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Participating at Noisebridge can be simple: come and hack on something!

This can be your own project, or someone else project, or Noisebridge itself. Noisebridge is composed of many groups of people who share interests and resources. Groups tend to organize as guilds. Chances are that something you're interested in participating in at Noisebridge like an event you attend or a tool you want to use is maintained as part of guilds that you can get involved in.

Do it posters

Projects[edit | edit source]

Learn about projects Noisebridgers take from concept to proposal to project to completion and participate and start your own projects!

  • SHARED PROJECTS: If you If you'd like to hack on someone else's project, a good way to find out what people are hacking on at Noisebridge is to ask around, either in the space, in Slack, or the discuss mailing list. People will often post things on the discuss list requesting help, so keep an eye out!

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Do some tasks for Noisebridge! We have a task board where you can assign some to yourself: Some tasks have "bounties" on them, or small rewards for completing said tasks for the individual(s) who posted them.

Event Participation & Hosting[edit | edit source]

You can also come to events being hosted at Noisebridge, or host one of your own! Our list of events can be found here, and if you'd like to host one, we have a large lots of information on that here. Coming to an event is usually the best way to get introduced to Noisebridge, because a regular participant in the space will be able to guide you and tell you about how Noisebridge works.

Principles[edit | edit source]

  • Excellence - Noisebridge's one rule is to be excellent to each other.
  • Do-ocracy - If you want something done, do it and be excellent about it to achieve "small-c" consensus.
  • Consensus - For major decisions, we discuss them at meetings till we agree by consensus.

Excellence.png Do-ocracy Poster - DO IT - 2018-08-11 revision (small).png Consensus.png

Standards[edit | edit source]

Community standards at Noisebridge are values we strive to uphold in our space.

  • Accessibility is a Noisebridge value and we ensure the space, resources and events are as accessible as possible as we work towards continually improving access.
  • Privacy is a Noisebridge value and we encourage all participants to implement privacy safeguards to respect and protect privacy.
  • Safety is a Noisebridge value and we encourage all participants to take precautions to ensure Noisebridge maximizes safety for all.
  • Inclusivity is a Noisebridge value and we strive to keep the space free and open to the public and safe for marginalized groups to flourish.

Process[edit | edit source]

Joining[edit | edit source]

Joining - How to become a philanthropist and member

Volunteer[edit | edit source]