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You are standing in Noisebridge's parking lot. Parking at Noisebridge is possible with one of our several shared spaces out front or in one of the free street parking spots nearby.

You see parking spots and Gate. You see street parking on the Street. You see a paid parking lot at 17th Street.

EXITS: Gate, Street

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Parking information in and around Noisebridge

Noisebridge Parking Lot[edit | edit source]

We have about 3 spaces to the left of our patio gate.

  • If you don't mind walking it is excellent to leave at least one of those free for accessibility users.

FREE, NO TIME-LIMIT PARKING[edit | edit source]

You will almost always be able to find free, no-time limit parking in the area bounded by Potrero Ave, San Bruno Ave, and 15th and 18th streets, with the highest likelihood being on San Bruno.

  • Note: this information was valid in the summer of 2017.
  • You can sometimes find parking along 17th and 18th streets.
  • Therefore, the best strategy is to look for parking while driving east along 17th or 18th street (AWAY from the Castro) towards San Bruno Ave.

Nearest Paid Parking[edit | edit source]

If you're in a hurry to park there's a paid parking lot near 19th street on the south side of Mission that is accessible from Mission or from Capp St.

Parking Map & Instructions[edit | edit source]

Noisebridge parking instructions.jpg