Terry and Kevin alternatively levered and stroked Diane's nipples.
Of course, an amount of cream sufficient to get Diane's nipples to sprout up eight inches in a few seconds was definitely not going to stop there. Before too long, Diane's nipples jutted over a foot from the surface of her boobs and were thicker than Terry's wrist. Her aureolae, meanwhile, had begun to puff upwards, as well as outwards, and formed conical hills of their own, broadening out to the size of serving trays at the base.
"Ummm..." said Terry, looking concerned at the increasingly disproportionate growth of Diane's teats.
"Doesn't fucking matter," Diane moaned ecstatically. "Just keep stroking!"
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