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|Your email
|Your email
|''Your Table or Demonstration''
|''Your Table or Demonstration''

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_____ the Bridge

Because Your _____ Needs a ______

DATE:       Saturday, 10-August-2013
TIME:         4pm - 11pm
WHERE:    Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St, 3rd floor (1.5 blocks from 16th St. Mission BART) -- Map & How to Get here
WHO:        geeks, dorks, families, ninjas, hipsters, punks, gnu-hippies, vikings, unique weirdos, and YOU !
                    -- Anyone and Everyone -- all genders -- all ages!

WHAT:       Celebrate Noisebridge, community, and the 10th Anniversary of the Pirate Bay
WHY:         Because YOU are welcome at your local hackerspace
HOW:         Gently Suggested $10 Donation! NO ONE REFUSED for lack of funds.


Schedule of Events


4:00pm - 6:00pm Learn Fencing with Caroline and Rayc
        20 minute lessons for groups of 6.
6:00pm - 6:20pm Jeremy Hatch - Acoustic Folk, Country and Blues
7:00pm - 7:20pm Free Reed Vibrating Society - Music in Motion
7:50pm - 8:20pm Pet the Tiger - Improvised Acoustic Collective
9:00pm - 9:20pm Noisejam Orchestra - Electro-acoustic Soundscapes
9:25pm - 9:45pm Joe Lasqo - Visual Synthesis & The Sounds of the Big Bang (sped up 100 sextillion times into the audible range)


4:30pm - 5:00pm Carl & Beatrice - Cabaret
5:00pm - 5:20pm Brian Fields - Standup Comic
5:20pm - 5:50pm dinnerwiththekids - Bluegrass
6:10pm - 6:30pm Eloisa Bravo - Standup Comic
6:30pm - 6:50pm The Majors - Garage Rock
6:50pm - 7:20pm Dull Richards - Bluegrass
7:30pm - 7:50pm Fruit Helmet - Fretless, Hawaiian Noise
7:50pm - 8:10pm David Gborie - Standup Comic
8:30pm - 8:50pm Mock Church - Experimental Blues
9:50pm - 10:30pm Pinched Nerve - Resurrection of Lo-Fi, Psychedelic Punk on a Casiotone.
10:30pm - Close DJ Nobody

Not Site-Specific

Rain & Diamond Dave - Spoken Word Poetry
Modular Synthesis Hands-on Learning - Douglas

Admission, Food, and Booze

  • This is an All-Ages event, which anyone may attend.
  • No one will be turned away for lack of funds.
  • Diamond Dave will be making Rock & Roll Spaghetti during the event.
  • Alcohol will not be sold by Noisebridge, and you will take responsibility for anything alcoholic you bring into the space.

Tables and Demonstrations

        Please add your own table demonstration, and invite your friends! Your table should be setup and ready to go at 4pm.

Table or Demonstration Reserved Name of provider Email of provider
Haircuts James Sundquist sundquistjames AT gmaiL
LEDs Dana and (add your name!) User:Dana
#fencing demonstration, discussion, kit and score box hacking Caroline and... you?
Modular Synthesis Hands-on Learning[1] Douglas Your email
EEG DreamTeam User_talk:bfb
Your Table or Demonstration Your name Your email

Live Stream

Will be livestreaming performances and such from the space. For more info or to help contact l00nie-crew via User:thex

Volunteer Setup & Teardown Sign-up

Help with Friday Evening Clean(Fri), Morning Setup (11am-2pm), Teardown (11:00pm-Late) and/or Sunday Morning Clean (Sun) between Friday, August 9th, and the morning of August 11th. Please add your name to this list if you can commit to helping, and indicate if you are committing to Friday Evening Clean, Morning Setup, Teardown, Sunday, or all for the complete event.

List of Volunteers         

Your Name Pre-Cleaning (12pm), Setup (3pm), or Teardown (10pm) E-mail
James All, except Sunday sundquistjames AT gmail
Norman Setup and running crew npbandroid AT gmail
Maggie vegan hacker (some gluten-free,vegan food)- so technically part of set-up! veganhackersf AT gmail
Your name What you're volunteering for Your email

What Else Do We Need?

Help with the following on Saturday, 8/10

  • Help with setup and teardown (volunteer above)
  • Help with space security or band roadies
  • Connect with Diamond Dave, Vegan Hackers SF on food prep.
  • Join with FoodNotBombs this Thursday (8/1) at Station 40 from 3 - 6pm. Check-in with Norman first.
  • Someone to run Vinyl Cutter custom stickers on donation
  • Second LiveStream station and Google+ Hangouts for recording the event

General Things You Can Do

  • Event promotion! Contact your friends and enemies. Link to this page. Paste around the Facebook invite[2].
  • Add your own table (at no cost) to promote your interests throughout the event.
  • Volunteer for space security, general cleanup, setup and teardown on Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday.

To get involved, voluneer and add yourself to this page
Contact Norman, the Stage Manager for the event
Ask questions by quickly registering and posting to Noisebridge-discuss

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