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Parking information in and around Noisebridge
Parking information in and around Noisebridge
* I have always been extremely busty since I was 11. By the time I was 13 I was a 32D but only 85 lbs. By the time I graduated high school I was a full 34D (some bras I busted out of) and only 91 lbs. Fast forward to marriage and first child...I was a 34G and had to have specialty bras designed for nursing my daughter. I also had inverted nipples at that time too. I tried to have a breast reduction over 15 years ago and the plastic surgeon said due to insurance requirements he would have to make me an "A" cup. I wasn't ready for that. Fast forward to now... And two more babies and some weight gain and now I'm a 36F. I'm in so much pain I hunch my shoulders and the back spasms are unreal. I also have severe body dysmorphia and really don't want to be seen in public bc I am ALL BOOBS. I
* I have had huge boobs since I was 13.  They caused me physical pain. They were cumbersome. They were ridiculously out of proportion with my body no matter my weight. At just 13 I was getting creepy attention from men. My mom and sisters had B cups and I probably had Fs in high school. I don't know the exact size because I didn't even know about bra options for ridiculous boobs.
I was just a bit pudgey as a child and I started budding a pair of small boobs probably around 8 years old. They just kept coming in quietly under my frumpy tomboy middle school clothes until they took over my life.
* Fast forward to my late teens-early 20s when I really started paying attention to my weight and figure. When I lost a bit of weight, they went down to a manageable-ish size. Probably DDs or so. Still excessive on a smaller frame.
At 23 I started weight training and bodybuilding with my fitness pro personal trainer. The bodybuilding diet and training emphasized fat loss. All the fat in my boobs got burned off and I ended up with deflated C-cup "flaps".
It was a weird time in my life. My body changed so much and so suddenly. My identity had been tied up so much in my boobs and then they were ugly and weird. I made the choice to have IMPLANTS and got them right away.
I maintained a very low body far percentage for a couple years at the sacrifice of my sanity.
Once I started eating normally (healthy but not obsessive) and living life for myself, my body deposited my fat right back to my boobs, leaving me with GIANT boobs again. As big as they were in early high school. I am currently carrying around a solid G to H cup and I look like a cartoon.
* I was flat in 5th grade and a C cup by 6th, DD by high scool graduation and hated how big I was even then and fantasized about this surgery (Now I would love to be 140lb and a DD cup again.). I knew I wanted to wait until I was done with pregnancy and breastfeeding to consider reduction. And those two pregnancies ballooned my boobs up to 36HH and 36L and they never really recovered, even when I weighed 155lb I was just as big. I do have an IUD, which might account for a few extra pounds, but like so many of you, even if I lose weight my boobs stay just stupid huge.
* I started wearing a bra in the 3rd grade. By 5th grade I was a 36C. Now at 39 I squeeze into a 40 DDD. My family dr told me to order them online, but I dont think she understands how difficult that would be. My entire life people have commented on how large my breasts are. Thank you for bringing that to my attention! I didnt realize!
* So I had developed breasts as early as 9 years of age. It was never fun for me. I was a C cup by 6th grade, and a D cup by 8th. I joined cross country when I was 14 going on 15 the summer before freshman year of high school. I already had grooves in my shoulders (I’m very petite; 5’1” 90 pounds at this time). I had to start birth control pills to regulate my hormone and ovarian cysts, which caused me to gain weight, especially in my breasts. So at 15 I had 32DD breasts. At age 18 I ended up with 36DD breasts and those stayed until I got pregnant, for which I don’t know what size I was while breast feeding because my F bras were too small and I was tired of buying bras, but afterwards I ended at a 38F cup.
* . My large chest has definitely caused me some physical pain... I can't even imagine the prospect of running down the stairs, or in a race where I have less than 3 bras on. (After reading through a lot of your reviews on here I have noticed and appreciate that I am not the only one to wear three bras to do physical activity). But what has really affected me more than anything is the fact that everyone seems to have an opinion that needs to be stated about my chest. I have never seen anyone else in my life treated this way over their body.. but here I am, always the topic of discussion because I've got large breasts. They are heavy and they hurt, and it brings me a lot of unwanted attention. I get the impression that men find me less smart, or they will be extra flirty with me because of my chest. Men often assume that I want to show them off and want to send them pictures of my breasts or that I am an easy lay even though I have been with the same man for 11 years. It definitely stops no one from saying what is truly on their minds. Apparently all of my personality has lied in my breasts my whole life. One one side, I think that it can't possibly be true... but on the other side I wonder if it is??
As a teenager I was often told that all I was was a big pair of tits on legs. My son has described me as boobs and glasses.....This all plays a very psychological game in my head.
How many times have I been to a pool or beach and had my tits all up in my throat and people are staring at me. I'm covered up to the best of my ability but fat floats and there isn't much room in most bathing suits to cover my chest up properly
* I've been about a 34J my entire teenage ears (starting at 13 or so) but when I had my son my breasts grew to a K and basically we're down to my belly button. Being unable to find stuff to wear meant that I wore mostly stretchy stuff and my self esteem plummeted.
* I am 5’4 and 198 pounds and I am so tired of these large heavy breasts. I was always a small girl with a flat chest until I hit my 30s, then I put on weight and my breasts started to grow and never stopped.
* Some daysbit feels like my shoulders are being ripped off. My boobs are far too big and heavy and they are breaking my back and trying to kill me!
* I didn't always have big boobs, I was a late bloomer. I was almost flat til I was about 17 or so then was about a 36DD when I was 26 and then just never stopped growing! Now I am a 38L. It is very hard to find clothes and bras to fit. Luckily I found two in my size. My other bras are 42H, so the bands are too loose and the cups are too small. I can't find a sports bra that even comes close to fitting.
*  I had a D cup in 6th grade, and it just got worse as I hit puberty. I'm now 25 with a 38L, and I've been self conscious about it my whole life.
* by the time I was in high school the boobs were huge, and have just been getting bigger since then.
* The summer after 5th grade, I'm outside playing. Enjoying running around my dad's truck with the other kids. I was wearing one of my favorite halter jumpsuits with blue trim. Suddenly my dad calls me over and tells me I need to put something else on and can no longer wear that outfit. That was when I realized that I had suddenly developed boobs. At the time, my dad was a single father of 3 girls and he was determined to ensure that he found someone to speak to me about the developing woman's body. When he couldn't, he boldly ended up talking to me himself and even asked me questions when it came to maci pads. Lol. You have to understand my dad was a young father. Only 17 when I was born, dogs too had lots of learning to do. Fast forward many years and high school becomes a source of being on a quest to find the right fit. I actually by this time was living with my aunt and uncle. My aunt worked at a department store at the time and took me to be measured. I measured at a 34DDD. I was barely 16. By the time I went on to college, they were still growing. At 21, I married and 3 years later had my first baby. I was determined to nurse and was very hopefully that when it came time to Wean, that my breast would shrivel up to nothing. At least that is what everyone told me. Not so in my case. I went to a specialty bra shop and was sized at a 38J. The sales rep asked me to come back in two weeks because I would certainly increase another cup of so once my milk came in fully. She was right. I went back in 2 weeks and found out I was now a 38K. Even with the large breast, I successfully nursed for 17 months. Once I weaned my son, to my surprise, my breast basically remained at a 38K. I was seriously mystified. That is when I began wearing 2 bras that were too little, but could be fashioned around my breast to look halfway descent and act as a minimized. I am sure I looked a hot mess. Seven years later I had my second baby, nursed again for 12 mins and still remained large breasted. No shrivel, no shrink, but lots of sagging. This was the first time I inquired about breast reduction. I was told to lose 80 pounds. Joined weight watchers and lost 82lbs. When I talked it over with my now ex husband he was totally against it. So I gave up the dream and chickened out. Well, in the summer of 2012, 4 years later and 120lbs heavier, I suddenly start getting shooting pains through my rib cage and then days later felt pain down my left arm and my fingers went numb. I assumed I was having a heart attack. I jumped in my car and drove to the nearest urgent care where I was hooked up to an EKG and had other land run only for the attending physician to pretty much say, I had a pinched nerve due to my breast size. I started going to a chiropractor then who convinced me together a breast reduction. So 2nd time. I go to the surgeon, try to lose 35 lbs with no success, and then agree to proceed without the weight loss anyway. While driving to my last appointment to set the surgery date, I ended up being rear ended. I immediately thought it was a sign. So I never went back. Now, here we are on my 42nd birthday in June 2015 and my boss asks me, "What do you plan to accomplish this year." To which I answered I plan to have weight loss surgery or a breast reduction. Upon consulting and doing more research, I decided to get weight loss surgery and had the gastric sleeve done. At the time of surgery I was a 44N and weighed 369.9 lbs. I was sure that this would help my breast size by now. My body was older and not quite in the same shape or elasticity. After losing 120 lbs, I had only shrunk down to a 40L.
* ll of you can see how big my boobs really are. I think by now I have seen every possible story of breast reduction available online and seen every youtube video on it.... so I guess you could say that I'm pretty nervous. I am more excited than anything though. I have been waiting for this for so long, I can't wait to not have the backpain and not have to squeeze myself in bras that don't fit and not to have all the other problems too. I am slightly worried that my doctor hasn't given me much instructions, but he is supposed to be one of the best ones in the country, so I guess I will have to trust his expertise. I haven't been told to wash myself with anti-bacterial soap or to do any other preparation, really. I am, however, trying to still do all I can to ensure a speedy recovery. Luckily, my best friend and my boyfriend both will be there with me for the surgery, and my best friend's mum being a doctor herself, I am a little bit more at ease, because I know that I will get the help I need if anything goes wrong. I have had quite the weekend, as my tooth started to suddenly act up and I had to get my root canals cleaned and the whole tooth area is still quite sensitive, but I am trying to not let anything put me down. Also, just my luck, period is due to begin... yes, you guessed it - right before my surgery. Fun times, huh? Anyhow, I am nervous about the pain, but as my anesthesiologist told me to try to remain calm to not cause an asthma attack, I am trying to focus on what's at hand now and keeping myself busy. Will let you all know how the surgery went, when I feel well enough to go online and type all the experiences. :) Good luck to me, and good luck to all those who are getting their surgeries done this week too! p.s. Really can't wait to see those C-cups, it's been a while (last time I was a C-cup, I was 13) .
* When I was 13 years old I went from flat chested to a D cup in less than six months. Some of the growth was so rapid that I could actually see stretch marks forming day by day. It only got worse - by the time I was 18 I was well out of any bra size that regular stores sell and in fact I hadn't even bothered to find or wear bras in years. They were droopy too of course, so I wore baggy t-shirts to hide them. I expected them to stop growing when I was 18 but they didn't! They kept on growing and then when I had my first child at 21 they shot up in size both during pregnancy and during our short period of breastfeeding. They never went down in size, and when I had an second child at 23 they went up again in size. At the largest I wore a 38M cup
* First bra at 12, steady but not overly much growth after that. Well, except for not stopping! I moved rapidly through D, DD up to DDDD in my early 20s. It's been over a decade since I could buy a bra in a local clothing store. I never wore underwires, after learning more about bra sizing I realized it was because there was never a cup size large enough to let the front middle touch my chest underneath. I've been professionally fitted several times, with no luck. I tried again earlier this year at a local specialty shop and purchased a 38L (have been wearing 40G from Playtex for years). I was excited, but soon realized it was the same problem: too large of a band and too small a cup. So I ordered some bras from Britain (36K, close to US 36N) and those didn't work either.
* I was always a skinny kid, especially after I started dancing (jazz and tap) at the age of 7. I started developing at the age of 10, when I began spotting and feeling horrible pain in my chest as my breasts developed. By the time I was 11, I had to quit dancing because I gone from flat to C size so quickly. (We were not allowed to wear bras under our bodysuits.) As my mother says, I went from “0 to C practically overnight”.
I’ve had stretchmarks since I was 11 and I’ve never had children! I was a spare for the Hurdling team in Grade 7 and I was also a 100M sprinter. I loved to run and was even looking into joining my brother’s track team. By the time I was 12, I was being made fun of at school because everyone thought I was stuffing my bra. I was growing so fast, my mum couldn’t buy bras fast enough; so most didn’t fit and I took to wearing two bras just to keep the pain away.
By this time, my neck, back and chest were always sore. Running made it worse, so I had to stop running as well. My desire to be on my brother’s track team was gone. Just like my dancing.
Back to the kids at school, I got called “Double-Stuff” (pretty clever, actually) because they thought I was stuffing my bra. Man, do I wish I was just stuffing my bra! I wouldn’t be in pain and I could still do track and field, and dancing!
When I was 14, I started getting horrible headaches. Doctors thought it had something to do with my brain. After EEGs and CAT scans, they found nothing out of the ordinary – nothing that would cause headaches. It was concluded that my large breasts were the problem because I was also having neck and chest pain. The pain in my chest was awful. When I ran, it felt like my breasts were ripping from my ribcage. (I saw a doctor about it when I was 18 and he sent me for an ECG, etc. It turned out, it was my breasts pulling at the muscle around my ribcage. No heart problems!)
* After spending my entire adult life with mahoosive bozookas, loving them, hating them and every emotion inbetween....ive decided that this is it, its time to say goodbye!.... Just cant stand the back, neck and shoulder pain anymore, I want to be able to fold my arms and not have them above my boobs, I want to sit at a table without having to put my boobs on the table too, I want to be able to buy nice bras and nice clothes without looking like a matron from the 1950s. I simply don't want to be defined by my boobs!
* I'm thinking about seriously considering a breast reduction I'm an 40M and always had large breast started growing when I was in 3rd grade had a bra before my older sister by 5tj grade I was in a B cup middle school was in an DDD.... O tried losing weight to see if my chest would go down it wouldn't it only madey back feel like sharp pins was polking in my spine.OH MY GOD HELP ME!!!
* Ever since I started developing at age 9, I’ve been mortified of my breasts. I remember laying in bed and feeling my sore chest, confused by the hard discs that had appeared. Too embarrassed to go to my mother, I consulted askjeeves on the family’s Windows ‘95 and found that I had sprouted “breast buds.” Horror. By the 5th grade, my chest had become noticeable enough to warrant wearing a training bra; I felt ashamed and coveted my peers’ lack of development. Flash forward to 8th grade, I fill out my small chested 19 year old sister’s bikini top better than her... I probably wore a C or D cup and began to worry that I may grow to the size of my very well endowed older cousin. Throughout high school, finding clothes that would accommodate my DDD chest and fit my size 4 frame became a challenge. I hated my boobs— it was around this time that I heard of breast reduction; I saw it on an episode of a docuseries called “My Surgery Story.” I knew that one day, I wanted to get one. They continued growing.By my sophomore year of college, I had developed back problems and began seeing a chiropractor regularly. The idea of a breast reduction became more and more appealing but seemed like an unobtainable dream. Now, at 29, clocking in at a whopping 30JJ (which is impossible to find, so I settle for a 34I), the physical and emotional toll has become too much to bear any longer.

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Parking information in and around Noisebridge