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Welcome to the Alpha complex. Alpha complex is organized by its glorious leader, The Computer. The Computer is Your Friend. The Computer wants to make Your Life perfect.

That is why The Computer helps you become happy. Eat your pills, Citizen, they will make you happy. Are you happy, Citizen? Remember that Happiness Is Mandatory.

Alas, not everybody wants you to be Happy. Alpha Complex is full of Traitors, Communists and Mutants. Then again, The Computer knows about this and is trying to fix everything for you.

Call for Players

[User:Michiexile] will lead a game of Paranoia at the space. Given time constraints, it will either end by April or have a major hiatus by April.

There are exactly 5 player slots open. You become a player by grabbing a slot here on this wikipage.

  1. Player name or handle
  2. Player name or handle
  3. Player name or handle
  4. Player name or handle
  5. Player name or handle

We also need to decide on which style of Paranoia to play. There are three to choose from:

Almost pure slapstick. Puns are encouraged. Madhat firefight is encouraged. Actual plot and/or accomplishments are close to discouraged.
A try to recreate the original Paranoia feeling from the 70s. Puns are encouraged, but not omnipresent, as with the random firefights.
Dark drama. While the characters really do live in the insane world of Paranoia, the rampant humour that suffuces the other playstyles and renders them slightly more harmless and palatable is discouraged. This is the only style that lends itself to longterm campaign games, and comes with a dystopian feeling to it that would make Philip K Dick envy the game designers.

Vote for the style you'd like to play with a Z, C or S after your name/handle in the registration above.

Remember, Happiness Is Mandatory!

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